Blessed Virgin Mary – “Let’s set aside worldly concerns now and begin… Look for honesty – Do not allow evil collusions to overpower your government”

Holy Love Ministry

October 31, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Let’s set aside worldly concerns now and begin. Before you lend political support to anyone, you must know what is in the person’s heart. If it is concealed in subterfuge, you really do not know what you are supporting. Ties with outside influences, webs of power and money and concern for a hidden agenda such as the One World Order, all influence certain hearts. These are not openly and honestly revealed. Most do not recognize these things but support what is on the surface. Then, when the person fails to deliver as promised certain things, they are sorry for their choice. But, I am warning you now. With some politicians, what you see is not what you get.”

“Look for honesty. The person who lives in the Truth has nothing to hide – nothing to be investigated. Do not allow evil collusions to overpower your government. Make your choices wisely. Always remember, people who hold hidden agendas in their hearts do not seek your welfare first, but their own.”

Prophet John Leary – Messages from Jesus Christ – Mid-October 2016 Update

Prophet John Leary

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, when people first come to America, they are greeted by the Statue of Liberty, which is a symbol of freedom. You have a constitutional republic, but the one world people, who control your government people, are moving quickly to take control of America. Your President has written many Executive Orders so he could declare martial law at any time, for any reason. If he does not like the winner of this election, you could easily see martial law. It is My Warning that could interrupt the one world people’s plans. I want all sinners to have one last chance to be saved from their sins. The moment you see mandatory chips in the body, or martial law, you need to come to My refuges for protection. It is your spiritual and physical freedoms that will soon be taken away when martial law is declared. You will also see problems to obtain food, water, and gasoline unless you have a chip in the body, or the mark of the beast. When your lives are threatened, I will warn My faithful that it is time to leave for My refuges. Be prepared, My children, because these events could be tied to your election. My angels will watch over you, but be ready to leave your homes for My refuges.”

Friday, October 7, 2016
(Our Lady of the Holy Rosary)

Our Lady said: “My dear children, your best weapon against Satan and all of his temptations is praying the holy rosary. My complete rosary is the fifteen decade rosary of the fifteen Mysteries which was modeled after the 150 Psalms. Pope John Paul II has added the Luminous Mysteries because all the Mysteries are about my life and the life of my Son, Jesus. You have heard the many powerful stories of how my rosary has helped my children throughout history. Today, more than ever, we in heaven need your prayers to balance out all the sins of your world. Many times I have given you my intentions, which are prayers for the conversion of sinners, for the souls in purgatory, for stopping abortion, and for peace in the world. You have been praying many years for the conversion of communist Russia. You are also praying for the people who are suffering from Hurricane Matthew. I applaud all of your reparation Masses for the souls who die suddenly in disasters because they did not have time to prepare for their judgment. Remember to pray your rosaries every day, and if you should forget them, you need to make up for them on the next day. In the Gospel, my son, you saw mention of Beelzebul, who is the lord of the flies. You actually experienced thousands of flies in your new chapel as an attack on your good intentions. With praying the St. Michael prayer and consecrating your land to my Son, Jesus, this evil has been cleansed from your refuge. God bless you in your missions, and I thank all of My prayer warriors for praying my rosary.”

Jesus said: “My people, a while back you were without power for eleven days, and your natural gas heater was not working in a cold March, 1991. You know what it is like to be without power for an extended period of time. You can empathize with the people of Florida in their power outage, only they will suffer the heat without air conditioners. There also is damage that may take a long time to repair. When people are suffering in one state, it is hard for people in other states to appreciate any stress the people in Florida are feeling. It will be hard to assess the total damage and hardships suffered from this storm. Pray for these people that deaths will be minimized and that power could be restored quickly. I told you that this event of Hurricane Matthew was one of the main events for this year. You still could see another main event in the next few months. Pray for the people who are suffering now, and those people who could suffer in the next event. Some of these events are a punishment for your sins, especially for your abortions.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you a contrast between the ways of evil men, and My ways in the coming Warning experience. You have men with evil intentions making tunnels underground with special machines. These tunnels are a means for military people to travel for martial law. They also are storing food in underground cities for your VIP people. The other tunnels are a spiritual means of how all of you will come to Me in your Warning experience. At that time your spirit body will come out of your physical body, and you will travel quickly through a tunnel until you come in front of My Light. Every soul will see their life review so you can remember your unforgiven sins. You will all face a mini-judgment, and you will be placed back into your bodies to improve your lives. This will help sinners to have a chance to repent of their sins and be converted if they so choose.”

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing another hurricane in the Caribbean that is headed for Cuba and other islands, and coming close to Florida. In this vision you are seeing damage to come in the wake of some flooding. Pray for the people who will be in the path of this storm, and that people will be prepared to minimize any deaths. You have seen more Atlantic storms threaten America this year than over ten years. Be thankful that your hurricane damage has been small compared to the damage in Taiwan, China, and Japan from all of their typhoons. You are at the peak of your hurricane season, so you need to be prepared. You also should be prepared for any financial storms that could affect your money or your economy. Your election could also cause some divisions in your country. My refuge builders have been preparing for an eventual martial law, and mandatory chips in the body. This will be when My faithful will be seeking My safe havens. Trust in My protection and My multiplication of food and water.”

Friday, September 30, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, I am about to bring My Warning experience to everyone on earth at the same time. No one will be excluded, and you will all face your life review and My mini-judgment. At the time of the Antichrist’s declaration, everyone will have to endure the tribulation. I will then bring My Comet of Chastisement on the earth at the end of this tribulation, and only those faithful with My cross on the forehead will be raised up in the sky to avoid being killed. I will then cast the evil ones into hell, and I will renew the earth. Everyone of My faithful will be rewarded in My Era of Peace, and they will later come to heaven. So keep your trust in Me to save the souls of My faithful.”

Thursday, September 29, 2016
(St.Michael, St.Gabriel, St.Raphael)

St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God. You read in the Book of Revelation how I was appointed by God to cast Satan and the bad angels down into hell on the earth. Hell was meant to be eternal, just as I told you when the priest said the opposite that hell was not eternal in his homily. Anyone who suggests that Satan does not exist, or that hell is not eternal, are telling you heresies, and they should not be listened to. You are also seeing a battle on earth, as Satan and the demons are waging war on your souls. This is why the good angels are assisting you in fighting the demons and their temptations. Carol’s father told you that we are preparing for a major battle with Satan and the Antichrist. You all will be tested by the coming tribulation as the Antichrist will be allowed a short reign. But fear not because Jesus will bring His Warning first to give all souls one last chance to repent of their sins. The good angels will be protecting the faithful at God’s refuges during the tribulation, so do not worry about the demons little power. Jesus will be with you in Holy Communion every day, and the good angels will be shielding you from the demons and the evil people. Some people, who do not come to God’ refuges, may be martyred, but no one will be killed at God’s refuges. The faithful have been marked with a cross on the forehead by the angels, which will let the faithful into the refuges.”

St. Michael the Archangel said: “I am Michael and I stand before God. You are seeing the demons preying on unsuspecting souls with their temptations and addictions. Some people are not prepared spiritually to do battle with these evil ones. I am the angel guarding America, but when people give in to their mortal sins, it is hard to help them. You need to wear your protection every day with your rosary, scapular, and St. Benedictine Blessed crosses. You also could protect yourself with Mass and your daily rosaries. Recognize that you are living through the coming tribulation, so you could come to Confession frequently to keep your soul pure.”

Jesus said: “My people, when the dollar was the more powerful reserve currency, countries had to buy dollars to make their transactions. Soon the dollar will be a smaller per cent of the world’s reserve currency basket when the Chinese currency will become the third largest portion. The Euro is the second largest. This means that countries will be selling some of their dollars that are no longer needed. China is also selling your Treasury Notes instead of buying your debt. This change in currencies could reduce the value of the dollar, and it will be harder to find buyers of your increasing National Debt. Your country is becoming a larger risk because of your $19 trillion debt, so you may again see a lower grade for your bonds. Be prepared to come to My refuges when you could see your dollar crash, and a possible martial law declared.”

Jesus said: “My people, some European banks are on the verge of crashing because they have many non-performing loans tied to the derivative market. The Deutsche Bank has so many debts that it would be impossible to bail out. You saw some major financial failures in 2008. If you see a derivative crash, this could endanger the finances of your world banks. Again, this could cause a martial law that could last a long time. Be prepared to come to My refuges if you see any crashes or martial law.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have been directing your projects for the last year or so, and I have been encouraging you to finish your projects quickly before events could soon endanger your lives. If all of your service lines that come into your homes were shut down, many people would die of starvation and exposure to cold weather. You remember how Noah was also criticized, but these critics died in the flood. Be grateful for My warnings and preparations, so My faithful people could find food and bedding at My refuges. Pray for My faithful that they will find protection and their needs at My refuges.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen violence in your streets and violence in killing people in wars. In your newspaper today you saw a comparison of deaths in the last five years in Iraq, Syria, and Chicago. There were more deaths in the killings in Chicago, Ill. than either of these battlegrounds. You have seen drive-by killings, and killings over drugs taking a substantial toll of lives in the streets of your cities. You have also seen more babies killed in abortion than all of your wars combined. This killing of My little ones is the biggest offense of your country against Me. The magnitude of these millions of deaths is even beyond those killed in the Holocaust of Hitler’s death camps. You see over one million babies killed in one year in America. My people need to stand up against your abortion laws, and any candidates favoring abortion should be voted out of office. America will pay dearly in natural disasters and your lost freedoms as a punishment for your sins of abortion. Pray to stop abortion, and counsel your young mothers not to kill their babies.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have just read how Deutsche Bank is on the verge of crashing. It is heavily invested in derivatives, and there is not enough money in all of Germany to bail out their losses. Still they will confiscate their depositors money to pay for their debts, which will not be enough for a bail out. This failure could take down the European Union and affect banks in America who hold these derivatives. You could be looking at a derivative crash that will cause a world depression. Such an event and subsequent crash of your financial system would allow a martial law to be declared. When the one world people want to take over, they will stop your electricity with either an EMP attack or they will turn off your grid. You also are seeing a possibility of your President giving your internet over to the UN, which will allow the UN to shut down all of your conservative web sites. There also is going to be a change in America’s reserve currency status when China’s currency will be a part of the new currency. This will begin the crash of your dollar when dollar reserves will not be as necessary for other nations to have on hand. All of these events will lead up to the same course of action that will create a martial law, which could supercede your election, and make your President a virtual dictator. Do not be surprised if you see a dollar crash and a stock market crash when the banks are too big to fail. There is not enough credit or money in the world to bail out all of your derivatives that the banks cannot redeem. Be prepared to come to My refuges if you see the banks collapse. Trust in My protection, and My multiplication of what you will need.”

Note: Deutsche Bank has $72.8 trillion of derivatives on its books, but its market cap is only $20 billion.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, you saw how Job was down on himself for being born, because of all of Satan’s attacks killing his flocks, and even his children. In all of these trials he never blamed Me, and he was not abusive to Me. One of the lessons from this story is to be careful how you react to bad things in your life. You can learn patience from Job, and not to blame Me for the trials in your life. In every life you are going to be tested by difficulties, and you will be tested by Satan’s temptations your whole life. When you have difficulties, call on My help to ease your pain, and solve your problems. If Satan attacks you spiritually, then call on Me, and I will send you angels to protect you. Do not lose your temper with problems, but treat these things as a test of your love and faith in Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, your current Administration is bankrupting your country with a welfare state, and their health care program. You have heard your President state that the more hand out programs he can start, the quicker your country will be bankrupt and ready for a totalitarian takeover. The goal of the one world people is a total martial law takeover, so you are primed for the Antichrist to take over the world. Your debt money was set up by the one world bankers’s Federal Reserve, and they knew that you could never pay back your National Debt. They have been preparing for America’s fall when your dollar will be worthless. Your country needs a sound money system and a solid defense, but your Administration is trying to make you weak for an easy takeover. You also need Me in your schools and your churches. It is because America is turning its back on Me, that you are in a weakened state, and you will receive My punishment soon for your abortions and your sexual sins. My faithful will be protected at My refuges by My angels.”

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, a time is coming when the words of the Consecration of the Mass will be changed, and I will no longer be Present in the hosts. This is why you are seeing an empty tabernacle, and the doors closing which represents how I will no longer be Present in many tabernacles. So when you do not hear the proper words of the Consecration, I will not be Present, and you will need to go to a proper Mass. You will eventually come to your homes for a proper Mass and My Real Presence. You will be blessed to have My angels bring you My consecrated Hosts at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you have My Blessed Sacrament before you tonight, you are able to worship and adore Me in your churches. You know in the future that you may not have this gift of My Real Presence in public. A persecution of Christians is coming that will close your churches, and you will need to have secret Masses in the homes, and eventually at My refuges. I will always be with you at every refuge during the tribulation. So rejoice in My protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have noticed the declining numbers of people who come to Sunday Mass. You witnessed a closing of your former church because the attendance was very low, and you could not find a priest to carry it on. You will be seeing more closings, and even churches closed by your government. You already are seeing Muslims killing Christians in Arab countries. As Muslims start taking over other countries, you will see more Christians killed and burned churches. When your lives are in danger, I will call My faithful to come to My refuges for Mass when you have a priest.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the days of early Christianity, Christians were killed in the Coliseum by the Romans. Today, the Vatican is near Rome, and there will again be killing of Christians in Italy. As Muslims become more powerful in Europe, you will see more terrorist attacks on My churches. When your lives are in danger, I will bring My Warning, and then you will need to come to My refuges of protection. You will be joyful at My refuges, because My angels will shield you from any evil people who want to kill you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you need to treasure your present freedoms while you still have them. Little do you know of the evil people running your government, because they are planning to take over your country with martial law by Executive Orders. These actions will defy your Constitution, and you will lose your rights and your money, as you will be joined with Canada and Mexico in the North American Union. This takeover will happen quickly as the Antichrist will come into power. I will warn My faithful when it is time to come to My refuges of protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been giving you a lot of messages about how you will need to come to My refuges where My angels will defend you from the evil ones and the demons. You will see the glory of My power over all the demons and the Antichrist at My refuges. I will allow the Antichrist a brief reign before I will crush all of the evil ones as they will be cast into hell. Have trust in My power and My multiplication of your food, water, and fuels. When I bring My victory, you will delight in your reward in My Era of Peace. You may see evil winning for a time, but it will be brief before My power will be self-evident. You know that I am more powerful than the evil ones, but My victory will overwhelm you in My glory.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read about the harbingers coming against America as several of your leaders have proclaimed this prophesy of Isaiah 9:10 which is really a condemnation of America. You just celebrated the remembrance of 9-11-01, but soon this prophesy will be carried out as the one world people will take over your country in a martial law. Because your people have not repented of your sins, and they did not change their evil ways, you will see a destruction of your country and your freedoms.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jesus said: “My people, when the wine is consecrated, it is transubstantiated into My Blood. This re-enactment of My death on the cross shows My Blood pouring out of the cup. When My faithful are martyred, or when you kill My babies, your blood is being mingled with Mine. You continue to see terrorist acts led by Muslim jihadists that are killing and injuring people. You also are seeing continuous riots over questionable killings of some African Americans. You also are seeing many drug related shootings. Even though millions of unborn babies are killed every year, these abortions receive little or no press stories. When people protest abortions outside of Planned Parenthood clinics, or even in Washington, D.C. on January 22, your media down plays this as not being news worthy. Yet, you see many pages of other killings all over your papers. You can see that your media has a double standard. In the future you are going to see Christians so persecuted, that your lives will be in danger. It will be during the tribulation that My faithful will need to come to My refuges for protection. My angels will guard you at My safe havens, so your lives and souls will be protected. Even if you see some faithful martyred, trust in My protection at your refuges, and I will multiply your water, food, and fuels.”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “Pray, My children, that souls return, in humility, to childlike faith in the Truth”

Holy Love Ministry

October 30, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The heart of the world finds itself adrift in a sea of confusion, as it is no longer open to the Spirit of Truth. Consciences have chosen to redefine Truth to their own liking in ways that please themselves, but not God. This is how the lines between good and evil have become obscured. This is why people are being considered for high office who support evil. This is the reason sins have been defined as legal rights. I speak of course, of abortion and the redefinition of marriage in unisexual relationships.”

“The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, is constantly trying to call souls back into the Light of Truth. He cannot succeed unless souls first recognize the Truth and acknowledge their error. Pray, My children, that souls return, in humility, to childlike faith in the Truth. This prayer alone could save the world from grave disaster.”

Read 2 Timothy 1:13-14+

Synopsis: Hold firm to the doctrines in the Tradition of Faith as taught by Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Spirit, guard the Deposit of Faith.

Follow the pattern of the sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus; guard the Truth that has been entrusted to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.

+-Scripture verses asked to be read by Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.
-Scripture taken from the Ignatius Bible.
-Synopsis of Scripture provided by Spiritual Advisor.

Two Recent Videos on Donald Trump – “Contract with America” – First 100 Days in Oval Office – and Exclusive Interview

October 22, 2016 – Donald Trump’s Gettysburg Speech – “Contract with America” – First 100 Days in Oval Office (39:53 minutes)

October 24, 2016 – CBN News Pat Robinson’s Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump (20:37 minutes)

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October 27, 2016 EWTN Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump / This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

Helpful Information for American Catholics on Donald Trump for U.S. President

Letter from Donald Trump to Catholic Leadership Conference – Denver, Colorado, October 5, 2016

Jesus Christ – “Be ready for something major to happen in your country (USA) so they have an excuse to call martial law”

Holy Family Refuge Messages

October 28, 2016

Come Holy Spirit with God’s words to His son with
St. Michael as guard and protector

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I come to tell you to tell everyone to be ready for the Warning at any time.  With the elections and all the turmoil in America, the Warning may have to come soon.  There is a good chance that your Communist leader will try to call martial law if he cannot control the votes of your people.  The one world people do not want to change leaders when they have America right where they want them.  But, many more people are starting to pray because their eyes are starting to see how your country has been controlled by evil people for many years.  All your army and military leaders, who will not go along with the one world government, have been removed from their positions.

Be ready for something major to happen in your country so they have an excuse to call martial law.

You now have many people aware of how they replaced  your leaders with foreign people who want to take America down and make it a third world country so the one world people can lead the world.  Their goal, or satan’s goal, is to get rid of the majority of the people in the world and have just the top elite people with the rest slaves to do their work.  They want to make the world a playground for the rich and famous and get rid of all the sick and weak people.  What they do not know is that the weak and sick people are My Mother’s army with their rosaries in their hands and they will win any war if they use them more and pray more.  I honor all My prayer warriors.

Satan will never win but he will cause a lot of sorrow for many of My children because they lost their way and followed satan.  Satan is a loser and a thief and a liar and many other bad things.  His only goal is to steal God’s children and take them to hell.  Satan’s plans are nothing next to God’s plans but My children have to ask forgiveness and start following the Ten Commandments and come back to their God.  All the power that satan has, he stole from all of God’s children that I gave them to use to save their souls.  Satan is nothing without My children’s help.  Start taking your free will back from satan and give it to God to save your souls and let satan be cast back into hell without taking anymore of Heaven’s children.

To all Our loving children, it is time—and past time—to change.  Your world is hanging by a thread ready to break and when it does everyone will be in the biggest disaster that has ever been since the beginning of time.  Your Jesus of love and mercy.

Jesus Christ – “The smoke of Satan has reached the highest office of leadership”

Holy Love Ministry

October 29, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Honesty arises from integrity of heart. There are many in the public eye today who are eager to excuse themselves of any lie no matter its impact on world affairs. In this nation, in particular, the conspiracies and hidden agendas are coming to light, as well as the cover-ups.”

“The smoke of Satan has reached the highest office of leadership. Many are misled. Many do not concern themselves with honesty so long as they are embraced and affirmed with power and money. This is chipping away at your freedoms and the constitution.”

“The ambitious ones are the greatest threat, for they would do or say anything to maintain their positions of importance and to advance to positions of greater influence.”

“The limelight of power is like a contagious disease that lures its victims away from honesty and Truth. The cure of this disease is to love God above all else and neighbor as self – Holy Love.”

Jesus Christ – “If you haven’t noticed, your nation (America) is being torn in two…”

Holy Love Ministry

October 28, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The conspiracy and illicit collusion circulating around this election, and, in particular one candidate, have been in place for many years. A successful election of this candidate would mean the conspirators would own the office. Honesty would not be a consideration. Only the hidden agendas within their hearts would motivate their thoughts, words and deeds.”

“Let Me be clear that the agenda in such hearts is more power for the government – less freedom for the people. All of this is geared towards leading this once brave and independent country into the New World Order.”

“Already this election has cost the integrity of the election process, the code of office, the judiciary system and the F.B.I. All of this and the election is not yet final. If you haven’t noticed, your nation is being torn in two. It is past the hour for the government to be returned to the people.”

“Your founding nation was united in prayer – prayer to defend the right to pray. Be united once again in a prayer to defend all of your rights.”

October 28, 2016

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, leave all your decisions from voting to the smallest decision in the present moment upon Holy Love. This way you will always be living according to God’s Holy and Divine Will.”

“Tonight, I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje – Ivan’s Prayer Group – October 28, 2016

Our Lady of Medjugorje
Ivan’s Prayer Group
Friday, October 28, 2016

IVAN: As every time after the meeting with Our Lady, I would like to also bring closer to you and describe tonight’s meeting. Also today Our Lady came to us joyful and happy and She greeted all of us at the beginning with Her motherly greeting: ‘Praised be Jesus, my dear children.’ Then, She prayed here especially over those of you who are sick and then with Her arms extended, She prayed over all of us. Then Our Lady said:

“Dear children, also today in a special way, I desire to call you to open your hearts. Open your hearts to my messages, which I am giving to you so that I can give you new (other) messages. Live my messages. Especially, dear children, through this time, I am calling you: pray for peace. May there be peace, dear children. The Mother prays for all of you and intercedes for all of you before Her Son. Thank you, dear children, for also today having responded to my call.”

Then Our Lady blessed all of us with her motherly blessing and blessed everything you brought for blessing. I recommended also all of you – your needs, your intentions, your families and in a special way the sick. Then Our Lady continued to pray and left in that prayer in an illuminated sign of the Cross with a greeting: ‘Go in peace, my dear children.’”

October 27, 2016 EWTN Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump / This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

October 27, 2016 Exclusive EWTN Interview with Donald Trump (15:55 minutes)

Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump, joins Raymond Arroyo in an exclusive EWTN interview — Trump speaks out on religious liberty, his controversial comments about women, his favorite saints and more.

(Trump also reveals how he became pro-life!).

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (27:50 minutes)

This is a compilation video of Donald Trump’s views and opinions being consistent over the past 30 years.

For further consideration:

Helpful Information for American Catholics on Donald Trump for U.S. President

Letter from Donald Trump to Catholic Leadership Conference – Denver, Colorado, October 5, 2016

For Election Day – Tuesday, November 8th:

Blessed Virgin Mary – “Dear children, I will need your help on the upcoming Presidential Election Day…”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “I am proposing that all churches – no matter their denomination – remain open on the day of your presidential election”

For further discernment:

Jesus Christ – “I ask all My Apostles to begin praying immediately for this country (USA)”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “If I told you depth of corruption in government circles, you be appalled”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “Therefore, realize you are voting not just for president, but for the soul of the Supreme Court (USA)”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “These days political campaigns have taken on the demeanor of calumnies and not real issues…”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “If I told you depth of corruption in government circles, you be appalled”

Holy Love Ministry

October 27, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“When dishonesty becomes a character trait of a person, it touches and becomes a part of everything the person says, does or thinks. It is like a poison that seeps through the cracks of the person’s existence – contaminating his goals and priorities. Such a person cannot be trusted with responsibilities or with overseeing the welfare of others. This has always been so, however now more people are in the limelight that have proven to be dishonest.”

“If I told you depth of corruption in government circles, you be appalled. You can readily see how the mainstream media and even the F.B.I. have been compromised in favor of one candidate over another. Do not naively believe that dishonest people would support an honest election. Every weakness in the system will be exploited. This is all fed by a disordered spirit of ambition which is kindred to the spirit of dishonesty.”

“Honesty is the broom which must be allowed to sweep away every compromise of Truth.”

“Liberalism leads to support of every type of debauchery and sin as a freedom”

Holy Love Ministry

October 26, 2016

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“There is grave danger in supporting strictly liberal opinions. Liberalism leads to support of every type of debauchery and sin as a freedom. This is the type of rule, or lack of rule, you had in Sodom and Gomorrah. The morals in the day of Noah were liberal. Yet today, man has not learned from the past. Therefore, God holds him more accountable.”

“Governments based upon liberalism eventually lead to the collapse of nations. Liberalism represents vulnerability to evil. It is in governments the open door to chaos. There is insidious danger in the attitude that liberals must be allowed to voice their opinions while conservatism is oppressed and persecuted. Christian viewpoints which support the Ten Commandments are never in-line with liberal thinking. Therefore, in any liberal government approval of sin leads the nation to ruin.”

“Loss of freedom weakens right reason. Soon the liberal viewpoint is accepted out of necessity. This is the direction your nation is headed unless people realize the dangers of liberalism.”

Our Lady of Medjugorje – October 25, 2016 – Monthly Message To The World

Our Lady of Medjugorje
Monthly Message To The World
October 25, 2016

“Dear children! Today I am calling you: pray for peace. Leave selfishness and live the messages which I am giving you. Without them, you cannot change your life. By living prayer, you will have peace. By living in peace, you will feel the need to witness, because you will discover God whom you now feel to be far away. Therefore, little children, pray, pray, pray and permit God to enter into your hearts. Return to fasting and confession so as to overcome the evil in you and around you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

For further discernment:

Locutions To The World

May 15, 2011
“Understanding Worldwide Evil”


The Trojan Horse

Good and evil are not separated. They are intertwined in every event and in every moment. Evil inserts itself into all that is good and good is present even when evil seems to be triumphant. This is the mystery I will explain. Except in those actions which are totally divine, all of human history is a mixture of good and evil.

Not understanding that human events are a mixing of good and evil, man often proclaims as good what is only partially good. He, then, opens his heart to it, not knowing that evil enters with the good. If the evil is not impeded, it takes over the good and destroys it. There remains only the selfishness of man, not the goodness of God which initially inspired the action.

Look at human history. So many events and movements have begun with the good but have ended with evil. See the French Revolution that began with high ideals but soon became the tool of evil, causing social disruption, overturning the divine and making reason the new god of mankind. So much evil goes back to that revolution because man was not aware that evil attached itself to good, like the Trojan horse, to enter unnoticed into the city.

Comment: Mary points out what man often overlooks, the evil mixed with the good that enters history unnoticed until the effects are seen.

Explaining Why Man is Confused

Now, let me explain good and evil. Each has its own fruits and its own source. Good comes from God alone and is given freely to all creation. God saw that everything was good as it came from his hands. Man and woman were created in God’s own image. They were rooted in divine goodness, more than any other material creation. Man was meant to be the bearer of divine life and the purpose of material creation. Yet, man became the door to evil, the only door that Satan could have used, the only creature with free will. What was good (the free will of man) was used for evil and became the door to chaos.

The world is now filled with a goodness that comes from God and an evil that enters by man’s free will. Man does not understand this. It is like light and darkness. As if man forgot that all light comes from the sun. So, he walks away from the sun and is plunged in darkness and he does not know why. Man forgets God. He turns away from God and wonders why the world is plunged into evil. Then, he blames God for the evil that does not come from God.

Progress That is Not Progress

O Man, you must turn back to the source of all goodness. Purify your works of evil. Otherwise, you are blind. Your solutions will be no solutions until you understand that everything which man brings forth is a mixture of good and evil. Without God, the good will always carry evil with it. Without God, the good that was originally intended will soon surrender to the evil that accompanied it. It is a purified mankind that I seek, when creation will once again be creation, “as it was in the beginning”.

Without God, progress is not progress. To each new invention, evil is attached. I do not say, “Halt all progress”. I say, “Let your progress be done in God and it will be true progress. Progress without God carries only greater potential for destruction.”

O Man without God, look at the world you have brought about. Is it progress that your bombs are atomic bombs? Is it progress that your technology destroys the very earth that you live on? Look at all your technology. Look at the powerful Internet that causes so many problems.

Look at everything. Everything you produce for good is taken over by evil. This is the mystery that I put before you. You are building a world without God. You are building a destructive creation. God must purify creation before creation destroys itself.

Comment: Mary answers a confusing question, “Why is the world less safe when we have had so much progress?”

Approaching a Disastrous Moment

The world is approaching that moment when the power of Satan will have two aspects. First, he will have linked his evil into what is truly a worldwide system. Second, this system will contain the power to destroy most of the world.

I say this. The heavenly Father will not allow this but he has only two alternatives. Either he purifies creation by divine chastisements that totally disrupt what Satan is putting in place so that all of creation is not destroyed. Or, the world comes into my Immaculate Heart and I reveal a much easier salvation, by which hearts are touched and the evil attached to progress and inventions is purified. In this way, the power is used for good and not evil.

The choice is a solemn one, filled with a thousand ramification which touch the hearts of people and the fibers of society. I say this again and again – the secrets of God lie in my Immaculate Heart. That is where the Father has placed them.

Comment: What Mary says is almost self-evident. Man is approaching a moment when he not only can destroy himself but the forces of evil are present that are willingly and even hope to destroy large segments of humanity. What she reveals is even more important. The only way to avoid world-wide disaster is to listen to her wisdom.

Blessed Virgin Mary – “This is how governments are overthrown – Your nation (USA) is progressively moving towards a dictatorship”

Holy Love Ministry

October 25, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“This is how governments are overthrown – by illicit collusions, dishonesty, hidden agendas and disregard for freedoms and human rights. All of these things are taking place in your country as I speak to you. Most people do not recognize what is actually taking place. They regard this as just another election. However, your nation is progressively moving towards a dictatorship, as the people have less and less say in the way the government is being run.”

“Legislators are using what appears to be good to accomplish evil. Once again I caution you, do not accept at face value – polls, election returns or promises of candidates. These are staged and designed to manipulate the hearts and minds of good people.”

“You must realize that Satan does not want this country to be one nation under God. He is attacking your sovereignty and trying to dissolve your borders. His goal is chaos and disunity. Do not be so foolish as to think you should allow one and all into your country out of charity. In charity, demand that your government protects you.”

“Realize that many excuses for dishonesty are dishonest in themselves. Your nation is fast approaching that point in time when those in power will no longer be held accountable. This is possible as a direct result of corruption in the legal and judiciary systems. Soon the future of your country will be only in the hands of a corrupt few, if you do not choose wisely in this election.”

Jesus Christ – “I ask all My Apostles to begin praying immediately for this country (USA)”

Apostolate of the Green Scapular


Jesus: My daughter, may I speak with you?

Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: My dear one, it is I your Savior Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: My Lord, may I ask you please? Will you bow down and adore God your Eternal Heavenly Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes my dearest one, I your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, will now and will always bow down and adore My Holy Eternal Merciful Father, Who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible or invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my Divine Lord, for your sinful servant is now listening.

Jesus: My dear one, I know you are busy preparing your meal, but I must warn you of events that are being prepared for the attack on your great nation.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord.

Jesus: There are those who because of their grave hatred and envy of your nation, due to the wealth of your nation, have made plans and alliances with others who feel the same. Evil and possessed sinners who have refused to accept the will of God my Father, have ambition to bring your nation to the brink of collapse. It is imperative that my Apostles pray immediately for America. An occupying force seeks to over throw your government and rule as a dictator. Many in high ranking positions, officials, have been made aware of this plan and have not made it known to the citizens of your country. These leaders are aware that wicked nations have joined forces to accomplish this mission and now the people of your nation are at great risk. I ask all my Apostles to begin praying immediately for this country, the United States of America, so that my Father will mitigate the attack on this land.

Anna Marie: My Jesus, is this the reason why you have allowed me to have visions of war in my country?

Jesus: Yes, it is.

Anna Marie: My Lord Jesus, is there a particular prayer you wish us to pray daily to mitigate this attack?

Jesus: The Chaplet of Mercy and Holy Rosary will be sufficient but you must make the prayer intention: “For the Protection of the United States of America”.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord. I will tell all the Apostles this. My Lord are we permitted to know the time line for this?

Jesus: Yes, within the year.

Anna Marie: Dear Jesus, forgive me for asking this, does that mean within the next 365 days or during 2016?

Jesus: The time is within 365 days. Now do your best to have this message prepared and posted for all my faithful Apostles to read and pray for. For anyone living outside of the country, if you pray for this intention, I will apply it towards your nation too. You will witness miracles if you pray for this new prayer request I am giving you all today.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord. Is there anything else?

Jesus: Yes, pray for this election. It is up to the citizens of your nation to vote for life, righteousness, the rule of law and for the candidates who closely resemble what I have expressed. A nation who votes evil and wicked persons into office, will receive their just punishments.

Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus. We are praying for Mr. Donald Trump, please bless and protect him.

Jesus: More prayers are required for him and those candidates who fear Almighty God, our Father.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord. My Lord, do you have a Scripture for us please?

Jesus: Yes, Wisdom 17:19, Isaias 14:10; Amos 4:13, Jeremias 6:18‐19.

Anna Marie: We love you Jesus.

Jesus: Tell my beloved children I love them too and to prepare for my coming into their homes once more to bless their bread and water [on Christmas] which will sustain them during the great famine. Prepare my children, for the great Tribulations are at your door steps. Your loving Savior, Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer of souls.


Scripture is taken from the Douay‐Rheims version of the Bible.

Wisdom 17:19:
“For the whole world was enlightened with a clear light, and none were hindered in their labours.”

Isaias 14:10:
“All shall answer, and say to thee: Thou also art wounded as well as we, though art become like unto us.”

Amos 4:13:
“For behold he that formeth the mountains and createth the wind, and declared his word to man, he that maketh the morning mist, and walketh upon the high places of the earth: The Lord the God of Hosts is his name.”

Jeremias 6:18-19:
“Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation what great things I will do to them. (19) Here, O earth: Behold I will bring evils upon this people, the fruits of their own thoughts because they have not heard my words, and they have cast away my law.”

Blessed Virgin Mary – “This election is highlighting the worst side of politics…”

Holy Love Ministry

October 24, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“As you see the climate changing outside from Summer to Fall, so too the political climate has changed from focusing on issues to character assassination. Attention to the issues is healthy and reveals each candidate’s capabilities in leadership. During this election season, however, there is a brisk and howling wind attacking the morals of the candidates. The depth of honesty in a person’s makeup is important. However, too much focus is on past transgressions of moral conduct. What matters is where a person is now morally.”

“A person cannot redefine Truth to suit his or her own purposes. This is the bad fruit of the spirit of ambition. Some would say or do anything to gain power and office. This same spirit of ambition disregards the needs of others in favor of what best serves self. This election is highlighting the worst side of politics. Unfortunately, it does not stop on a secular level, but reaches into the politics in Church circles, as well.”

“Pay attention to the issues when you support any leadership. Do not be confused or distracted by the wind of character assassination.”

Jesus Christ – “There is no justification for not following the Journey through Our United Hearts”

Holy Love Ministry

October 23, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The Journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts dispels all confusion and lack of trust in a world so intent upon distancing itself from God. The more man trusts in himself and his own efforts, the more I withdraw My Hand of Protection and Guidance. lt is then mankind makes destructive choices.”

“The soul however, intent on making the Journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts, grows deeper and deeper in personal holiness. He does not allow his choices or decisions to be influenced by popular opinion or faulty leadership. His decisions are always based upon Holy Love. His decisions reflect obedience to the Ten Commandments through Holy Love and never support sin of any kind.”

“There is no justification for not following the Journey through Our United Hearts. There is no truthful reason to disbelieve. No call to obedience should lead you away from this journey in Holy Love. You are being called to holiness through Holy Love just as I called each soul when I walked amongst you. The Chambers of Our United Hearts is light on the path of holiness.”

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Jesus Christ – “The best way to avoid the trauma of the world around you – politics, terrorism, economic decline – is to live for the Kingdom of God”

National Warnings and Guidance – Now is the Time! – Holy Love Messages

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National Warnings and Guidance
Now is the Time!

Holy Love Ministry

God, The Father – 8/7/16

“All of earth – all of mankind cries out for peace and balance. This will not come to you unless you obey My Commandments. When you take life in the womb or support those who do so, the blood is on your hands. You perpetuate the cycle of evil.”

“Accept the grace of My speaking here today as a loving Father. Move towards My Bosom of Love – not away from it. I am prepared to share great things with you if you choose to obey My Commandments.”

Jesus – 10/08/16

“Your nation must maintain its sovereignty. Do not elect anyone opposed to this. If you open your borders, you dissolve your security. This is more important than many tawdry issues that are now being raised.”

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love – 10/11/16

“Dear children, I come to you as Queen of Heaven and Earth. I am here today to address this nation and the upcoming election. Move away from so much consideration in regards to temperament and personality. Scrutinize the issues and how each candidate will deal with them. Do you want a liberal Supreme Court or a conservative Supreme Court? It is this court that determines the moral fabric of your nation. Do you want a president who will support the Constitution or, little by little, denounce it? Do you want a more solid economy or an unstable economy, such as you have now? Do you want a president who builds up your military or weakens it further?”

“All of these issues are what you must consider – not who said what. Do not relegate such an important election to the likes of personal name-calling and a playground mentality.”

“You need a president who stands firm against ISIS – a very dangerous threat to your national security. The mere existence of Isis should erase any consideration of open borders. Do not be fooled into judging personalities. Judge policies.”

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth – 8/5/16

“Do not allow mass media to decide for you. Too often this same media presents a tainted picture of good and an untruthful picture of evil. It is in this way, souls are led by confusion into making choices contrary to God’s Will. The far-reaching effects of your choices in this presidential election could turn your Supreme Court over to liberalism – thus forecasting a grim future for this nation. In your choice for president, you are also choosing the future of your Supreme Court and of your nation.”

Jesus – 9/01/16

“As a nation, you must have more wisdom than to trust everyone who comes across your borders all in the name of charity. This type of social justice is just foolishness in these times when hearts hold so many evil agendas. You cannot ferret out who holds evil in his heart by appearances or even by asking questions. It is well-documented that Truth is not a priority in many hearts – especially evil hearts.”

“Those with evil intentions have already infiltrated this country. Do not strengthen their ranks by inviting more in. A safe hospice can and should be established in the country of origin these people come from. I  have said this before. This would answer the call to charity for the oppressed and for the citizens of this country whose security is threatened by mass immigration.”

“Do not allow your borders to continue to be breached under the influence of mainstream media. Those in leadership roles have the responsibility to respect the welfare of the citizens they are supposed to be leading. However, today the agenda is the weakening of this nation and the establishment of the One World Order. That is why individual rights and lives do not matter in the political scheme of things.”

“Do not allow your rights to be tread under the foot of the power cartel already in play. Wake up to the Truth! Set aside complacency!”

Our Lady of Sorrows – 9/15/16

“During these times, please understand, that if you lend your support to one whom advances the cause of abortion or planned parenthood, you are guilty of these sins yourself. If you support politicians who are in favor of same-sex marriage, you support these sins as well. These days, morals and spirituality are bound up in a knot with politics. Holy Love is the way to undo the knot and make choices which appease My Sorrowful Heart.”

Jesus – 10/14/16

“My brothers and sisters, during this crucial election please pray that each candidate focuses on the issues and not character assassination. The latter accomplishes nothing. But you must not vote for personalities – only for what each one can accomplish.”

Jesus – 10/15/16

“You must weigh your choices carefully in the light of Holy Love when you vote for or against any candidate. It is easy to accuse someone of sin and error, but too often these accusations are unsubstantiated and untrue. As a responsible voter, you must cast your lot with the Truth of the issues. Who will accomplish what? This is what will affect the future of this country. Dirty politics, designed to tear down a person’s reputation, is not Holy Love.”

“Pay attention to who is proven to oppose Christianity and Catholicism. Do you want to place power in such a person’s hands? Many amendments of the Constitution are at stake here. This decision as to whom will be president will not only affect your lives, but the lives of future generations. Make a decision that will lift this country back up on its feet.”

Jesus Christ – “The best way to avoid the trauma of the world around you – politics, terrorism, economic decline – is to live for the Kingdom of God”

Holy Love Ministry

October 22, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The best way to avoid the trauma of the world around you – politics, terrorism, economic decline – is to live for the Kingdom of God. Be ambitious for My Father’s Divine Will, not for any self-interest. I do not come to you and invite you into the Chambers of Our United Hearts for My benefit, but for your welfare. The Kingdom of the Divine Will is open to all who are willing to be perfected in personal holiness. I have given you the way to perfection in the Divine Will through the mystical Chambers of Our United Hearts. The key to enter these Chambers is the submission of your will.”

For further discernment:
The Spiritual Journey Through The Sacred Chambers Of The United Hearts Of Jesus And Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary – “This is why Jesus and I have been begging for your prayers for the heart of the world…”

Holy Love Ministry

October 21, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“These days, as this all-important election draws nearer, it is most important that consciences be well-formed and well-informed. A well-formed conscience believes in the Truth between good and evil. He clearly sees the difference in everyday choices and in decisions which support or do not support Holy Love. To be grounded in Holy Love, the conscience lives in the Truth making all his decisions fair and honest. Then, in regards to politics, he is not open to quandary.”

“A well-informed conscience understands the length and breadth of the issues. Such a conscience clearly sees the consequences of such issues as open borders, a weakened or stronger military, support of the Constitution and all-important appointments to the Supreme Court. Every one of these issues greatly affects the future of this nation and of the world.”

“This is why Jesus and I have been begging for your prayers for the heart of the world. Well-formed and well-informed consciences are at war with liberal consciences which accept every type of error.”

“Continue to pray on behalf of the heart of the world. Pray that the conscience of the world returns to the embrace of Truth. Know that I am praying with you.”

October 21, 2016

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, be very certain of the type of leader that you lend your support to. Be certain of what he or she supports, what kind of programs, what kind of path you’re being led upon. Is it Truth or is it lies? You must, even in this, decide for Holy Love.”

“Tonight, I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”