Invitation to Join the Novenas of Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Vincent de Paul

Please visit the Apostolate of the Green Scapular,, to learn more about the Our Lady of Sorrows Novena (Sept. 7 thru 15) and St. Vincent de Paul Novena (Sept. 19 thru 27).

A very rare Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse will take place on September 27th, Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul, Patron Saint of the Apostolate of the Green Scapular. Jesus has promised that on that feast day that any Apostles of the Green Scapular who had died over the past year would be taken from Purgatory and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Holy Mass will be offered for all Apostles around the world on this holy day.

Also, for those interested, please see this page for more information on the Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer that delivers poor souls from purgatory:

God bless!