Urgent – World-wide Economic Collapse To Come During Papal Visit To America

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Locutions To The World

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September 3, 2015

“The Pope’s Visit and the Collapse”


I cannot say that the economic collapse is distant when really it is near, or that it will be short when really it will be long, or that it will be easy, when really it will be quite difficult. Only truth gives the light needed for hope. So, I will now speak words of truth.

This collapse has been a long time in coming, preceded by many incidents that should have awakened the world. God is not the cause of the collapse and the collapse is not a divine chastisement. The collapse comes because of man’s free will and the choices he has made. The collapse has no purpose. It results from purposeless decisions made from self-interest.

The collapse will not come before Pope Francis comes to America but it will happen while he is in America. I deliberately brought the Pope to America, the world’s financial center, to be here when it takes place. I want him to be part of the picture. I want him to be present. His presence in America will be my sign that the Church is very important in saving mankind from its own follies. Toward the end of his trip, he will have to shift his message and address the new world situation. In this way, I will begin to exalt the Church as a beacon of light in the darkness.

During September, Congress will be voting on the Iran treaty. Terrorism and economic difficulties are the twin evils which will mark the years ahead. All of these good and evil forces, papacy, economic collapse and nuclear war will be merged in a single unforgettable moment, as they all come together in September, 2015.

September 7, 2015

“The Final Warning”


How serious will the collapse become? Much depends on the decisions made by worldly leaders. Unfortunately, many decisions will not be made in truth. They will not face the problems or build a true foundation. They will try to “get by” and “get through this situation”.

This collapse is not a temporary situation of a true economy, but the normal result of a false economy, based upon money that does not exist and the accumulation of debt. All of this happened when the West walked away from God. When the light of faith was left behind, mankind entered into darkness.

This collapse will be the final warning. So that my message will be believed, it will take place while the Pope is at the world’s financial center. After the collapse, many secular voices will be raised, decrying what has been allowed to happen. These voices will be too shallow because they do not understand.

My deepest question is this. Will it the response be like it was after 9/11? Will it just be a week or two of fervor, when all the churches were filled? For a short time, the people looked to God but soon returned to their normal ways. This collapse is different. This is the final warning. If you return to what was, if America does not return to faith, then you will have no hope.

Yet, does a mother allow the child of her womb to struggle alone. Does she not bend over and offer her help? In the middle of the despair, I will place new seeds of hope. The future does not lie with those who will attempt to rebuild a corrupt economic system, but with those who say “Let us be taught by God”.