Special Commentary – On Having A Relationship with God and Three Christian Resources – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

October 5, 2022

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul” of MaryRefugeOfSouls, want to share some Christian (non Catholic) resources with you all, because I believe that they will help everyone in their relationship with God. However, before I introduce these resources to you, I want to share a personal story with you, so you all can be nurtured in the faith. *Note, I have told part of this story before.

Firstly, Catholic and Orthodox Christians are so blessed, because we have the gift of the Seven Sacraments, especially, the Most Holy Eucharist, and the fullness and richness of the Christian faith — 2000 years of Tradition and Holy Scripture — excluding the many hundreds of years that we inherited from Judaism. Yes, we are a blessed people.

However, despite having these many gifts from God for His Church, many of us do not know how to take advantage of these riches, so we can have an authentic, genuine relationship with Our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. For years, I have spoken about the need for each of us to do Internal Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. This means spending “quality time” with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. For years, I have spent about 20 to 40 minutes worshipping God in Holy Communion during and after Sunday Mass has ended. And God would bless me often with the gifts of tears and joy just spending alone time with Him in Holy Communion. I would never hear from God during my 40 minute Communions, but over the years, I would grow in God’s Peace in my soul. And I believe all those times I gave of myself in Holy Communion to God, prepared me for when Jesus began to speak privately in my soul to me a few years ago.

Fast forward a few years from when Jesus first spoke to me during prayer time, I want to say, I always felt comfortable knowing Jesus as my friend, because the Holy Bible reveals to us so much of His human-ness, as well as from reading private revelation from the Saints and holy people. For me, it has always been easier to relate to Jesus than to God the Father or the Holy Spirit, whom seemed more distant to me as Divine Persons. I say this, despite the fact, that I always addressed my prayers to The Father and the Holy Spirit is very active in my life, blessing me with graces, especially, in creating this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls.

Now, one night, I was doing my prayers with tears in my eyes, as I often am emotional with praying — and of course, I addressed them to God the Father as usual. Well, as I was praying, I heard a whisper. I heard the word, “Papa”, spoken clearly and distinctly in my soul. And when I heard the word, “Papa”, I immediately pushed it aside, as I distinctly said to myself, I cannot call God the Father, “Papa” — that is just way too intimate and private. I just felt if I called God the Father, “Papa”, I would disrespect God as the Almighty One and His Majesty.

However, the next night, the whisper came again during my prayers. I heard the name, “Papa”. But again, I was not comfortable. I resisted, as I could not bring myself to call the Father, “Papa”. It just did not seem appropriate in honoring God.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for two years, I resisted this nightly whisper to call God the Father, “Papa”, in my nightly prayers. Then, something remarkable happened. As I follow the daily messages at Holy Love Ministry (https://holylove.org), one day, God the Father said to the visionary, “I Am your Papa God”. Then, the next day, the visionary addressed The Father as “Papa God”, and God was pleased by this name. I was completely shocked and stunned. Our Father knew that I needed His permission to call Him, “Papa”, and I cried knowing He heard the cries of my tiny little heart just trying to please Him.

Today, I have a deeply close and loving relationship with both Jesus and Papa God. But, even these days, God will surprise me, as He works on capturing the totality of my heart. Let me explain.

I was very close to my dad — my human dad — when he was alive (he passed away in 2013). My dad was a wonderful influence in my life, from teaching me how to ride a bike to having a love for classical music. I was truly blessed to have a great relationship with my earthly dad.

Well, as often happens, Jesus was speaking to me in my soul and these days, after He speaks to me, oftentimes, Jesus will say to me, “now, Papa wants to speak with you”. There after, Papa will start speaking to me in my soul. However, this night was different. This time, Jesus said, “Dad wants to speak to you”, and upon saying those words to me, it stopped my heart for a beat.

Jesus and Papa had revealed to me a deeply embedded secret within my own heart.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, up until that moment, I had been unwilling to recognize Papa God with the same love and intimacy that I reserved for my earthly father. And privately, I thought if I simply call the Father, “Papa”, and my earthly father, “dad”, I could maintain the differences between my relationships with my two Fathers, my Heavenly One and my earthly one.

But, Papa God truly wanted the totality of my heart. Yes, there is a recognition and a place for my earthly dad within my heart, but we as Christians are called to love God above all human relationships. So, here, Jesus was exposing a secret area of my heart that I was tightly holding onto. Moreover, Jesus did not say, “My Dad”, but He simply said, “Dad wants to talk to you”, which was an even more intimate way of calling Papa God for me. I was caught in my secret.

Nowadays, I am comfortable with calling Papa God with the names, Dad or even Daddy, because I recognize that I am not diminishing my relationship or respect for my earthly dad, because I love Papa God more. Also, as I have gotten to know better both Papa God and Jesus, I recognize how Jesus and Papa God are splitting images of Each Other. Jesus has led me to His Father, and Papa God has shown me how much He loves His Son, as I have learned how He created everything and every person as a gift for His Son, including me. I am an unique creation with something special to offer Papa and Jesus. We all are.

Meanwhile, God continues to work on capturing the “intimacies” of my heart. Because Papa God surprised me one day, just like Jesus did. One night, Papa spoke briefly to me. Then, Papa said to me, “I want you to speak next to My Spirit”, and this made me pause. For private reasons, I never really thought that God wanted me to have a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. So, I was stunned when Papa God introduced the Holy Spirit to me so intimately, by saying “My” Spirit, not “The” Holy Spirit. So, now, I am working on building up my relationship with the Holy Spirit, so I can be as close to Him as I am with Jesus and Papa God.

Its a work-in-progress.

So, now, how is this personal story of mine, related to the Christian (non-Catholic) resources that I desire to share with you all? It is related because each of us needs to develop an authentic, genuine relationship with God. It is in having a real, on-going relationship with Papa God and Jesus, that we as Catholics and Orthodox can learn a lot from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ — the Protestants.

Now, I know that there are some traditional Catholics that are unwilling to even recognize Protestants as fellow Christians or that they could even possess legitimate spiritual gifts, like prophecy, healing, deliverance, etc. However, that is simply not the reality. The truth is Protestants are Christians, just as Catholics and Orthodox are Christians. The misunderstanding lies in the fact that God does not require the Seven Sacraments in order to be saved. Salvation is available to all persons who recognize God as the Creator and especially, in their recognition of Jesus as the Messiah. However, being ignorant of Jesus as the Savior, does not close the Gates of Heaven to any person. What matters is having a genuine love of God — even if it just a spark in the last moment of life and remorse for sin (obedience to the Ten Commandments). The difference that the Seven Sacraments make is that they impart graces for higher levels of glory in the Kingdom of Heaven, thus being invitations to love God in a deeper, more intimate relationship.

So, the Jews are not a lost race, and neither are the Protestants. Papa God loves His children even when they do not know His Son, Jesus, or have not been properly baptised. Just as hell never gives up on stealing a soul, Heaven never gives up on a soul’s salvation until the final decision is made at the moment of death. So, never give up on your salvation or the salvation of others. Your prayers may be someone’s saving grace, regardless of their background or faith.

*Note, I will write more on the subject of salvation outside the Catholic Church in a later commentary. Meanwhile, I recommend this earlier commentary by me:

Special Commentary – Unity in God and Division on Earth – How God Judges Souls At The Moment Of Death – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Meantime, a biblical concept that Papa God and Jesus have been teaching me a lot these past few years is that “love covers a multitude of sins”. (1 Peter 4:8). This does not mean grave sins, which we must always strive to avoid and always needs to be confessed to God for forgiveness. But it refers to Holy Love (love of God above all and love of neighbor like self) in the context of obedience to the Ten Commandments.

The reason I bring this biblical concept up is because this is how the Protestants are sometimes able to excel in their relationship with Papa God and Jesus. It is so easy for us Catholics and Orthodox to be caught up in following rules and formalism, that we end up closing up parts of our hearts to God. This then can cause our relationship with God to stagnate, when the answer lies in simply opening up our hearts to deeper, more genuine and fulfilling love of God.

For example, if Papa God truly is my father in every sense of the word, even more so than my earthly dad, why was I closing up part of my heart to His all-encompassing Divine Love?

I have had to grow a lot in this area, which has been a challenge for me. But, honestly, learning more about the Heavenly Kingdom through reading books and watching videos made by Protestant Christians has helped me a lot. Firstly, it has challenged my Catholic faith – in a good way – as I have learned how salvation is a gift available to all people, not simply a privileged few. And secondly, the more that I have learned about God and Heaven, the more reasons I have gained for loving Papa and Jesus even more.

And so, to that end, here are the three Christian resources that I desire to share with you all that have given me glimpses into Heaven and the Mind of God and His Loving Character.

God bless and
Much love in Christ,
a soul


Encountering Heaven:
15 Supernatural Visions Of Heaven That Will Change Your Life Forever
By Laurie A. Ditto

*Note, for those who cannot get the book, Laurie has done a collection of free videos opening up about her heavenly encounters. They are available on YouTube through Sid Roth’s Its Supernatural Network (ISN).


The Glory Of God Revealed
By Donna Rigney

*Note, for those who cannot get the book, Donna has spoken about her heavenly visitations found in the book on a YouTube video through Sid Roth’s Its Supernatural Network (ISN).


After his father divorced his family, John Fenn found comfort in a relationship with God. Following learning to forgive, while a pastor, he was given a mind-blowing, detailed tour of Heaven that will keep you wanting to hear more! You’ll hear about the houses, neighborhoods, children, families, etc. But oh, wait until you hear about the “Throne Room of God”–it’s mind-blowing!

*Note, John’s tour of Heaven begins at around 30 minutes into the video. However, I recommend watching the entire video, especially, if you are interested in developing your relationship with Papa God and forgiving past hurts and memories that wound your soul.

Video: Pastor Given a Mind-Blowing, Detailed Tour of Heaven! (2 hours)