God the Father – “Return to Me while there is still time – My plea to you today is born of love – I am watching and waiting – Repent”

Holy Love Ministry

June 22, 2017

Once again, I see a Great Flame that I (Maureen) have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“I am the Creator of all good – the Creator of every present moment. I speak to you, once again, in an attempt to draw all people and all nations into My Paternal Heart. My Justice will not go unsatisfied. It is only by the present moment efforts of mankind that it can be mitigated. Mankind does not comprehend the trouble he has placed himself in by ignoring My Commandments.”

“Man has chosen to depend on human efforts – modern technology which I have given with great generosity – instead of a sound relationship with Me. I create each moment hoping it will be used by man to love Me. Yet, My Love goes unattended. My Paternal Heart is wounded by man’s neglect.”

“Return to Me while there is still time. My plea to you today is born of love. Each of you can change the present and the future by returning My Love. I am watching and waiting. Repent. Allow Me to be Lord of each present moment.”

Read Daniel 9:3-5,9-10+

Then I turned my face to the Lord God, seeking Him by prayer and supplications with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. I prayed to the Lord my God and made confession, saying, “O Lord, the great and terrible God, Who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love Him and keep His Commandments, we have sinned and done wrong and acted wickedly and rebelled, turning aside from Thy Commandments and Ordinances;

To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness; because we have rebelled against Him, and have not obeyed the Voice of the Lord our God by following His Laws, which He set before us by His servants the prophets.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

God the Father – “I have come to establish a present-day communication with all of My children”

Holy Love Ministry

June 10, 2017

Once again, I see a Flame that I (Maureen) have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“I am the Father of all generations. I have come to establish a present-day communication with all of My children. I must admonish this generation which has misappropriated much of what I have given. You do not recognize the value of fruits of the Spirit. Rather you convolute My efforts to hold you on the path of Truth. You allow free will to take dominion over your hearts and you do not seek My intervention through prayer.”

“You have chosen to use technology, which I inspire, to outdo each other in weaponry rather than to make peace. You have made the state of your environment into a political issue. You try to unite for the purpose of control not for the sake of brotherhood. You choose to take life I give in the womb.”

“So, I come to you, during this age of confusion, seeking your filial affection and dependence upon Me. Return to Me as I am your ultimate protection and peace. Have confidence in Me.”

Read Zechariah 2:13+

Be silent, all flesh, before the Lord; for He has roused Himself from His holy dwelling.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father.
– All Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.

Blessed Virgin Mary – Our Lady of Light – Healer of All Distractions

End Times Daily
Message Given to Ned Dougherty

May 1, 2016

Holy Family Church, Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, Glendale, CA at 10:00am

Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

I come to you today as the Healer of All Distractions, for in these end times, you, my children, have a great need to be relieved of the distractions in life that are preventing you from being the child of God that Your Father in Heaven desires of you.

So in this month of May, which has been dedicated to me as the Holy Mother of the Church of Jesus Christ, My Son, and your Lord and Saviour, I ask of you to dedicate yourselves to the recognition of the distractions in your life, so that you can purge yourself of these distractions.

Needless to say, you are individually aware of how easily you have become distracted in your eternal journey during these end times for humanity. This is because the evil one, satan/lucifer, the bitter and sworn enemy of My Son and your Heavenly Mother, has been conducting a reign of distraction, entertainment, and folly to easily convince all of you that your lives are not worth the time to be taken seriously, and that you distract yourself from your true eternal path by becoming enamored with the distractions that entertain you.

Currently, many of you are distracted by the campaigning and electioneering of self-professed leaders of the world who proclaim in their campaign promises that they will make life better for you. How easily many of you have been fooled in the past by these empty and false promises, for you still cling to the belief that the world leaders are interested in your welfare, when in fact almost all of them are knowingly the minions of the evil one. In doing his evil work, their true mission is to manipulate and control each and every one of you further into a system of control that is the work of the evil one.

I call upon all of humanity to be especially vigilant against any among you, who attempts to become a new world leader under a new world order, for he shall be the anti-Christ and the representative on Earth of evil incarnate. Do not allow the evil one’s distractions to pull a veil over your eyes so that you are blinded to the reality that the anti-Christ will attempt to rule over all of humanity!

Mark my words in this regard: No human being in these end times will be providing the leadership and change that humanity desires. Only the return of Your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will provide humanity with a world that it dearly needs in order to survive into the future. So prepare now most rigorously, for My Son’s Second Coming will be very soon!

What saddens me the most is that many of you have been turning away from leading lives in the traditional family way and have, furthermore, chosen to deny yourselves of the fulfillment and responsibility of raising children in a family atmosphere that recognizes that God is the true head of every household. Again, this is the work of the evil one, who is attempting to reduce the population of the world, and to deny the journey of those souls intended by God to experience the human adventure, but who are now denied that journey through birth control and abortion, and other sinister ways.

I am also saddened that so many of you, who are parents, are distracted from your duties as parents by materialism and greed; by careers that distance you from your children; and by entertainment and sports. Many of you are so consumed by your distractions that all else, besides your distracting pleasures, takes second place in your lives.

As a result, and most sadly to me, your children bear the brunt of your self-serving distractions. As parents, you find distractions for your children to pursue, so that your time can be your own to pursue your own personal and often sinful distractions.

No doubt the technology of these times has been designed by satan and his minions to easily manipulate and control all of you into pursuing distractions instead of being good parents. Once again, the technology that has targeted your children saddens me the most, for it is too obvious in these end times that the traditional family is suffering from the abuse of technology as designed by satan and his minions.

It saddens me to see that so many families no longer adhere to the traditional behaviors and values that enabled families to persevere through both the good and the bad times. As a result, families are no longer forming to create God’s children; other families are splitting apart; and the devastation is obvious in the children, who are increasingly growing distant from and absent from their Lord and Saviour. Who are the children to turn to or to be saved by, when their parents are pursuing their own distractions?

I am asking all of you during this month of May to recognize that May is the month of your Heavenly Mother. It is also the month that the sworn enemy has chosen to celebrate his evil existence in a direct opposition to your Heavenly Mother. The evil one is celebrating how he has manipulated all of you by his distractions of technology, entertainment, folly, and sinful pleasures.

So I ask all of you to pray through me as the Healer of All Distractions to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that you may be relieved of all the earthly distractions that you and your family members, loved ones, and friends are afflicted by.

These end times call for all members of humanity to recognize your eternal mission is the salvation of your soul, and no earthly distraction should distance you from this most important pursuit – that you strive to obtain a place in the Eternal Kingdom, where you will finally be free of the distractions enslaving your true spirit.

Thanks be to God!

Our Lady of Light

Message ended 11:10am