Music Videos – Two Christmas Songs by Casting Crowns – Especially for the Broken-Hearted and Those Suffering Depression and Considering Suicide – “Somewhere In Your Silent Night” and “Make Room” (featuring Matt Maher) – Includes Note by a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

December 3, 2022

Blessings beloved ones,

The Advent and Christmas seasons can be such a sorrowful time for people. This is because the broken-hearted see many others enjoying this festive season with loved ones and it can make them further depressed and even suicidal.

Well, for those broken-hearted who lack hope, I want you to know that your hope is found in the Infant Child Jesus found laying in a manger 2,000 years ago. Instead of giving up on yourself, I urge you to take the time to discover the truth of the Christmas and Easter story found in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the God that your empty heart is seeking love from. Jesus can mend your heart and truly make you whole and happy again.

God bless,
a soul


I. Apart from Jesus Christ we are helpless and sinful.

A. We are all sinners due to not obeying perfectly the law of God.
B. We are in spiritual bondage to the devil who controls this fallen world.
C. We are alienated from God.
D. Knowledge of sin comes by the law of God.
E. The law of God is the Ten Commandments found in the Holy Bible.
F. God, in His justice, punishes sinners.
G. We cannot save ourselves in any way.

II. Jesus Christ saves us by grace and through faith.

A. Jesus who is the Son of God and God, became a Man to save mankind from sin.
B. Jesus suffered and died for sinners.
C. By His suffering and death, Jesus paid the full penalty for each sinner so he may gain Heaven and not hell for eternity.
D. The Resurrection of Jesus shows that God has power over death and to forgive us from sin.
E. Salvation in God is a choice for each person to decide in his life.
F. Salvation is made possible by accepting Jesus and obeying the law of God according to Jesus.
G. This is the Gospel (“Good News”) of Jesus Christ.

III. God calls sinners like you and me.

IV. We are saved to joyfully obey and serve God in this earthly life and to gain Heaven in the afterlife.

V. Belonging to the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ is the ordinary means for people seeking salvation in God and growing closer in friendship with God by following its teachings.


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