YouTube Video – Father James (Jim) Blount – “Priest Describes Encounter With Antichrist! Confirms He Is Living Among Us And How We Can Blind Him!” – with Commentary by A Soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, came across a recent video featuring mystic priest, Father James (Jim) Blount, that I would like to share with all of you who follow this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. In the video, Father Blount shares a story of how he once appeared by the power of God before the antichrist, who is indeed alive in the world. And Father Blount explains how the Flame of Love (Hail Mary) prayer blinds the devils of hell.

It is a very good, short video that I hope you all will appreciate watching.

In addition, I want to include this statement about both the antichrist and the Flame of Love prayer.

Firstly, those who follow Catholic prophecy, particularly, today’s messages from Heaven, are already aware of the fact that the antichrist of the End Times is alive in the world. So, this video will not be a shocker to them. However, what people do not understand is that although the antichrist is restrained by God from publicly announcing himself to the world until it is the time of the Great Tribulation, he is still very actively involved in manipulating world activities in politics, the economy, and in occult practices. And while Christians will debate sharply amongst each other who may be the credible mystics, locutionists, and visionaries today, the antichrist has no doubts about who are the true and authentic chosen messengers of God.

So, I want to encourage people to include in their prayers that God protects all the holy people and mystics that are serving Heaven. Because such people do get actively attacked and such prayers for their protection are very meritorious in grace before God.

And secondly, I want to highly encourage people to pray the Flame of Love version of the Hail Mary prayer as often as possible. It truly does blind satan when it is prayed by the faithful.

Honestly, I cannot stress enough how much satan hates the Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer. I remember when I started to pray the Flame of Love Hail Mary several years ago, during one particular heightened spiritual attack, satan kept trying to stop me from saying the prayer. he was so angry that I had committed myself to saying this specific prayer. Seriously, he kept trying to convince me that the additional words could not be added by Heaven to the Hail Mary prayer — basically, all the arguments that people will state as valid reasons not to say the Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer, etc. And when I persisted in saying the prayer, satan then tried to convince me that the prayer was spiritually bad, because it was calling upon dark angels from hell and not holy angels from Heaven.

Because, yes, satan will try saying anything negative to get people to stop saying the Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer, because it totally blinds him.

Then, more recently this past Lent, I had a demonic nightmare where I was spiritually taken to a very creepy mansion filled with devils. However, no matter how the devils were taunting and jeering at me, I kept saying, “my guardian angel is covering me with his wings, healing me in my mind, body, and soul, and so, you cannot attack me”. And then, whenever, the devils would get really close to me, like yelling in my face, I would say the Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer, and that would keep the devils from lashing out further. Oh, the devils would try to scramble and confuse my mind, so I would have some difficulty saying the proper words of the prayer, but I would always be able to eventually say the Flame of Love words that then immediately blinded them, paralyzing them.

So, please, seriously consider adopting the Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer as part of your daily prayers, as they are a very powerful form of spiritual warfare against hell and protection from satan. I cannot emphasize enough how effective the words are in blinding and binding the devils of hell. they absolutely hate the prayer.

God bless you, dearly beloved ones.
I love you,
a soul

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Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee,
blessed are Thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

YouTube Video:
Priest Describes Encounter With Antichrist! Confirms He Is Living Among Us And How We Can Blind Him! (8:17 minutes)