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October 13, 2022

Blessings beloved ones,

I had a request from a devoted follower of this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, to repost the list of items that we should bring to the refuges — items that should be brought in our backpacks, rolling backpacks, etc. So, if you plan to travel to a refuge for safety, please see these links for more information, as well as the FAQ from John Leary’s website below.

Also, I never thought that I would say something like this on my blog. But, please bring extra undergarments, such as underwear, etc., as well as extra pairs of socks, to the refuges. This is because these particular items are the hardest to knit and sew, to everyone’s comfort and liking.

Finally, for those who will be traveling to a refuge once called by locution, it is a good practice to pray daily a short prayer for safe travels to the patron saint, St. Raphael Archangel. If you plan to drive, it is a good idea for you to pray that you have enough gasoline in your tank. But, do not worry, as I have heard miraculous stories where God has enabled cars to drive on empty tanks of gas. But you need to pray for this, as God relies on your faith for performing such miracles. And if you need to walk, do not worry. Once you are a reasonable distance from leaving your home, the angels will help you make it the rest of the way. The holy angels will also carry the disabled, the elderly, and any persons in distress to the nearest refuges.

*Note, the general mass exodus to the refuges will not take place until sometime after the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) has happened on earth. However, there may be a limited need for people to go earlier to the refuges in certain areas, as the refuges will be protected sites from nuclear war and major natural disasters. This is all in God’s Timing, though, as Papa God asks us to be ready at any time to be called by Him. Do not worry, though. Simply be in a state of trustful surrender to God’s grace. God protects His children. Amen.

God bless,
a soul

Commentary – Please Remember To Bring Your Tools of Trade to the Refuges – By a soul

Information On Refuges During The Great Tribulation

September 23, 2022 – The Coming Refuges – By John Martinez, Jr. – Courtesy of AfterTheWarning – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Refuge Information FAQ

From John Leary,

Since we are asked so many questions concerning the refuges, we are giving you as complete a picture as we can from all of the messages. We are going to experience a modern day Exodus. Just as the Israelites went out into the desert and were given the manna and quail, we will be in a similar situation.

Where are they (refuges)?

They are all over the world. Some are places of Our Lady’s apparitions, monasteries, convents, or churches where the Blessed Sacrament has been honored and adored for many years called holy ground places. Some people after much prayer have been led to prepare their homes for a refuge. In the mountainous regions there will also be caves. Some may find that difficult, but Jesus reminds us that He was born in a cave and fled to a cave in Egypt. Also, there will be a natural light in the cave and the temperature is around 50° F. All of the places of refuge will have a miraculous spring of water for healing, and there will be a luminous cross over them. Those who look upon the luminous cross will be healed of all diseases and infirmities. At the refuges the food that you have will be multiplied. The angels will provide the manna and like the quail of the Exodus, deer will be provided. The evil ones will not be able to detect the faithful at the refuges by sight, sound, scent, or any other means of detection.

What supplies should we bring (to refuges)?

First, we need our spiritual blessed sacramentals: Bibles, rosaries, scapulars, St. Benedictine crosses, holy water, and blessed candles. Physical things to bring would be extra food, water, warm clothes, a deer knife, and shovel. We are to do what we can to prepare in a reasonable manner. What is needed is trust, love, and prayer and not fear or anxiety. We are to share what we have and not hoard it because what we need will be multiplied.

Backpack Information

Since many people have asked what to take to the refuges, we have compiled a list of recommendations from Jesus. We also are including a few suggestions of our own:

Jesus’ recommendations: Blessed salt, holy water, Pieta Prayer Book, rosaries, scapulars, small Bible, Benedictine Cross, Mass Missal, relics if you have them, blessed candles, medals-St. Michael, St. Benedict, Miraculous Medal. Warm clothes, blanket, small tent, fold up shovel, bicycle and helmet, Atlas & Gazeteer Map, poncho, windup flashlight, food and water to multiply (MREs), masks-surgical, deer knife, and sleeping bag.

Our other suggestions: soap, toothbrush & paste, deodorant, baby wipes, small first aid kit, water filter (Katadyn), gloves, matches, paper & pencil, scissors, whistle, boots, string & rope, Ziploc bags (for books), toilet paper, detergent.

These are small amounts of things to go into the backpacks. Jesus is reminding us to have a rehearsal for leaving for the refuges. Pray to have the grace to be at peace without fear. He will do the impossible in multiplying what we need and to place our total trust in Him.