Saint Gabriel Archangel to Latin-American mystic, Lorena – Preparation Instructions for Marian Homes / Shelters (Refuges) – November 29, 2022

NOTE (By a soul):
There are several different methods given by Heaven to consecrate a refuge for the End Times. If this method is unavailable to you due to lack of a holy priest, please see this blog page for other methods: However, I do recommend that people do the other preparation steps (besides the prayer by a priest) once your home is consecrated utilizing the other methods or if your home has already been blessed by a priest. God bless!

NOVEMBER 29, 2022

I, Archangel Saint Gabriel, the Archangel Messenger, oversee the Praying Army and of Aligning it for the bloody Battle between Good and Evil.

Therefore, starting today, it is very necessary that you already have your Marian Homes prepared for the Great Tribulation that will soon begin.

I entrust to ALL the Praying Soldiers this Great Mission to set up your Homes, DO NOT forget to Consecrate them to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it is also IMPORTANT to bring a Priest of the Faithful Remnant to Bless your Homes and say the Prayer that I am going to give you for the time of blessing the Marian Home.

PRAYER OF THE PRIEST: I (Name of the Priest), representative of Jesus Christ on Earth and under the Protection of Archangel Saint Gabriel, consecrate this Marian Home to the Two United and Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary, so that under Their Blessing and Care May this Sacred Precinct be Protected in Times of Persecution and be a Refuge for the other brothers in Times of Tribulation and nothing evil or malignant can enter this Marian Home, since it is under the Protection of ALL Heaven, let nothing shady penetrate this Home, nor can anyone evil enter it, since it is under the Protection of the 3 Archangels, Saint Gabriel, Saint Michael and Saint Raphael who are in Custody, Amen.

This Prayer will be said by the Priest, at the moment of Consecrating your Marian Homes, do not forget to have the: Sacramentals, Medicinal Plants and Non-perishable Food, as well as Used Clothing and Personal Hygiene Items.

After consecrating your Homes, you will paste the following images on the doors, so that the people called by the Angels will arrive at your Homes:

❖ Image of the Three Archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael, symbolizing the Protection of the Nine Angelic Choirs.
❖ One of Saint Benedict and Saint Joseph, Terror of Demons.
❖ One of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Victor of satan.
❖ One of Jesus Christ and another of the Holy Trinity.
❖ And the Stopper sign (Shield of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

After your Marian Homes are Blessed by a Priest and the images mentioned above have been pasted on its doors, you will say this Prayer every day from now on:

PRAYER: I (Name), as a member and leader of this Marian Home, cry out for the help of ALL Heaven, to protect me from all evil and help me form this Sacred Enclosure, I ask Heaven that only the people chosen by The Angels arrive at my Home and that I am Protected from ALL evil from today on, Amen.

Later, you will Thank Heaven from the Most Holy Tabernacle for having allowed you to form your Marian Home, you will ask the Father to protect you from ALL evil. You will offer a Sacrifice to God the Father, as a Symbol that your Home has been Blessed and then you will Pray THREE ROSARIES to the Virgin as Protection of your Home and the Chaplet of the Nine Angelic Choirs, to finish with the preparations for your Marian Homes.

This has been all that Archangel Saint Michael has sent me to tell you, since I am the Leader of the Praying Soldiers.

I leave you with the War Cry, Who is like God, no one is like God!!!