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Archangel Saint Raphael Holy Healing Ministry

By Guest Writer

In 1990’s Fr. Joseph Whalen, founded St. Raphael Ministry with the aim of helping the sick. Father Joseph had a great devotion to Raphael the Archangel, and was prompted by the Holy Spirit to start preparing, blessing and using St. Raphael Healing Oil in his work.

The St. Raphael Oil is 100% pure virgin olive oil with crushed rose petals from various catholic churches and shrines.

It is blessed by a catholic priest, therefore, it can not be sold.

This oil is a sacramental like Holy Water, and is not the Holy Oil used in Catholic Church’s sacraments.

St. Raphael Oil can be used in similar fashion as Holy Water, you can bless yourself with it or place a cross of the oil above your windows and doorposts, and in other ways similar to how we use Holy Water.

It is also used as healing balm and/or protection against evil and pestilence.

Also, it is important to remember that healing comes through faith put into making of this oil, your own faith combined with the power and will of Allmighty God, and intercession of Raphael the Archangel, as well as the priestly blessing.

There are many testimonies of healing by the grace of God through intercession of Raphael the Archangel:

Today, the Ministry ships up to 3000 bottles of St. Raphael Oil throughout the USA and 104 countries in the world.

All information about St. Raphael Ministry and St. Raphael Oil, you can find here:

For ordering the St. Raphael Oil, use the following contacts and information. They appreciate donations although the oil can be received for free:



PO BOX 234

Additional Information: