How To Obtain the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) as a paperback book

How To Obtain the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) as a paperback book

During the weekend, I was looking up some books on and I noticed the outrageous prices for some of the volumes for the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy). There are 4 volumes for the series of heavenly messages and used copies of the paperback books were on sale for hundreds of U.S. dollars!

That is ridiculous! And so, I am creating this post so people do not get swindled and taken advantage of. So, hopefully, people doing a Google search will see this post before they visit or some other used book vendor and lose money!

Firstly, the Book of Truth as given to Prophetress Maria Divine Mercy is freely available on this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, as well as other blogs.

As a bit of history, when Jesus told Maria Divine Mercy to take the website ( down, He asked that the faithful propagate the Book of Truth through blogs. This is not widely-known, but the reason the original website was brought down is because it had been hacked by a satanic cult. That is why the heavenly messages were sporadic towards the end of the life of the original website. It was because Maria Divine Mercy was trying to regain control of the website as the satanic cult was changing the messages posted on the website.

So, Jesus commanded that Maria Divine Mercy take the website down and have the faithful propagate the Book of Truth through blogs. It was so there would be multiple copies of the heavenly messages available on the internet, which would make it harder to tamper and change the content. This blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, is the fruit of that request by Jesus. After a month of discernment, I felt called to create this blog for heavenly messages I believe in.

And so, I uploaded every individual message from the Book of Truth to this blog. So, if you know of the title to a particular message or key words or a phrase in a specific message, you can search for and find it on the main page.

Also, on this blog page, The Book Of Truth – Maria Divine Mercy, I have three PDF versions of the Book of Truth available for free download.

The first PDF is keyed with links to the original website, which no longer work, but it contains all messages.

The second PDF is a “cleaned up” version of the Book of Truth without all the dead links and miscellaneous stuff that were on the original website.

The third PDF is a numbered version to use with the audio (mp3) files that are also free to download.

In addition, I have a shorter PDF version of the Book of Truth that I created with the messages that I found pertinent to priests and clergy through my review of the Book of Truth when I was uploading each message to the blog. I created it as I know priests are pressed for time, but everyone is more than welcome to read the entire Book of Truth. So, I recommend that priests and clergy download both documents.

Also, on that same page, I have several versions of the prayers from the Book of Truth available for download as both PDFs and WordDocs. I suggest people look at each copy available to see which format they are more likely to use.

So, of course, with all these free PDF copies of the Book of Truth available on blogs, it would certainly be easy enough to create your own “book” by having the messages printed and bound. So, that is option # 1.

Then, there is option # 2.

Visit ( and purchase the official paperback versions available through the exclusive online vendor for the Book of Truth. They take orders and ship worldwide all books. Do not spend tons of money for a used copy–get a brand-new copy from ChristoGifts.

On the website, you can also purchase the Scapular of the Seal of The Living God (Latin only) to wear, as well as the Medal of Salvation. They also offer the prayer books in English, French, German, Spanish, and Polish.

Personally, I do not own a paperback copy of the Book of Truth (I rely on my blog!), but I do own the deluxe version of the prayer book.

I think that it is worth the price. It is the typical size of most prayer books. It is made of a good faux leather red cover, the binding is firm, the pages are crisp, and it has gold-tipped edges. It is slender enough for me to keep in my daily bag along with another prayer book I use often. I recommend it.

Finally, if you are interested in a “more polished” electronic version of the Book of Truth than the PDF copies offered on this and other blogs, the Book of Truth is available in Kindle format. With the Kindle app, you can read the Book of Truth on any computer and electronic reader, including iPad and iPhone.

It is available through on this page:

I hope this post helps others.

God bless!

Added Note:
If you download the free PDF versions on this blog, you can actually translate them for free using Google Translator into 90 different languages. Here are the instructions (with pictures):

“How To Translate Downloadable Documents, Books And Booklets, On This Blog Into 90 Languages”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “Praise be to Jesus – I am the Immaculate Conception – Patroness of your country (USA)”

Holy Love Ministry

July 4, 2016
Independence Day

The Blessed Virgin Mary says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I am the Immaculate Conception. Patroness of your country.”

“The future of this nation is dependent upon the ability of its citizens to discern good from evil. As it is, this is not important to the plans of many of your leaders. You have people running for office who are propelled by ambition and love of power. God’s Will and His Commandments are the farthest thing from their minds. Honesty and transparency have taken flight from their hearts.”

“This election will carry significant changes in its wake in terms of the choices of future Supreme Court Justices. Pro-life hangs in the balance. A liberal president will support a liberal Supreme Court. That would have everlasting effects on your nation and its place in God’s Will and His Provision.”

“Dear children, you must pray that evil is recognized for what it is and not regarded as acceptable or desirable.”

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