Blessed Virgin Mary – A Very Serious Message – “I will be unable to intervene as I have so many times before…”

Prayer: The Memorare

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word incarnate, despise not my petitions, but, in your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.”

Holy Love Ministry

April 8, 2016

Blessed Mother is here as Our Lady of Grace and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“There are certain graces that, as the Mother of Mankind, I wish to pour into the world, but the Lord has asked Me to withhold them. The heart of the world must begin its purgation within the confines of the Flame of My Heart. Therefore, factions will increase and be more profound. Nature will take on new impact in places heretofore considered peaceful and safe from disturbance. I will be unable to intervene as I have so many times before. My Son is not choosing this. It is man who charts his own course. Man’s inability to distinguish good from evil is forming a life of its own in politics, both secular and religious. Mankind seems incapable of identifying sin as sin – evil as evil – despite the despicable consequences.”

“My Son continues to invite souls into His Heart which is All-Mercy, All-Love and rejects no one. Continue to use your rosaries as the weapon of choice during these troubling times. I am always with you as you pray.”

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Locutions To The World

February 22, 2012
“Don’t Blame God”


When all the events begin, it will be too late to prepare.  This is what I constantly preach.  My Son, Jesus, preached the same message.  Everyone puts off this invitation to repent and to turn to God.  “Heaven can wait”, they say.  Today, we must care for the things of earth.  My message is this, “It is not a question of heaven waiting.  It is hell that will not wait.  If you do not repent from heavenly motives, then, at least, repent from fear of falling into hell’s plans.”

No Waiting

Hell will not wait.  It will try to devour the whole world.  It wants to be unleashed.  It has already fashioned its instruments of pain and suffering.  I will be clear.  All suffering comes from the Evil One.  You can ignore heaven but you cannot ignore hell.  Heaven gently invites you to love.  Hell gives you no such decision.  It forces hatred and suffering.  It destroys free will.  It constructs a world of suffering and sorrow which completely overwhelm.  I will draw the picture clearly.  Soon, so very soon, the powers of hell will be unleashed against the whole world.  All will experience these powers, in one degree or another.  There will be a series of events, one following another, that will totally change the face of the earth.

The Destruction of Hell

Do not blame God.  Do not say, “Why has God done this?”  Look at all my messages.  I always say “God is ready to help” and “Turn to God and he will protect you”.  I say this again and again. Do not blame God.  All of this destruction comes from hell and, if only mankind had called upon me, I would have intervened.

Mankind is free.  It makes decisions.  It chooses heaven or hell.  It unleashes either the creative love of heaven or the destructive hatred of hell.  O mankind, what have you released?  Need I answer that question?  Just look around at your world!  “Soon, so very soon”.  They are my words.  Repent.  Turn to God.  Invoke my help, praying, “Mary be with me.”  That is all you need to say.  I will come and we will begin to prepare.

November 8, 2013
“The Twentieth Century World Leaders”


I have revealed these same sorrows to the great mystics and visionaries but in such a way that they could not adequately explain them to the world. Here, I use easy words. The purpose is not a mystical experience uniting the person to my heart, but a clear explanation for all the world to understand my sorrows.

Today, I speak of world leaders who arose in the twentieth century, the century that threw the world onto its present course. The two world wars and the atomic bomb are the most evident signs of a world led down a false path.

Foreseeing all that would take place, I intervened at Fatima, early in the century. My hope was to avoid this path of destruction. However, once these decisions were made, the path became inevitable.

It is now almost a century later. How many times in these 100 years, I have intervened. If I had not held them back, the world would have already experienced the great disasters. My great sorrow is two-fold. So many of these disasters would never have happened if the Fatima gift had been fully opened. Second, as the Fatima gift continues to be limited, greater disasters loom on the horizon. These are my sorrows.

March 9, 2015
“A Tomorrow of Greater Darkness”


An inevitability has set in.  Problems everywhere and no permanent solutions, like a ship caught in stormy waters without a sure rudder to guide it or a captain who understands the correct direction.

Different leaders offer various solutions but the problems are everywhere.  One causes another and solutions quickly become new problems.  The world is caught up in a darkness which seemingly has no tomorrow.

There is a tomorrow, but it will be a tomorrow of greater darkness.  I will say it again and again.  Only I can lead the world into a true tomorrow.  I am the dawn.  A ship that turns away from me, will find only the night.  A ship that turns toward me will slowly but surely come into a new day.

For centuries, decisions have been made to reject me, to forget me, and to put me aside.  Even though I constantly intervened, appearing in many places with my saving messages, no one listened.  So, the great darkness has descended and will continue to descend.  Yet, my words and my promises do not change.  However, time is running out.  The darkness spreads and the ship plunges deeper into the night that has no tomorrow.  This is the darkness of nuclear war and the first steps take place in Iran, quickly followed by others and the emergence of a new world power built upon the atomic bomb.  This future is not far ahead.  It looms already on the horizon and world leaders foolishly turn their backs on the possibility.

I speak now so the whole world knows that I see what is ahead. More important, that the world know that I love earth, I love mankind, and I have power to slowly but surely lead the world into a true tomorrow, when this horrible night is over and the light comes.  My dear children, at this point I can offer you only my words because so few believe in me.  My powers have not yet been released.

April 24, 2015
“Pouring Out the Fatima Gift”


How often must I speak of this Fatima light that can save the world?  It contains all the divine gifts, the great surprise of the heavenly Father.  His powers are waiting to be released through my Immaculate Heart.  Let me begin to reveal this mystery in an even deeper way, beginning with the powers of darkness.

The Father’s plan began when He revealed to Pope Leo XIII the great mystery of Satan’s power over the 20th century.  The Holy Father responded and the Church began to say the Leonine prayers.  This prepared for Fatima, that obscure village, like a new Bethlehem, which would receive a worldwide gift.

The Fatima visions did not end on October 13, 1917.  Lucy continued to receive heavenly visitations which explained and unfolded the mystery.  How faithful was my little messenger, filled with both truth and zeal, willing to hide herself in religious life so the message would go forth pure and unhindered.  All of this was the divine plan.  Nothing would contaminate the Fatima gift, which remains until today.  Anyone can study her writings.  All can examine the documents about the visions.  They are well preserved, a tremendous gift waiting to be opened.

The Church always seeks my intervention and wants my help. However, I have already intervened.  All is stored up, like a priceless treasure, in the Fatima gift.

Someday, the Holy Father will open the gift.  The powers will pour forth.  More important, the whole world will be caught up in its light.  But I cannot wait.  This is what I want to reveal.  The Fatima lights are beginning to go forth now.  They are breaking out.  They can no longer be contained in my heart.  I will not wait.  Even if the Church and the world are not as prepared as they should be, it is better just to pour out the beginning lights than to wait and wait.  The great outpouring, however, must wait until the conditions are fulfilled.