Special Commentary – Reasons For Believing In The Holy And Divine Love Mission At Holy Love Ministry (Ohio, USA) – Compiled By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

October 17, 2022

Blessings beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, want to explain in this short commentary, why the Mission of Holy and Divine Love at Holy Love Ministry in Ohio, USA, is so vital for every person to believe and follow today.

There are so many people who believe in the Garabandal and Medjugorje apparitions of Our Holy Mother, Mary. And many people believe in the forthcoming Warning (Illumination of Conscience) and Three Days of Darkness / Great Chastisement. Yet, if you were to ask the vast majority of them, most of them would not be able to adequately respond this obvious question: What does mankind need to do to reconcile itself back to God?

It is not simply a matter that everyone needs to be baptized, go to Confession with a priest, or seek forgiveness of sins from God. It is not enough to be a member of Holy Mother Church.

When people return to earth from their Warning encounter with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, most will need very specific instruction — detailed teaching and Godly help – so they will not relapse back into their prior state of grave sins. This is what the Mission at Holy Love Ministry is all about. It is God’s Blueprints for the most concise, direct and best way to follow to come into closer relationship with Him — to be a best friend of God and to gain salvation in Jesus Christ. It is the next step to take — after being baptized into the faith and seeking forgiveness of sins from a priest — so as to continue the spiritual journey — present-moment conversion — towards tender friendship and deep love of Our Creator, Papa God. It is the simplified answer for the deep longing and earnest yearning placed in every heart of each person to know who he is and why and what he was created for.

It is the hidden treasure found after a lifetime of searching and wandering. It is the answer to the cry of every aching human soul.

Now, I know that there are many people in the sincere process of discerning the messages and fruits of the Mission at Holy Love Ministry. I want to help you. This is why I created this particular blog post, because I want to steer you in the right direction among all the sources of information available on this Ministry, because some voices are credible and worthy of belief and some voices are not.

Below I have collected a sample of the more than 30,000 messages given at Holy Love Ministry throughout the years. These messages urge people to carefully and thoughtfully consider the merits of believing in what is offered at Holy Love Ministry.

In addition, I invite you to discern the following important links below for more information found on both my blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, and the official website for Holy Love Ministry (https://holylove.org).

Finally, I want to say for people not to be afraid of opening their hearts to the graces that Papa God, His Son, Jesus, and His Holy Mother, Mary, desire to bestow on each person who embraces these messages, its spirituality, and the Mission. In the past, many vital aspects of God’s Divine Plan were met with initial skepticism and controversy, before they were accepted by the wider Holy Mother Church. These include the Sacred Heart devotion (St Margaret Mary Alacoque), Divine Mercy devotion (St Faustina), Poem of the Man-God (Maria Valtora), etc. It is the laity and a few brave priests that have always had to lead the way to advance Heaven’s Plans for eventual universal acceptance within the Church. It is no different for today for Holy Love Ministry and the spirituality of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

God bless you in your faith journey and in your discernment of the Holy Love Mission which has the potential to profoundly change your life forever.

United in Jesus and Mary.
I love you,
a soul

His Holiness, Pope Urban VIII stated:
“In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true.”
(Pope Urban VIII, 1623-44)

Acts 5:29
New American Bible

But Peter and the apostles said in reply, “We must obey God rather than men…”

Acts 5:34-39
New American Bible

34 But a Pharisee in the Sanhedrin named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, respected by all the people, stood up, ordered the men to be put outside for a short time, 35 and said to them, “Fellow Israelites, be careful what you are about to do to these men. 36 Some time ago, Theudas appeared, claiming to be someone important, and about four hundred men joined him, but he was killed, and all those who were loyal to him were disbanded and came to nothing. 37 After him came Judas the Galilean at the time of the census. He also drew people after him, but he too perished and all who were loyal to him were scattered. 38 So now I tell you, have nothing to do with these men, and let them go. For if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself. 39 But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God.” They were persuaded by him.


Several downloadable documents on defending the ecumenical Ministry

Letters of Endorsement and Approbations by various Christian bishops and Catholic notables

10 Pages (over 180) healings and conversion testimonies since 1996 (there are several hundreds more that can be read at the property)

For your discernment: Also see the free ebook on the Holy Love spirituality entitled, ‘The Journey Through the Chambers of the United Hearts – The Pursuit of Holiness’, https://www.holylove.org/Pursuit-of-Holiness.pdf

I suggest that you read the book written by well-known Medjugorje author, Wayne Weible, before he died (2016), as it gives an accurate history of Holy Love Ministry. His testimony can also be listened to on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. Book: Intimate Messages From Heaven: The Story Of Holy Love Ministries by Wayne Weible.

Jesus Christ – “I give credit where credit is due – The book Wayne (Weible) authored will open many hearts”

Book Review by a soul

Audio Testimony – Wayne Weible (2016)

Under Talks, you can also listen to the testimony of support for the Ministry by Rwandan massacre survivor and author, Immaculée Ilibagiza, in 2015.

Medjugorje Minute by Wayne Weible for Holy Love (one minute)

Song: The Way of Love (Sung by Lydia Miller) (3:57 minutes) – features images of Maranatha Spring and Shrine, home of Holy Love Ministry in Ohio, USA

MESSAGES: “Believing in the Mission”
Compiled By a soul

April 2, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in blue with gold stars on Her mantle. She says:

“I want you to tell My children this. You are living in a time of the last warnings. It is also the hour of great and manifold prodigies. As the tribulations increase in frequency and intensity, you will be given commensurate grace to come into the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart. You have not as yet received My greatest grace, nor have you experienced the greatest trial. You are living in the last days before My Son returns in glory. You have been given testimonies from around the world in support of this. Trials and grace come together to lead you into My Heart. Do not be tricked into thinking you have time to decide for holiness. You do not know the hour. Each present moment is grace.”

“Miracles are beginning to unfold in this Mission, not for your excitement, but for your conversion.”

May 17, 2003
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. How good it is you are here. You are forgetting to send your angel to Me in times of conflict and difficulty. He is always free to come to Me and I welcome him.”

“I have come to speak to you a Message long burning in My Divine Heart. For many years you have pondered My Mother’s words to you that this is the culmination of all Her apparitions in the world. Mistakenly, you thought She meant the last of all Her apparitions. Not so. By the words ‘culmination of all My apparitions’ My Mother was revealing a deeper thought.”

“The message of the Chambers of Our United Hearts is the ultimate path each soul is created to pursue, for this spiritual journey leads to personal holiness and sanctification. Further, since this journey leads the soul in pursuit of living in the Divine Will, there is no other message from Heaven – no other ‘new apparition’, no other type of spiritual journey which should encourage the soul in a different direction. All directions from Heaven – if genuine – should eventually culminate in pursuit of My Father’s Divine Will. Through the message of these Sacred Chambers, the soul has been given a virtual road map.”

“Yes, many spend much time in pursuit of worldly pleasures, travel and even in the spiritual realm, flitting here and there in pursuit of a greater grace. I tell you solemnly, the greatest choice in any present moment is pursuit of spiritual perfection through the Chambers of Our United Hearts.”

“We must make this known.”

September 16, 2003
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Every one of My apparitions and every true apostolate has carried with it the aim of living in the Divine Will. This is the ultimate underlying call and goal.”

“The Chambers of the United Hearts is the master plan – the blueprint for every soul, every apostolate to follow. It is not that any one of these I mention would lose their identity, but that they would find their way.”

“It is a simple message given in a simple way. The Confraternity is but a vehicle of putting the road map – the blueprint – into peoples’ hands, not to be swallowed up by it, but to be led by it.”

“The Confraternity calls all people and all nations into Our United Hearts.”

December 3, 2003
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Child, it is good you are here. Today, I reveal to you these truths.”

“Since the moment of My Conception in My Mother’s Virginal Womb, this Message of Holy Love has been in My Heart, for that was the moment that Our Hearts were first united. I have reserved for these times the Complete Revelation of the journey into the Chambers of Our Hearts. Even in the womb I foresaw the issues that would tear asunder the faith of so many. I was consoled in My Mother’s arms by the mention of this Mission and the support it would give to the Remnant Faithful. My Mother often spoke to Me about Holy Love. We both prayed that Holy Love would be accepted in hearts as the remedy for mankind’s woes.”

“During My Passion, this Mission was a great consolation. Now in Heaven, I tell you, it will be a vehicle of My Triumph.”

“Quietly say ‘yes’ and do not concern yourself with your inadequacies, for in every heart, grace makes up the difference.”

January 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to you without pretense, not claiming affiliation with any one group, for I come for all. Prayer, no matter its format, is a universal language. Understand, then, that like prayer, love is a universal language. So, it follows that this Prayer Site and the Messages are for all people and all nations. This type of love that I speak of–Holy Love–does not rise from a heart that holds self-interest as a motive, but only God and neighbor. I am asking each one who hears the Message to take it into his own heart and to give it to others through an act of charity.”

“I have come to give you a greater understanding of these times you live in. The reason there is so much insecurity in the world today is that all hearts do not embrace Truth and Justice. If hearts are full of self-interest, this is what governs their free will; for what the heart embraces motivates thought, word and deed.”

“This is true of each soul, but has particular impact upon those who lead. Authority and leadership become compromised through love of power, money and reputation. It is in this way that leaders abuse their authority and lead by control instead of gently guiding. This has been true of every dictator who desires absolute power above truth and justice. It was true in My day, and it is still true today.”

“This is why this Mission exists today–to spread the commandments of love through all nations. Those who oppose you–oppose Me. Those who assist you will receive My assistance. Each soul is called to evangelize Holy Love.”

“Once again, please understand, Truth and Justice cannot take up their reign in hearts that do not embrace Holy Love. Satan tempts hearts and introduces lies into hearts that do not embrace Holy Love. The enemy is insidious. He makes lies look reasonable and justified through some pretense of good, when in truth, what he suggests is merely a transgression against the law of love.”

“This is how he promotes dissention in My Church. He convinces the dissenters that their liberal ideas are just when really they are self-serving. Authority is abused when it serves only to bring lack of trust into the Church itself. I intend to restore My Church in righteousness and truth. My Victory is coming on the wings of Holy Love. Today I’m taking all your petitions into My Divine Heart. Some lives will be changed forever.”

“I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

March 26, 2005
Conversation with Divine Love (Holy Saturday)
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“After My death on the Cross, I descended to a place which was neither Hell nor Purgatory–a place where many awaited Me–the patriarchs–Moses, My foster father Joseph, to name a few. Before I released them to enter the glory of Heaven, I charged each one of them to pray for My Love and Mercy to be made known in these last days.”

“I bid them pray for the Divine Mercy Revelation and for the Confraternity of the United Hearts–the two vehicles of My Divine Love and Divine Mercy. I made them understand that these vehicles of My Love and Mercy would convert and save a multitude before My return. Then I sent them to Heaven.”

June 6, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Let no one be astounded that I have taken to task those who persecute this Mission. I waited long enough for their conviction of heart by My veiled suggestions. Souls are being lost, and have been lost, that were discouraged from coming here by way of unfounded lies. Innocent unborn children have been aborted due to discouraging words against the prayers offered here.”

“I ask that in humility now, these detractors (and they know who they are) denounce their unfounded opinions which have a negative impact on the Mission, on the salvation of souls (which should be our common goal), and on their own salvation. Title does not exempt a soul from sin. Slander and detraction are sins.”

“There are those within Church circles, and even within this Diocese, who practice ungodly rituals. Who are you listening to, the false gods of power and control? If you choose salvation, you must choose to stop!”

“I am laying these things bare, as I do not have centuries to await approvals of these United Hearts Messages. I desire that souls turn with loving hearts to the spirituality of the Chambers. I desire to draw all souls into Unitive Love.”

“It is pride that rebels against correction. Humility accepts correction readily. No one should place himself above correction.”

July 5, 2008
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “Today I come to help you comprehend that your nation is being challenged in its position of world leadership. God the Father is permitting this, as your nation has chosen to make the legalization of sins a political issue. Specifically I speak of abortion and same sex marriages, both an abomination in My Eyes.”

“The enemy of your souls is weakening your country by undermining the financial system through natural disasters and dividing hearts against just leadership. You cannot seek to please the convoluted hearts of man first and then turn to God. God must be first in your hearts.”

“My brothers and sisters, earth’s woes are all due to the misuse of free will. The spirituality offered here offers mankind the guidance to redirect his free will to be aligned with the Divine Will of God. Waste no longer the valuable present moments you are given to bear good fruit in the world through these Messages.”

“Satan knows the importance of this Mission even if you, yourselves, do not. He is vigorously attacking My work here through lies and controversy spawned by the very ones who should be supporting this ecumenical effort. Do not join evil in these attacks by lending credence to his attacks out of esteem for title. Recognize the need for this Mission now during these latter days, not centuries from now when approvals will vindicate all Heaven has said here.”

“Here, at this Site, is the threshold of the New Jerusalem. This is why you experience spiritual peace when you come here. Let this peace permeate your hearts as My gift to you. No longer search for peace or any solutions in the world. Be stouthearted. This means to be full of love of God and neighbor. I listen attentively to prayers offered from such a heart.”

“Many have given Me a half-hearted response to My efforts through this Mission. Still others have manufactured reasons not to respond at all. The father of lies is ahead of all of such as these. Satan knows that Truth is spoken here, and he opposes it with all his might. Can you give Me your whole heart in support of Holy Love, not allowing Satan any evil over you? Give Me your undivided heart in favor of Holy Love so that Truth can be victorious.”

“Do not waste time with your lukewarm response to Me. Be as aggressive in your ‘yes’ to Me as Satan is in his opposition.”

“Today I invite you to be a part of My Victory. Understand that true freedom consists in the paradox of complete surrender, surrender to the Divine Will. In this way, the soul is able to break the fetters of sin and embrace victory in its entirety.”

“My brothers and sisters, please realize that good does not oppose good. It is evil that opposes all the prayers and sacrifices that are encouraged here, and the spirituality of the Chambers of the United Hearts. Drink in the peace that is offered here, the peace that nourishes your souls; for this comes from the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit Himself.”

“We’re blessing you with the Complete Blessing of the United Hearts.”

July 10, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you solemnly that those who think they have the Truth, but oppose Holy Love, have been tricked by Satan. Holy Love is the path of Truth, the journey into the Flame of Love, the embodiment of the Ten Commandments, the way to personal holiness and even sanctification.”

“Think, then, what you oppose and whom you oppose. Do not be so caught up in intellectual pride to believe that you have all the answers without Holy Love. This Message is salvific, simple, yet complex. I proclaimed this very Message when I was amongst you.”

“Do not think foolishly that because I come for all people, all nations, you are too good to be amongst such as these. Your Lord and Savior calls you. Respond!”

July 13, 2008
Feast of Rosa Mystica
Mary, Rosa Mystica

Our Lady comes as Rosa Mystica. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, dear children, I have come to help you to realize the ways in which these Messages of Holy and Divine Love have been challenged by evil. These days the opinions and acceptance of people is highly revered, while God’s Commandments are not. Morals are refashioned to suit groups of people instead of people shaping their morality to the Commandments of God. The right to sin has been condoned by legislation. All of this has been carried into the Church in the compromise of liberal consciences. So, while liberal stances are given their play, Missions, such as this founded on private revelation, are summarily persecuted without concern for the message or the messenger.”

“I remind those involved in all the misinformation they instigate against Holy Love, God’s Commandments do not bend or change to suit you. It is still a sin to rash judge or commit calumny. Until you read all of the Messages, you should not foolishly offer your opinion. Even worse, you should not set forth your opinion as a judgment as though you have read every Message.”

“No good comes from opposing Heaven. As society today flounders amid compromise and hypocrisy, do not be so careless as to dismiss Messages that lead all people and all nations back to God and personal holiness. Do not misuse authority to oppose your Heavenly Mother. Open your hearts to the truth.”

“Today I address you as Rosa Mystica. Under this title, I ask for prayer, penance and sacrifice. But these days especially, I ask for deeper understanding of the mystical life.”

October 16, 2011
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“From the beginning of time, the Father held the Revelation of the Chambers of the United Hearts in the Bosom of His Divine Will, waiting to reveal it to this generation – at this site. The Chambers are a deliverance, a conversion and purification of heart so desperately needed in a world given over to self-love.”

“No one can live in Holy Love outside of the Chambers of the United Hearts. Each Chamber is a progression in holy perfection. Every Chamber purifies the soul in the Eyes of God, taking the heart deeper into self-knowledge and convicting the soul of all that opposes Holy Love. The Flame of Holy Love that is Our Mother’s Heart, burns through each Chamber, for here is an all-consuming, purifying Heart of Love.”

“Those who seek personal holiness with a sincere heart may think it is just a journey between themselves and God, but in reality, all who seek personal holiness are plunged into the Chambers of the United Hearts – there to be purified in the Flame of Holy Love, for Our Heavenly Mother is a part of every ongoing conversion.”

November 11, 2011
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says:

“All praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I come once again to address all people and all nations. Dear children, persevere in your efforts to propagate these Messages of Holy and Divine Love. These Messages, which open a new, yet ancient spirituality to you, are salvific. The one who fears and opposes them the most is Satan. He is using anyone to discourage the power of the Messages. He is using misinformation to confuse those committed to this spiritual journey. There is not a word in the Messages which is untrue or misleading. However, the enemies of this Mission cannot claim this.”

“Once again, dear children, I am asking you to choose the side of truth. Let the Messages be your refuge against error and falsehood. During these final days before My Son’s return, many who relish prestige are aligned with the enemy of lies. Do not be misled by who is speaking or impressed by nomenclature so much as you are impressed with the truth.”

May 20, 2016
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I come to reconcile the heart of humanity with the Heart of My Son, for it has wandered far and separated itself from the Divine Will. I offer mankind the spiritual journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts, a journey of reconciliation. Only the foolhardy would reject such an offer. That is like trying to find a buried treasure without a map.”

“With so much at stake and so many false and confusing paths offered in the world, why refuse My offer of a direct path to personal holiness and salvation.”

“These days, souls are consumed with worldly concerns but pay little heed to salvific grace. Do not wait for God to send His Justice which is mounting in His Heart. Pay attention to the signs around you. I, your Mother, am calling you to the reality of these times.”

Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5+

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it. Avoid such people.

-Scripture verses asked to be read by Mary Refuge of Holy Love.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.

June 5, 2016
Feast of the United Hearts – 3:00 P.M. Service
Jesus Christ

(This Message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

First, I (Maureen) saw the Image of the United Hearts pulsating in the air. Then Jesus and Blessed Mother appeared with Their Hearts exposed. Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” Our Lady says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus says: “Thank you, My dear little ones, for enduring the hardship of this storm that poured down upon you. I am your protection in the storms of life.”

“Please realize it was never My Intent that these Messages (1) and the deep spirituality they reveal should be lost amidst the mire of Church politics and spiritual jealousy. I have instructed this messenger (2) to continue to record and propagate all Heaven requests despite objections and opposition from worldly authority. These times dictate the imprudence of waiting for the conversion of hearts. I come to build up the faith, not to tear it down. I come to restore the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the world. To do so, I must rid the heart of humanity of the evil that consumes it. I must reveal this evil, as man has become blind to it.”

“I speak of mankind in general, knowing full well of the exceptions who practice Holy Love and seek to please Me. These are the consolation to My Most Mournful Heart. Mankind in general, however, has ceased to place Me first in his heart. He seeks human solutions to problems which are caused by spiritual apathy. Man has adopted ideologies which are self-serving and not of God.”

“Sin is rarely a consideration, but has taken on the form of a right to be accepted and practiced freely. Those who oppose such practices are viewed as insensitive and too conservative. Thus, Satan has succeeded in obliterating the lines between good and evil. These definitive lines remain the same in My Eyes.”

“It is during these times of confusion, My Father sends Me with the Revelation of Our United Hearts. This is a scripturally-sound Revelation. The First Chamber of Our United Hearts is the Heart of My Mother – the conversion of the soul. Each subsequent Chamber leads the soul deeper into personal holiness and finally to perfection. It is a journey which needs to be seriously considered today. Yet, as I speak, Church leadership has not studied this gift I offer, but rather has opposed it. Must I point out, only Satan would oppose spiritual perfection!”

“The soul may spend a lifetime searching for a way into the Divine Will of My Father. All the while, I offer him the straight and narrow path of the journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. To know of this journey is a great grace. To know of it but refuse to travel it, further wounds My Most Mournful Heart. A soul can be saved without making the spiritual journey through these Sacred Chambers, but it is more difficult. That would be like searching for a treasure after you throw away the map. The treasure, in this case, is union in My Father’s Divine Will.”

“I come to you today seeking the union of the heart of the world with Our United Hearts. This is the purpose of this Heavenly intervention – of this Mission (3) – and of all the graces offered here.(4) The future of the world depends on mankind’s response to My Invitation.”

“I am the way of salvation through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. My brothers and sisters, continue to persevere in every necessity. I am listening to your prayers.”

“Today, we’re extending to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

(1) The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
(2) Maureen Sweeney-Kyle.
(3) The ecumenical Mission of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
(4) The apparition site at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.