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I decided to place the healing prayers of Saint Raphael Archangel given to Lorena directly on the blog homepage,, so it is easier for people to translate online, rather than trying to translate a PDF. Its a long post, but I have many followers that are non-native speakers in English. So, they rely on the translated word in actual posts on this website as having only downloadable documents in English limits accessibility to people.

Hopefully, more people will be able to participate in these important prayers.

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(English, 10 pages PDF): Saint Raphael Archangel Wisdom Teachings and Healing Prayers (Given to Lorena)

Saint Michael Archangel to Latin-American mystic, Lorena – Preparation of the Militant Army – Before The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) – December 5, 2022


(Translated from Spanish)
(As given to Latin-American messenger, Lorena)


I, Saint Raphael, as the Archangel of Health and Healing, come to pour out countless graces in the people of God and to give this important message to all the warriors of the Church Militant.

I, as the Archangel of Health, need to heal each person’s spiritual and mental wounds, both physical and psychological; traumas that throughout their lives have taken root in their souls; as well as illnesses that have been developing since the gestation time of infancy in the womb, both psychological as well as physical and spiritual.

I need the warriors of the Church Militant to be healed, in order to be able to advance to the New Heavens and New Earth. Remember: it is very important that all warriors are released from all ties that enslave them to countless psychological issues, such as emotional and physical problems, which are therefore spiritual.

You have to attack these issues from the root – the root that comes from the gestation of the embryo in the womb. Doctors seek to find solutions to diseases through science, whereas their origin is of the spiritual nature, because many psychological and mental health problems trace back oftentimes to the time of gestation of the fetus, which is when the baby in the womb is rejected and diseases develop that manifest later in adult life or in puberty or childhood.

The mother’s rejection of her child, who seeks to find easy solutions to her pregnancy, is one of the causes of psychological problems. This is due to the fact that the mother only thinks about this problem and her feelings affect the embryo in pregnancy, who feels the rejection by her mother. This affects the child’s entire integrity, psychological and emotional, because the spiritual bond that unites a mother with her child is very strong.

Hence, it is important to have a good pregnancy in all aspects, including the spiritual which is most important, since this affects the complete development of the baby. Children rejected in the womb of their mothers are more likely to – when they grow up –develop mental, psychological and psycho-affective conditions. Even diseases such as cancer can develop if these wounds are not spiritually healed.

As part of the Church Militant, we need healthy warriors, spiritually more than anything else. Generational curses are spiritually passed down from generation to generation and can be healed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

As you can see, all of this is not easy to understand and here we have to delve a lot into spirituality and psychology.

The behavioral canons of a person are derived from many factors: psychological, sociological, genetic, spiritual, generational and even environmental. The way that people behave widely varies and it is not understood how being related and educated with the same moral values and the same education, children are all very different; even twins develop behaviors very different and ambiguous from each other.

This is because since their gestation, people such as twins have unique souls which are distinct; from there, arises the spirituality of each person that allows each one of them to develop their capacities and abilities according to their inheritance – not only genetic but also spiritual – which is different for each soul, since each person is conceived to fulfill a specific mission. This is why people develop different skills according to their distinct mission of God.

The creativity in the human being is more than anything a spiritual inheritance, as it is a gift of God that is given in portion to each person, according to their unique mission; creativity is something so beautiful, that men of science do not know that each soul possesses different abilities and gifts.

That is why in order for a person to develop his God-given talents, he needs a spiritual anointing at a certain stage of his life with his Creator; so talents such as, art, music, song, dance, writing, oratory, and even the vocation to marriage, celibacy or vocations to religious life can be revealed. The fact that a young person is inclined to a priestly vocation, to a consecrated life or to marriage, this comes from the spiritual inheritance that God placed in your soul as a gift from Heaven freely given to men to carry out your mission.

That is why we need each warrior of the Church Militant to get to know each other through intimate connection with God, because it is time for him to develop his mission.

We will start with the most important matter – the healing of the soul – as this will lead to healing psychological, mental and even physical illnesses.

I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, come to heal and in the name of my Lord, I come to give people these main steps to follow:

They will sit comfortably in the place where they feel most comfortable within their own homes. Someplace that brings them a beautiful memory, such as the armchair inherited from the grandfather, where they feel accepted and loved.

Remember that we will say a prayer of healing and deliverance from the moment of conception until the present moment in which they are living. Doing so will help them heal their souls.

Let us begin (Pray):

“I am in the womb, everything is dark but I feel the warmth of my mother; through the umbilical cord, I nourish myself and I feel the ring of my mother’s voice: she is sad, angry, worried, or has been attacked; I feel the her heartbeats joining mine and there is a spiritual connection between she and I from the moment I was conceived; I hear her voice booming and I feel like an angel.

From this moment, I ask Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to heal everything that inside the womb affected me, which could have been insults towards my mother; assaults; screaming that affected her psychologically and emotionally and therefore spiritually and therefore affected me, unleashing diseases in my mind and soul.

Heal, in the Holy Name of Jesus, all negative thoughts or feelings of my mother’s rejection of me, everything that influenced me to feel rejected and alone, because I felt the rejection of the only person that I knew and the one whom I trusted; and this damaged my heart, unleashing sadness in me, anxiety and loneliness.

This has led me to accumulate hatred and resentment – without knowing why – that I was inclined towards a bad temper and this made it difficult for me to comply with the Ten Commandments and Precepts of Holy Mother Church; because when feeling the rejection of the only person I knew and in whom I trusted blindly in the womb, unconsciously, I claimed this as rejection from God; therefore, I feel a spiritual rejection making it hard to pray, fast, and fulfill my religious tasks and spiritual intentions.

Heal, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, every impure act of lust, passion or misguided sexuality, which my parents have carried out at the time of my conception and gestation. All of these acts have affected my emotional sensitivity and sexuality. This is why I like to resort to masturbation, pornography, sexual debauchery and even homosexuality or lesbianism. This lust on the part of my parents affected my spiritual integrity, sowing feelings of masochism, unbridled sexuality, and even my taking refuge in drugs or alcohol.

I bind, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, all rejection by my father to my being at the moment of my conception; I free myself from all ties that caused the feelings in me to be insecure as a child throughout my childhood and led to learning problems at school. This lack of acceptance by my father at the time of my conception, led me to develop inappropriate behaviors in my childhood such as: hyperactivity, learning disabilities or lack of concentration and poor behavior; because inside me, I felt the rejection of my father and I took refuge in my own ego; resulting in undisciplined and evil child behavior, or being dull and lonely; carrying with me thoughts of suicide and sadness in my development and psychological maturity; which then led to divorce and marital failure, and being an unstable person. This is because inside me I unconsciously felt rejected by the father figure, the one who gave stability to my mother – creating in me as I grew up – feelings of anguish and concern, which made a dent in my soul, mind and spirit.

Heal, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, all sins against the spiritual integrity of myself and my mother that was carried out during my gestation in the womb, such as card reading, horoscopes, palmistry, New Age, satanic readings, yoga, reiki, consultation of the stars, santeria or any ocular ritual or activity that damaged my mother’s spirit and mine, leading me to have an aversion towards God, because my mother opened the door to the enemy; and therefore, within my body, mind and soul, there is a dissatisfaction with life, moodiness, inability to love and forgive, selfishness, pride, and haughtiness; because the enemy took possession of my soul, damaging me so extremely, that I am conceited and arrogant.

The enemy sowed the seven deadly sins in my soul and, therefore, it is very difficult to understand, accept and love others, because I am selfish and arrogant; thus, I crave power and prestige even at the expense of others. I like money, the excessive hunger for acceptance; I am aggressive and compulsive; I do not control my character; therefore, I develop diseases both psychological and physical, and even cancer, which affects my integrity as a human person. This is because my soul has not been freed from the bondage of the enemy that affects me, resulting in me being closed to the grace of God, instead concentrating inn my ego, making me selfish, petulant and arrogant.

Heal, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, every evil influence in my being at the moment of conception and during my development within my mother’s womb. I declare myself in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, free from all ties that may lead me to act irresponsibly and selfishly with my neighbor, and especially with myself as a husband or wife.

Heal, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, all familiar rejection of me by my grandparents, siblings or close relatives who influenced my bad temperament, since my mother did not know what to do and transmitted that anguish and feelings of rejection from my family; I felt rejected and unprotected; all of this led me to have few friends, to be unfriendly and lonely, not getting along well with my spouse, not interacting affectionately with my children, being selfish and insensitive. That is why, starting from today, I ask for liberation and healing in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, from everything that affected me at the time of my conception and gestation.”

I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, emphasized at the time of conception and gestation, because, although you may not believe it, this is the moment when the spirit and the soul develop fully. It is very important to heal wounds that are from gestation, since these influence the behavioral canons of people, which affects and influences the talents that do not develop well spiritually that God gave to each person. Thus, people do not know what their mission is from God. That is why I consider it pertinent to heal everything from the moment of conception.

Now we go back to the first years of life, where character and the psychological and mental integrity of the child further develop:

Sitting comfortably, bring to mind every act that marked you in your lives, from just being born up to five years of age, whatever the person can remember: some rejection, psychological or physical abuse, inattention, domestic violence, etc. All of them, recall that I mark them in their childhood and say:

“In the Holy Name of the Lamb of God and His Precious Blood shed for me, I declare myself free from any bad influence or psychological, emotional, or physical abuse towards me, from a wake-up call that has affected me, to verbal, psychological or sexual abuse.

I declare myself, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, free from every disease that has been unleashed in my body, mind and soul; and by the circumstances which marked me in my life, I declare, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, that I am free from all ties and everything that led me to this physical or psychological condition that I have, as well as diseases in my body or in my soul.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I declare that He has healed me and delivered me from everything bad and severe as a consequence of my childhood traumas.”

Now go back to the age of six to twelve years old and set yourself free in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ from everything that affects your physical, mental, emotional, and psychological integrity, which does not allow the Holy Spirit to flow within you, and therefore, does not achieve good communication and effective prayer with God the Father.

Let the Holy Spirit flow into you and say:

“I declare myself free in the Holy Name and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ shed for me, from everything during my childhood that affected my psychological, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I am free from all ties. Therefore, I declare that I am healthy from all physical or spiritual illness in my person.”

And so, with the next prayer that I will give you, you will heal each missing stage of each person’s life, until they come to this present moment.

“I, as a child of the Most High, ask for healing in every part of my life in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and by the Precious Blood that He shed for me on the Cross, I declare myself free from any physical, psychological, or mental illness. Above all, I declare the spiritual healing of my soul, in order to carry out my life mission within the plan of salvation and all of humanity in this End Times.

I declare freedom to carry out my mission; freedom from all sinful ties – psychological, emotional or spiritual. Let the Holy Spirit be able to flow in me as He will give me the necessary strength to fulfill my mission. Through the Archangel Saint Raphael and his powerful intercession, and all the power of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, I declare myself healed from all evil in my being, free from all evil attachments, and ready to carry out my laudable mission. Amen.”

Now, we will go to the generational curses that result from the sins of your ancestors, which were inherited by you. Therefore, there must be done a very special and strong prayer, so that people are freed of body, mind and soul, from very strong and heavy chains. They will put a blessed candle on their home altar along with a Holy Bible; as well as the holy image of the Blessed Virgin Mary in any invocation; a Crucifix; and the holy image of Saint Benedict.

Sitting comfortably, they will pray to God the Father, declaring liberation in this way:

“I, as the favored child of the Most High and heir to the Divine Kingdom of Jesus Christ during the Era of Peace on the New Earth, in order to carry out my mission, need to be freed from the generational curses that weigh upon me. Therefore, I ask My Lord, Jesus Christ, to come to my aid; and with the Power of His Glorious Resurrection, to revive my soul by His grace, and to set me free from all bondage of sin and all abomination of my ancestors that weigh down on my soul and spirit.

I declare myself, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, healthy and set free from all generational curses by the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God, which cleanses, conquers and unties all the chains that oppress my soul; and in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I unbind all the generational curses that weigh on my mind, body and soul. Free from all ties, I declare myself as a person ready to carry out my mission that has been entrusted to me in this End Times.

I declare that I am free to choose; and I choose from this day forward, to fight as a warrior of God, trained and ready for battle, ready to lay down my life for My Lord, Jesus Christ. Being freed from all bondage and curses, I give my Fiat to the Most Holy Trinity and my Heavenly Mother Mary, letting the Holy Spirit flow in me from now on, as He fills me with His Strength and Power, giving me the necessary tools to carry out my mission.

As a child of the Most High, I declare myself ready for everything that comes, and in the Holy Name of the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God, I am free from all evil. Amen.”

After being healed in body, mind, soul and spirit, people should give thanks to God at the next Holy Mass that they attend. At this Holy Mass, at the moment of Consecration of the Most Holy Eucharist, give your life over to the Most High and offer all that you are to your beloved God the Father. Offer yourselves entirely to Him and you will witness that everything becomes easier.

I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, as the Archangel of Health, have given you these tools for your healings. Carry out everything that I told you; and you will be healed and be freed to carry out your mission. I leave you with the battle cry:

Who is like God! Nobody is like God!



I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, as the Archangel of Health, have the obligation to clarify some doubts about the prayers given for healing – spiritual, corporal and mental, as well as healing from the moment of conception, gestation and lifetime of the human being.

This is complicated, because everyone has a particular life story and different circumstances of their lives, that are rooted in each person as traumas and diseases, coupled with generational curses.

To be more specific, we will analyze the strongest relationship ties of personal union and I will give prayers of healing so that there will be an Anointing by the Power of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This topic is very important, since the spiritual healing of the Church Militant is fundamental for the Divine Plan to be able to keep moving forward.

We will start with the spiritual healing of the bond between mother and child:

When a mother rejects her child in the womb, she deprives the child of feeling God’s love fully, because even though God loves the infant with all his soul and affection, the only person the infant knows is his mother.

It is true that the Guardian Angel of each person is there to protect each infant from the moment of conception, but the union between mother and child is very strong – the child not only feeds on her physically, he also does so spiritually. Therefore, all feelings from mother to child and everything that emotionally affects the mother, affects the infant.

It is therefore very important to heal this essential stage in the life development of each human person.

Let us begin with the prayer of a mother to her child that, after having initially rejected the child, she wants to regain the love of her child. The bond that unites a mother with her child is very strong; therefore, although the child is no longer in the womb, the prayer of a repentant mother, is so effective and fills Heaven of so much joy, it is always heard when coming from a repentant and sincere heart.

Prayer of Healing of a Mother for her Child

“I, as a bearer of the gift of motherhood and as a giver of life, I thank my God for such a beautiful child; and I apologize to my God for not having known to be grateful for this precious gift; and to have despised and rejected the fruit of my womb during the pregnancy of my child. I apologize to my God the Father for all sins committed against my child; and I also ask graces from God the Father, so I forgive myself, accepting the consequences of my sin.

I ask God the Father, to give me the opportunity to see my child forgiving me and loving me, so that from now on, I can lead a complete life, full of satisfactions, thereby, surrendering my weaknesses at the foot of the Holy Cross.

May the bond that unites us, as mother and child, be for us the force that helps us to continue. I ask my God the Father for forgiveness; I forgive myself and I ask for forgiveness from my beloved child, so that he may be enlightened by the Light of the Holy Spirit and may return to my arms.

I cuddle my child in my belly as if he were in gestation and, thus, nourishing him spiritually through my umbilical cord, I ask that the Holy Spirit in his heart so that the umbilical cord that fed him for nine months, today, is the spiritual cord that feeds us both of the Holy Spirit, creating anew in us a true relationship of love and understanding, affection and respect.

I ask, in the Holy Name of the Lamb of God and for His Precious Blood shed for me and for my child, to heal the wounds that my indifference and rejection caused in my child and that he – freed from all bondage and sin – may return to me, to recover all the time wasted and to give to him my great mother’s love. Amen.”

Prayer of Healing from a Child to his Mother

“I, as a child of the Most High and as a good fellow brother/sister in Christ Jesus, forgive my mother with all my heart; and I declare healing in my mind, body and soul, for the rejection I felt from my mother during pregnancy in her womb.

As a good child of God the Father, I forgive all offenses and declare myself free from all sinful ties made in the womb, so as to instead strengthen the spiritual bond that unites my mother and myself from the moment of my conception; and I declare that, by the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God and due to His Great Love for me and my mother, I forgive myself and my mother.

Set free from all sinful ties, I place my mother in the arms of God the Father so that He unites us, giving us love and understanding for each other, so that we will be able to lead a more abundant life, full in the grace of God; thereby, strengthening the spiritual union between us, resulting in giving the best of each other to one another; recovering love from mother to child and from child to mother. Amen.”

Prayer of Forgiveness from a Husband to his Wife

“I, as your husband and united to you by the marital bond forming a single flesh, I apologize with all my heart for not having loved and respected you as God asks; thereby, having hurt your heart and soul, damaging our relationship and marital bond with sin that destroyed our holy union, which gave way to hatred and resentment.

I apologize to God the Father, for not having respected and loved you as Christ loves His Church; for not having made myself, a man worthy of you. I ask your forgiveness; I ask God for forgiveness; and I forgive myself as the husband on behalf of Jesus Christ.

I declare myself free from this guilt and this sin that destroyed our home and family integrity. For the bond of love that unites us at the moment of marriage and prostrate before the Cross, I offer all that I am to my Lord, and set free from all bondage, sin and curses, I ask of You to forgive me and to help us to get our marriage back. In the holy Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Prayer of Forgiveness from a Wife to her Husband

“I apologize for not having given you, my husband, your place as head of our home; as bearer and giver of love and understanding; for not having valued you enough; to have sinned against the bond that binds us before God; and to have thrown you out of my life, for not having loved and respected you as my husband, the father of my children, the breadwinner and head of our family.

I ask God the Father for forgiveness, as I forgive myself, so that I am set free from all guilt and bondage, so I can love you as you deserve as my husband; and rebuild with God’s help, our bond of marriage; and thus, under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, reestablish our marriage. Amen.”

These prayers will be said for as long as they consider pertinent, therefore, least once a week.

Little by little, and with the help of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, these prayers will heal the wounds caused at the moment of conception and during gestation, and so, people may grow spiritually and heal all the wounds during their lifetime.

Everything that you could not control before, such as your character, your temperament, etc., will become easier to change. People will feel freer and more spiritually able to pray, fast, love and forgive.

They will be filled with the Holy Spirit little by little and they will see their mission from God clearly. Thus, they will be able to grow further within their particular mission, within their role in the salvation history of mankind.

Church Militant: I need for you to put all your availability in this exercise, so that being healed by the Power of the Holy Spirit and set free from all ancestral ties, you can discern and carry out your mission from God.