“Dear children, I invite you to see that what is in your heart in the present moment affects your future moments…”

Holy Love Ministry

July 10, 2016

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I invite you to see that what is in your heart in the present moment affects your future moments. If you have Holy Love in your heart in the present moment, it is most likely to meet you in the future moment. This is why I say, what is in your heart is then in the world around you.”

“Hatred and violence do not spring up out of nowhere. They are nurtured in the heart and then borne out in the world. The future is never a blank slate, but is affected by every present moment. This is the reason it is so important not to nurture grudges or to hang onto unforgiveness. These things are then acted upon in some random future moment.”

“A peaceful heart bears the fruit of a peaceful future. A heart caught up in turmoil, anger and hate bears such bad fruits in future moments.”

“God, the Father, gives you every present moment. It is as though He is handing you the thread to weave the tapestry of your life. You can make of it unrelated knots or a beautiful design of God’s Will in action. Every present moment is yours to design according to what is in your heart.”

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Holy Love Ministry

March 13, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you understand that the virtues are the threads which weave together the fabric of God’s Will in the soul. Moreover, your self will is the needle which pulls the thread of this fabric in place. Therefore, understand that a virtuous heart is enclothed in a rich fabric of God’s Divine Will.”

August 17, 2000

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you realize that the very fabric of the remnant faithful is composed of Holy and Divine Love. It is through this fiber of love that the remnant will persevere and cling to truth. Because this spirituality speaks to every soul, more and more will follow into the remnant Church. I ask that you make this known.”

May 28, 2001

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed.

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, when I was on earth and now in Heaven, My Heart was intertwined with the Heart of My Mother, and My life was intertwined with Her life as well. Spiritually we were one. So too, I desire that your hearts, My brothers and sisters, be interwoven with the United Hearts. Thus you will create a fine fabric of love to present to God.”

“Tonight We are blessing you with Our Blessing of the United Hearts.”

April 3, 2002

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says:

“Praise be to Jesus. I have come to help you understand that there is a common thread that runs through the tapestry of each one’s life. It is trust in God’s Will. Each soul is offered opportunities in his life to practice trust. Trust, remember, is the proving ground of love–the substance of love. The Lord stands back and patiently watches how each one deals with these opportunities to trust. The more the soul trusts in Divine Providence, the deeper he is drawn into the Chambers of the United Hearts.”

“Satan, of course, tries to weaken trust and presents doubts and fears to the heart. These anxieties pull the soul away from the path of holiness, and destroy the peace of each one who gives in to such worries.”

“Learn to recognize the enemy, then, when he attacks in such a way. All that opposes trust is from the adversary. Tighten the fabric of the tapestry God creates in your soul through trust. Do not allow the enemy to unravel this precious handiwork.”