Ever-Important Holy Love Message From 2005 To Read Today

Holy Love Ministry

June 4, 2005
Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field; Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“My daughter, today I am beginning My public message to you to be read in summation after I appear to you in the field at midnight. It has been difficult for Me to withhold these things in My Heart, and even more difficult to dictate them to you for the ear of the world.”

“You must understand that self-love has carried away the hearts of a vast majority of the world populace to the point of God’s Creation being convoluted towards the fulfillment of this disordered self-love. The life that God creates in the womb is defiled and discarded without regard for the soul that He creates at the moment of conception–discarded because life is not loved for what it is; or even worse, body parts are harvested as though the unborn child was a used car.”

“While Christians go to every extreme to limit reproduction and use sex only for pleasure, the nation of Islam is burgeoning forth and will soon outnumber all other populations. You do not see what lies hidden in some hearts, but I tell you that unnatural birth control is a tool Satan is using to bring destruction to your doorstep.”

“Decisive steps are being taken towards stripping God from view in public places so as not to offend anyone. Little concern is tendered towards offending God. These are steps that were taken during the spread of communism. Have you not learned from the course of human history?”

“Disordered self-love leads to the pitfall of placing human respect ahead of God. In doing so, sin is condoned so as not to offend the sinner. In particular I speak of homosexuality which is a sin, and has been a sin since the beginning of time. Therefore, it should not be regarded as an alternative, but as a path to perdition.”

“Tonight I invite you to first respect God in all His Creation; then, to respect one another and yourselves as part of God’s Creation. It is only in this way that you can live in Holy Love according to God’s plan for you. It is only in this way, dear children, that you can save the world, and I can share eternal life with you.”

“Tonight I have revealed to you the symptoms of the ever-widening abyss between mankind and his Creator. I also give to you the remedy that can span the abyss–Holy Love. As your Mother, I come with a love beyond all telling to lead you, protect you and show you the way. This is the most I can do. I cannot make you choose Holy Love. I cannot make you respect God and neighbor. You, dear children, must decide to come closer to God. You must desire to pray and to sacrifice for those who do not make good choices. You must decide for Holy Love.”

“Do not be surprised as I tell you that this site of Heaven’s predilection will come into focus in the near future. Heaven desires greater, more positive attention be drawn to these messages. While Satan has held sway with his lies and innuendos, Heaven will now intervene. Truth will win out.”

“My dear little children, tonight I have come to envelope your hearts in the Divine Will of the Eternal Father which is Holy Love itself. My children, Jesus desires that you make My Heart known as the Gateway to the New Jerusalem which is the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Do this, My children, and I will bless your hearts and your lives. You will have peace, and there will be an end to war and famine, and every kind of disease.”

“My children, tonight your Heavenly Mother is blessing you with Her Blessing of Holy Love.”