Personal Update about “A Soul”, Refuges and Marian Shelters for Holy Priests – MaryRefugeOfSouls

February 22, 2023
Ash Wednesday

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

This is a personal update for this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls.

Last year, as many of you know, I, “a soul“, had many on-going health challenges for different critical illnesses. For almost ten months (January to October 2022), I was very sick. I had 4 hospitalizations (including 3 stays in the Intensive Care Unit – ICU), 2 separate stays in nursing homes, and a stay at a rehabilitation hospital.

I am doing a lot better, although I am still recovering. I thank all of you who cared and prayed for me. Your prayerful support kept me going and literally, performed miracles in my life.

At one point, I was fainting because I could no longer breathe properly. A pulmonary embolism was discovered and the blood clot was so massive between my lungs and near my heart, the doctors were debating transporting me to a different trauma hospital for a very delicate and high-risk surgery. However, I responded to medication, which was a major miracle. Note, the blood clot originated near my heart and was not a blood clot that typically traveled from a person’s leg. So, I have to be monitored for the rest of my life for this very serious condition.

Then both my kidneys critically failed and I had to go on dialysis at the hospital. My situation was so hopeless that it actually caused one of my doctors to cry. But God performed another major miracle and completely healed my kidneys to the astonishment of attending doctors.

Then, at one point, my blood sugar levels shot so high. The number was over 1,100 and if you know anything about blood sugars, usually anything over 400 is a medical emergency and you are dying at 800s. My blood was like thick maple syrup – it was so saturated with sugar that it took over 45 minutes to draw blood for lab work. I had doctors visiting me in ICU because they could not understand why I was still alive, functional and talking, or at least not in a deep coma due to shock, etc. My blood sugar count actually set the highest record ever seen at that particular hospital. But, my kidney doctor was not surprised that God kept me alive, because he had seen the miracle of God healing both my kidneys a few months earlier at a different hospital (he was the one who had cried).

However, my final hospitalization in ICU was the worst. Beloved ones, due to medical negligence at the nursing home that I was staying temporarily, I should have died. Basically, I lost all my blood due to a blood clotting medication and the nursing home did not call an ambulance to take me to the hospital after a major fall in the morning (note, I had been experiencing major blood loss and several falls over a series of days).

So, on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Holy Mother Mary (August 15th), God suspended my life for 8 hours in the Palm of His Hand until my family arrived later in the evening to visit and found me lifeless in my bed and called emergency (911).

At the hospital, they found out that I only had 3 units of blood in my entire body and that I had basically survived on only 3 units of blood for the over 8 hours I had been lying comatose at the nursing home. My family told me that the attending doctors in the emergency room were so upset that the nursing home had done this to me — that they were pacing in fury in the ward as the team was working on me. For three days, I hovered on the brink of life and death.

Please understand, beloved ones, that normally, for a female, you should have about 12 units of blood and if you drop to less than 8 units of blood, you have an automatic blood transfusion. It is unheard of to drop to less than 7 units of blood in your system, because normally, it is so critical, you are brought to the hospital in time.

God literally stopped the plug on me for 8 hours while I was in a comatose state. I should have totally bled out, but God had Mercy on me and I am grateful.

By the grace of God, I was able to receive two blood transfusions – 7 units total of unvaccinated blood – during those 3 critical days. (I had indicated to my family previously, that if I ever needed a blood transfusion, I would only accept blood that was not tainted with the Covid-19 vaccine. Otherwise, I told my family to let me go to be with God).

Then, once I was stabilized in the hospital, I began the long and arduous journey of rehabilitation for regaining my mobility — the ability to walk again. This is because my whole body had shutdown and had gone into “conservation mode” due to so little blood. I could not begin physical therapy right away, because your hemoglobin has to be stable at a certain level, otherwise, it is too much of a medical risk. Then, when I began physical therapy, success was measured by if I could simply stand for a few moments on my feet.

I am so grateful to God for everything He has done for me. Today, I am doing a lot better, but I am still using a walker – at least for the time being, to get around.

I share this information with you all, as I know many of you have wondered and asked. I thank you all so much for your prayers, which have wrought miracles to keep me alive. I offer my testimony to glorify Papa God, the True Miracle and Wonder Maker of us all.

And the second reason I share this with you all, is because due to my health challenges, I have gotten behind with some of my projects. Namely, as many of you recall, I had indicated that the Blessed Mother Mary had shared with me that she wanted me to maintain a refuge/Marian shelter list in the USA. This list is for priests that are persecuted and in crisis due to their love of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Most Holy Eucharist (basically, when the Abomination of Desolation happens).

Many families and refuges stepped up to this call of Our Holy Mother. I have a list of about 25 households that are willing to house a persecuted priest. This is amazing and I know that God must be pleased by those who have indicated that they want to help.

However, I must confess, dear brothers and sisters, that I have gotten behind in this holy project over this past year that I have been sick. So, first, I want to apologize, because there have been families and households that have contacted me this past year that I have not been able to acknowledge their eagerness to help our holy priests. I am so sorry that it is only now that I am starting to work on this project again. I hope that you all will forgive me, as I plan to reach out to those who contacted me this past year to see if they are still interested in being on the list. I thank you all for opening your hearts, as each of you are a true blessing for loving our holy priests.

And finally, on a slightly different note… The weekend of Saturday, March 11th, to Monday, March 13th, Prophet John Leary will be doing a series of talks in different locations in Southern California. I plan to attend one of those days, although I am uncertain as to which talk at this moment. (

However, I want to offer this opportunity to people. If you want me to convey a personal message or prayer intention to John Leary, just email me your name, contact info (email address/phone number), and your note by Friday evening, March 10th. Then I will compile a list of these requests and I will give them to John when I see him. I cannot guarantee that he will respond to every request, but I do know that he will pray for any intentions given to him. Just send your note to me through my contact page found on this website:

Thank you so much, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Each of you are a true blessing to me. God bless you and your loved ones. All Glory to God!

I love you,
a soul