Message from Saint Michael the Archangel to Lorena, August 30, 2022 – BLOOD TIES AND GENERATIONAL CURSES




AUGUST 30, 2022

I, Saint Michael Archangel, Prince of the Celestial Militia and Leader of My Militant Army, come to direct My Army to take into account my instructions and to Restore Blood Ties between people of their Families and to end the Generational Curses that afflict my Soldiers for through my Powerful intercession to this Army, so that Free of ALL Bondage, they can carry out their Missions, in this End of Times.

For this reason, I will resort to the help of Saint Raphael Archangel the Archangel of Health and Saint Gabriel Archangel the Archangel Messenger of the Good News within the People of God, the 3 of us with the Help of the Holy Spirit, will untie Ancestral Ties and Renew Blood Ties Restoring interpersonal relationships between Family members.

That is why it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow my Instructions to the letter, to achieve GOOD Psychological and Emotional stability you must be Free of Ancestral Ties and Generational Ties that induce you to fall into Sins and Temptations that are already rooted in your Spirits by the Sanguineous Ties.

That is why we will make Prayers of a Generational Court and Bonds that make you Slaves of your own Passions of the Flesh and Concupiscence, for this we will analyze the Psyche of each person individually with a Questionnaire, which when answering will give you more Guidelines and Rules to follow, that will serve as part of your development of activities that will help you to Close Doors and put your Spiritual Life in Order.

It will be easier to delve into what are the Generational Curses and the Blood Ties that are in imbalance in your Emotional Life since there is NOT a good relationship between relatives and this may be due to Relationships that your Ancestors have had that have fallen into a Emotional Misalignment Inheriting Curses to Future Generations.

Generational Curses are Inherited just like Blessings, so through Court Prayers we will try to end Generational Curses.

This is one of the LAST OPPORTUNITIES, that Heaven grants to the Soldiers to put their Lives in an Emotional and Psychological State in Order, so that the Gifts and Charisms of the Holy Spirit can flow better, it is IMPORTANT to do this Exercise before the day of the WARNING, so that in the Illumination of Consciousnesses you can receive your Gifts and Charismas Free of all Ties, for this reason we will begin with the Questionnaire, which will open a broader Panorama of your Spirituality and Psychological and Mental State.


1) Am I Addicted to any Game, Hobby, Activity or Unbridled Passion?
Example: Gluttony, Lust or Sloth?

2) I spend time during the day carrying out useless activities that do not make me grow in any way?

3) Do I resort to justifying my bad behaviors with lies, false justifications instead of facing my reality and dealing with my shortcomings and bad behaviors?

4) Is it easy for me to sin to get away with my problems, like telling lies or offending someone so that through Lies and Sin I can solve my problems?

5) I like to manipulate situations and circumstances, as well as people to carry out my goals?

6) I usually resort to people pitying me in order to carry out my objectives sailing with the Victim Flag in the face of life and circumstances?

7) Do I take refuge in my own world created by myself and my own interests, in order to lead a more Comfortable and Pleasant life without leaving my state of comfort?

8) Due to all or some of these attitudes, I realize that my Spiritual Growth is poor because I do not commit myself enough to Heaven to break the schemes, the Ego, Pride and Arrogance in order to lead a Life of Spiritual Growth.?

All these questions are psychological and lead to a Null or Poor Spirituality, because the individual does not have a healthy Heart and Psyche, so now I Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel, turn to the Prayer that Breaks Walls and amazingly frees a person who, due to Generational Curses, may be leading a Poor Spirituality, without knowing that by breaking these Generational Chains, he can Grow quickly Spiritually and even reach Sainthood.

As you can see, Psychology plays a VERY IMPORTANT role because the Psyche is affected and the individual is incapable of Breaking Schemes and Ties in order to occur Healing and Liberation and thus be able to Grow Spiritually, to be Free.

  1. First of all, you must Heal your Hearts with a Good Whole Life Confession where you Forgive yourself and EVERYONE who has done any harm to you.
  2. After having made the Whole Life Confession, you will honestly answer the Questionnaire.
  3. After you analyze it and see what are the things you are failing in, you will hand them to God the Father so that HE CAN HELP YOU to be Healed and be Free.
  4. Later on, in front of an Altar in your home or in front of the Holy Host, you will say these Prayers of Liberation in a State of Grace, having recited first Psalm 91 and Ephesians 6 to protect yourself.

PRAYER: I (complete name) with the Power of the Blood of Christ shed for me on the Cross, I break EVERY Generational Curse in my Family Tree, binding EVERY unclean Spirit that wants to harm me at the Feet of the Holy Cross and expelling from my being , any spirit that wants to cause me some harm. I resort to the Protection of the 3 Archangels and their Angelic Hosts, Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael and with the Power of the Blood of Christ I am Freed from all Generational Curses, Remaining Clean in Body, Mind and Soul and filling those Spaces with the Power of the Holy Spirit, so that He may dwell in me and Transform me and make me a New Man. Amen

Then you will say this Prayer that will help you Heal Interpersonal Relationships through Blood Ties of your Family Members.

PRAYER: I (complete name) in the Name of Jesus Christ and His Blood shed for me on the Cross, I ask Him to Help me Heal Relationships with my Blood Relatives through Understanding and Forgiveness towards them, Forgiving them and Forgiving myself, Annihilating myself and asking for Humility, so that through this, I can recognize my mistakes and repair for them and achieve a Solid and Consolidated Relationship with my Blood Relatives, leading a Full Life in Jesus Christ. Amen

After having done EVERYTHING instructed by me, you must surrender your Life to God in front of the Blessed Sacrament, asking to Live in His Divine Will and leave the whole World, the Flesh and Sin in order to Grow Spiritually, do it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE that there is NO TIME LEFT, we are waiting for you at The Wedding of the Lamb.



Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Ancestral Curses and Evil Generational Spirits, Including Resources for Inner Healing – Compiled By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls