Will this prophecy be fulfilled? “The one chosen to lead” (USA)

Words from Jesus
Messages to American visionary, Jennifer

November 13, 2004
9:20 PM

“My people, this nation will soon be brought to its knees. This nation will soon mourn the loss of one who is chosen to lead. My people, it is in the wake of loss that you will begin to awaken.  It is in this time of loss that you will be caught off guard.  Prepare! Prepare now for the time is soon approaching.  You are now in the hour for My mercy and justice will fall.”

“As your hours will move from one to the next, your trials and sufferings will unfold. You have been given this time so begin to prepare for mankind will not see peace until the life of My little ones is permitted. Repent! Repent dear children for your sins continue to pierce Me.”

“Your selfishness and laziness does not gain you the rewards of the kingdom but the fires of hell. Do not waste this time for time is at hand and the devil seeks your soul. The battle will only intensify for Satan and his many evil spirits will unleash an even greater battle for this is the final round, the final round of battle and it has only begun.”

“Pray, pray dear children, armor yourselves with prayer for the world cannot provide your soul the protection you need from Me for it is only through Me that you will find your strength. Now go forth for I am Jesus and take heed today to My words for mankind will soon see My mercy and justice prevail.”

November 18, 2004
9:45 PM

“My people, the light shall come and fall upon mankind. Each ray of light that shines from My Most Sacred Heart will awaken your soul. The days are coming for you will see how the earth will respond according to the depth of man’s sins. You will be plagued by disease and insects that will annihilate many areas. You will see fire fall from the sky and areas that have become the harvest of such evil will disintegrate like ashes in a fire.”

“You will see a million man war and the coming of the one who will claim he is Me and bring many to their death. You will be gathered and numbered and denied the right to speak anything that is of Me. You will be seduced by his false miracles and many will come and claim they are sent by Me, yet you are being misguided, misled for they are false prophets who come to claim greater glory and honor.”

“You will witness the fall of one who was chosen to lead and, as this time comes, your financial institutions will come to a halt. Nation will rise up against one another and yet, through all this destruction, this world is being cleansed of its filth. I will come and weed out those of My chosen sons who have denied their vocation and shine an even greater light into those who remain true to the cross and are willing to be martyred for speaking the truth for all of humanity will know that I am the true Messiah.”

“All of mankind will see the wounds he has added to My Most Sacred Heart. This world will not rest until mankind is restored back to the way I intended it to be. You must not step ahead of your Master for all will be held accountable at their hour of judgment. My places of refuge are being prepared all around this world and it is important that they are consecrated to My Most Sacred Heart.” 

“It is important that My faithful be praying daily for the conversion of sinners for so many do not realize the awakening they will endure. Prepare! Prepare, My people, for this world will soon be awakened. The day shall come yet you do not know the hour for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.”

December 18, 2004
8:05 PM

“My people, the battle is on and it has begun to intensify. You will begin to see an even greater division amongst your brothers and sisters. You will see even greater hardships and will begin to realize that everything you need comes from Me. My people, everything that man needs to survive has been given to you by My Father in Heaven. It is the fruits of the earth that man will harvest in order to fulfill his mission. My people, listen and take heed to the Gospel message for it is through the Gospel message that you will come closer to the Kingdom.”

“The light on the horizon has begun to shine and it will come with an even greater sign out of the east. Take heed and live the Commandments for it is those of you who spend your time judging others that deny your own areas of weakness. My people, take heed to the state of your soul for there is not one amongst you without sin. There is not one amongst you whose tongue should speak words against another.”

“My people, you will see the wounds you have added to My Most Sacred Heart so begin today by striving to walk in holiness. Begin today spreading the Gospel message through your witnessing and example. Go forth, My people, for the rise and fall of one who is chosen to lead is rapidly approaching. These events that I have spoken of are about to come to light for rings of fire will cover this earth and areas that have become the harvest of such evil will disintegrate like ashes in a fire.”

“You will hear the trumpets sound and the clashing of cymbals for this world will be purified in order to prepare the way for My coming. Do not be counted amongst the foolish and sinful ones rather repent and remain true to the Cross. Do not give Satan what is not his, your soul. I am your Shepherd and you are My sheep created in My image and likeness. Go forth and be My light in the world for your reward will be great in My Kingdom. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail.”

January 7, 2005
12:15 PM

“My people, your hour is coming to a close. Today I am asking that you recite the Chaplet of My Most Divine Mercy daily. Today I am asking that you multiply your time in prayer. The fall of one who is chosen to lead is rapidly approaching. Pray for this leader for this nation will soon awaken. My people, many today are blind to their own sins that they will be the foolish ones caught off guard.  Rings of fire will fall from the sky and it will cause many events all across this world.  It is in the calmness that mankind will be awakened.”

“The prowl of the lion has intensified and his gash against My people is yet to come. Your time of confusion will multiply and it will be in the midst of this confusion that he will reel you into his trap. Multiply your prayers for My places of refuge will not have many there for so many will perish, so many will be deceived and grazed and numbered by the one who claims he is Me.  Wake up dear children.  Do not delay in cleansing your soul and walking the road to Calvary.  Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail.”

January 20, 2005
8:06 PM

“My people, those who place themselves above the rest of the world have covered themselves with darkness. Those of you who have a heart of humility will find favor with My Father in Heaven. My people, your hour has come and it is winding down to a close.  Welcome My words and do not ignore them for all who seek the light of My Kingdom must take to the Gospel message.”

 “My people, this earth has begun to tilt and it is not in rotation with the sun for the darkness of sin continues to overshadow a world that has so willingly turned against its Creator. Nations will rise up against one another and the one who is chosen to lead will fall for many evil souls linger to kill. Many evil souls seek to destroy a nation that has been blessed with many fruits, yet will soon be brought to its knees for the number of My little ones killed through abortion.”

“Woe to you who defend a mother’s right to choose for mankind is not permitted to take away life at any stage. I am Jesus the giver of life and the one who takes it away.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the one to create you and the one to judge you.  Do not be fooled in this time of calmness for it is in the calmness that man becomes sinful.  It is in this time of calmness that the prince of darkness reels you in to set you in his trap.”

“Be at peace for if you take heed to My words you will never perish. Do not ignore My pleas rather be on guard, be on guard, be on guard for the battle for your soul has been waged.  Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace and My mercy and justice will prevail for this world will no longer be as you have come to know it.”