A powerful message from Jesus at Holy Love Ministry

Holy Love Ministry

July 30, 2015

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to accentuate the obvious. The Truth is now so compromised worldwide that infanticide has become a major industry. Recently, it has come to light that body parts are being sold for profit; but, My brothers and sisters, this has been ongoing. If a blind eye can be turned towards such human atrocity, is it any wonder that the world is in danger of even greater moral bankruptcy?”

“A few decades ago, this would not even have been a discussion. But today, the shocking has become common place. I await the role of spiritual leadership to be filled and a strong spiritual voice to speak up against this obvious evil. These days, people follow politicians and the economy with fervor, but ignore the Ten Commandments.”

“You are in the world only a short time – like a leaf passing in the breeze. The moment to choose wisely in support of your own salvation is every present moment. You do not know what the next moment may bring or even if the Father will offer you another present moment. Do not be carried off in the wind of compromise. Stand firmly for the obvious Truth no matter its popularity. In this effort, do not back away from controversy but represent the Truth.”

“Pray that hearts realize how and why they are offending Me.”

Two Special Locutions From Jesus Christ And The Virgin Mary

Locutions To The World

July 24, 2015

“The Fire Will Explode in Iran (Special Locution)”


Iran is the center of Satan’s fires. Years ago, I said that the Syrian revolution would go on and on (and it still continues). This constant fighting would light the fuse but the explosions would come from somewhere else. The Syrian revolution would remove national boundaries, remove all structures that gave stability and open the Middle East to chaos and to terror groups. All of that has happened. Syria has lit the fuse but the explosions will not go forth from there.

Now, I reveal the second half of the mystery. The explosion will take place through Iran which is the center of Satan’s power. This has always been so, but Iran’s powers were limited by the sanctions. Now, those bonds have been removed. The money will flow in and Satanic destruction will no longer be limited by lack of resources. The Iranian destruction will unfold. The fuse lit in Syria will explode upon the whole world through Iran.

Comment: In the special locution of August 26, 2013, Jesus said, “The fuse has been lit and is now burning. Syria is not the place of the great future explosion or of the greatest destruction but Syria is the precursor of these events. Syria, even with all its turmoil, does not possess the great weapons or the destructive powers possessed by other nations.

July 28, 2015

“The Congressional Vote (Special Locution)”


The tragic events of the Iran treaty are not yet complete. Only if Congress accepts that pact will the full evil unfold. If Congress rejects the treaty, then this powerful stream will be like a raging river that hits an impregnable wall and is forced to turn back upon itself. A rejection of the treaty by Congress will unravel other aspects of evil that are intertwined with the treaty. The forces of evil will have met a setback. Such is the importance of this Congressional vote.

For now, the legislators read the documents and hear advocates on both sides of the issue. Little do they realize that they hold much of the world’s future in their hands.

These are my words. The matter is not settled and the conclusion is not firm. This vote is very close to my heart. All must let their voices be known to those who vote. Now is not the time to be silent. Speak out. Your voice is important.

Comment: Call 1-202-224-3121 and ask for your senator and representative.  You can also locate your senator’s email address at http://www.senate.gov/general/  The House of Representatives email address can be found at http://www.house.gov/representatives/  Tell them to vote against the treaty.  Our Lady will bless your call.

July 24, 2015

“The Fires of Abortions”


The doors of hell are opening and fires of hell go forth to every part of the world. Mankind has welcomed hell and gratefully accepted its fires. Now, the fires link up and become new conflagrations. Such is the result of man’s sinful choices.

O mankind, you cannot welcome the fire into one part of your house and not have it extend everywhere. You cannot say, “the fire will just remain in the basement”. You have tolerated the great fire of abortion. You have sacrificed so many of your children to its flames. This is just one of many fires of inequity. The whole world is ablaze because you accept those demonic fires that please you. Then, you complain about the demonic fires that terrorists use against you.

O America, how many of your children have terrorists killed and how many have you killed? All want to stamp out the terrorist fire while your own Supreme Court protects the abortion fire!

I say to you. This cannot continue. With every abortion, new demons are released. With every abortion, the demonic fire spreads. The woman leaves the clinic without the child in her womb but with a demon in her heart. (Thank God, many have sought forgiveness and freedom in the Church!)

First, I speak to everyone who has been involved in an abortion. Seek forgiveness. Let the Church cast out the demonic fire. Be set free and give yourself to life. No sin is unpardonable. Every demonic fire can be put out.

Second, I speak to America. Your eyes are upon the Middle East as the source of hell’s fires while hell’s fires in your abortion clinics are burning fiercely. You are looking in the wrong direction.

Comment: Abortion is a demonic fire that has killed 55 million Americans since the Supreme Court ruling. We cannot choose our fires. They will all burn our house down.

July 25, 2015

“Satan Accepts No Master”


The mighty oceans accept no master. They have their own life and go their own way. Anyone trying to tame the oceans would be a fool. Such it is with the ocean of satanic fire. Mankind thinks it can control these fires with its own weapons, but the satanic fires admit no lord and master. From the beginning, they have shouted their “No” to God. “I will not serve.”

After saying this, they had to be cast out. They could not stay in the heavenly realm. Thus, hell was formed, the eternal “no” of darkness that has now been released upon earth. All the evil events come from this original “No, I will not serve”. All the suffering and death upon earth. All violence and wars. “No, I will not serve” is the ultimate and the proximate cause. “Ultimate” because first said before human history began. “Proximate” because it is always, always at the scene of violence and disruption.

O mortal man, you are no match for this rebellion against God which is now sweeping your earth. You have joined the rebellion. You have chosen to set aside many of God’s commands. Your “no” has opened you up to the Satanic. You have joined his kingdom and sat at his table. You enjoy his forbidden fruits and grow fat on his stolen delights.

What will I do with you? I must not remove your freedom or destroy your right to refuse. I know what I will do. I will allow the fire to come close to you. I will have you stare face to face into the eyes of Satan. I will rip away the veil that covers and disguises. What else can I do? How else can I have you stop saying, “No, I will not serve”? These are my words. When the events begin and you see Satan’s face, it will not be your damnation but my invitation. I will invite you to say, “Yes, I will serve”.

Comment: Mankind has joined Satan’s rebellion. He must change. Every evil event is an invitation and there are lots of invitations these days.