Advice From Our Lady For The Remnant Faithful Church

Locutions To The World

July 18, 2015

“Preparing for the Events”


Time moves on and people try to prepare for the future. How different to prepare for an uncertain future, when so much is unknown. So, I speak. Those who hear my words are quite aware. They know that there will be events in the next few years which will change the existing order. What good is this knowledge unless I tell them how to prepare? So, I speak.

The full effects of the events will be felt in those areas of the world which Satan most fully controls. (In the rest of the world, the events will be felt according to the degree that he has permeated the culture and claimed human heart.) The way to prepare is to cast Satan out of your lives and to abide fully in my Immaculate Heart.

The events will be his “hour”, and that “hour” has already dawned. That does not mean that I cannot gain victories. Look at Simon of Cyrene, Veronica, the holy women and the beloved disciple. Even in the darkest moments of Satan’s hour, they were filled with light and remained faithful. So, it can be with you, with your families and with all who gather. On Calvary, we helped on another. How much consolation I received from all who shared with me at the cross.

After Jesus’ death, the Father did not abandon us. We received great light and we knew how to go on. Satan had struck his greatest blow. He had spent all of his forces. Yet, we continued on.

So it will be with you. You do not know what the events will be. You know that Satan is ready to strike great blows. Knowing what they will be is not important. You need only my words. I promise you that I will show you what to do. I will be with you. You will move forward. Right now, cast out anything in your life that is of darkness and allows Satan a door. That is all I ask.