Deep Believer Channel Video – One of the best Christian testimonies about the deception of evil today – Highly recommend watching – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I just watched a very powerful and very informative testimony by a Christian woman from the Philippines. It is over 2 hours in length and the topics that she discusses and exposes about the occult are very deep about the deception of darkness, so I know that these two reasons may make it very difficult to watch. However, the knowledge that you will gain is so needed by Christians today, that truly, it will be very much worth hearing her entire testimony. Also, I want to add that while much of her testimony can be perhaps disturbing at times to be exposed to the reality of evil, her testimony ends very much in the reality of joy found in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and in a heavenly visitation that all Christians will learn from, especially, about the heavenly sword that each of us are given to fight in all our battles of spiritual warfare on earth.

So, yes, her testimony goes into great details about topics that a lot of Christians know very little about: the existence of evil realms, portals of hell, false paradises in New Age and Near-Death Experiences, causes of mental illness, generational curses, etc. But, if you want to better understand how evil deceives people, this is a testimony that no Christian should miss. Truly, it not only reinforced the knowledge that I have gained in my own spiritual warfare, it enhanced that knowledge. Highly recommend.

God bless,
a soul

Video Description:
False NDE Paradises Exposed! Some Destinations Are Counterfeit

Sandielyn Taylor has seen Heaven and visited hell! Accidentally getting involved in witchcraft, she exposes false NDE Paradises as she’s seen how it’s done! Also, Sandielyn describes what she saw in the Artillery Room of Heaven. And no, what she says is there is NOT a metaphor!

YouTube Video – Sandielyn Taylor Testimony (2 hours, 8 minutes)