October 2022 – Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) Interviews Dr. John Bruchalski, MD – A Catholic pro-life OB/GYN working to build a culture of life in medicine – MaryRefugeOfSouls

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Mystic and host, Gianna Talone-Sullivan, posted a new interview on the TTEN YouTube channel and I want to encourage everyone to watch it. It is an excellent conversation with Dr. John Bruchalski, a OB/GYN who went from performing abortions to embracing the pro-life movement and returning to Catholicism (he was raised in the faith). Dr. John has a very deep pro-life spirituality centered upon Our Eucharistic Lord. It is evident that he has thought and meditated deeply about life-affirming healthcare for women and their babies. I was fascinated by what he shared as I learned a lot by his dialogue with Gianna. He has a new book about his conversion journey, which I recommend especially for those involved in healthcare or entering the medical field or interested in pro-life issues and spirituality. He also founded two pro-life charities which are worthy of supporting, especially, if you are interested in true social justice and grassroots efforts in helping pregnant women.

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About Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN)
My dear little children praised be Jesus! Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) is a platform dedicated to the collaboration of Catholic Mystics, Prophets and Evangelists. As the End Times unfold, humanity must be prepared for the return of Our Lord and the coming kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, our endeavor is to edify and prepare the saints lest you be deceived in this antichrist system. “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved (Matthew 10:22).


IN HIS WORDS: Dr. John Bruchalski, MD

“I am a pro-life OB/GYN working to build a culture of life in medicine. I believe that life-affirming medicine can change the world, one heart at a time. Life-affirming medicine is aimed at restoring the integrity of the human person by combining the best of science and modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ. Life-affirming medicine recognizes each person as a unique gift — an individual made up of body, soul and spirit, deserving of mercy and dignity.”


“Dear Friends, I have exciting news! My memoir Two Patients: My Conversion from Abortion to Life-Affirming Medicine is set to be released in October 2022. The title of the book is inspired by a turning point moment in the delivery room after a neonatologist colleague of mine called me out for treating unborn babies like tumors. She reminded me I had two patients. Not a patient and a “disease” that needed to be treated by abortion, but two human patients in need of care–mother and baby. Two patients who were part of the same human family. By the grace of God, I had a dramatic spiritual conversion back to the Catholic Church. That conversion led to the creation of Tepeyac OB/GYN and Divine Mercy Care and our mission to provide excellent, life-affirming care to women. My prayer is that God will use Two Patients to change hearts and minds and that it will give medical students and OB/GYNs courage to stand up against the medical status quo and say yes to practicing life-affirming medicine. I pray that God will use my story to empower and encourage women who face unplanned pregnancies or life-threatening prenatal diagnoses and inspire them to choose courage over fear. I hope that you will consider ordering my book.”


TTEN Interviews Dr. John Bruchalski, MD, FACOG (51:25 minutes)