“Artificial birth control – You cannot accept this or support it politically and expect God to look the other way”

Holy Love Ministry

October 2, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, with the introduction of artificial birth control, man has slowly, methodically moved towards placing himself and his free will in the place of God and His Divine Will. These days the decisions of the court system take precedence over God’s Commandments. You cannot accept this or support it politically and expect God to look the other way. Take this My Motherly warning to heart. When you experience God’s Justice, which is on its way, do not be surprised or caught off guard.”

“Live as Christians under God which is what your nation was founded on. Do not support the status quo, but support the return to Christian values. My Son has been too gravely offended not to seek justice. His Heart is Mournful and sorrows for the errant path so many choose. Allow God His Dominion over you once again as it should be.”

October 2, 2016

St. Joseph is here and says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“My brothers and sisters, I have come to ask all parents to be united in the Truth. Make certain that your children live in the reality of the Truth in all their opinions. This is the way to foster Holy Love in hearts and in the world.”

“Tonight, I’m extending to you my Fatherly Blessing.”

Observations (compiled by a soul):

According to Pew Research Center (2015):

  • 20% of Americans are Catholic and 45% of Americans are “connected” to Catholicism in some way
  • 97% of Catholics pray at least occasionally
  • 39% of Catholics attend weekly Mass (or more frequently)
  • 43% of Catholics who attend weekly Mass receive Holy Communion
  • 21% of Catholics go to Confession once a year
  • 14% of Catholics go to Confession several times a year
  • 7% of Catholics go to Confession monthly (or more frequently)
  • 85% of Catholics think that it is acceptable for a man and woman to live together as a couple outside of marriage (cohabitation/fornication)
  • 84% of Catholics think that it is acceptable for unmarried parents who live together to bring up children
  • 66% of Catholics think that it is acceptable for same-sex couples to raise children
  • 46% of Catholics think the Church should recognize same-sex marriage
  • Only 35% of Catholics believe remarriage after a divorce without an annulment is a sin
  • Only 17% of Catholics believe contraceptives is a sin

(Source: http://www.pewforum.org/2015/09/02/u-s-catholics-open-to-non-traditional-families/)

Comments (by a soul):

  • The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in a person that has mortal sin on their soul.
  • The punishment for mortal sin on a soul upon death is eternal damnation.
  • The ordinary means of removing mortal sin on a soul are the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation (Confession), and the Anointing of the Sick/Last Rites.
  • There are extraordinary means for God to forgive mortal sin upon death, which include martyrdom (“baptism by blood”), “baptism by desire,” and an act of free will by a soul for forgiveness of mortal sin with necessary contrition known only to God.
  • It is a mortal sin if you miss a Sunday Mass or holy day of obligation without a valid excuse in the eyes of the Catholic Church (for example, illness, care-giving, etc.).
  • Mortal sin can take place simply by thought (belief).
  • For example, according to the statistics above, 85% of Catholics believe that cohabitation/fornication is acceptable. Cohabitation and fornication are mortal sins. Therefore, potentially 85% of Catholics are in a state of mortal sin on their souls unless they repent of this belief through Confession.
  • If you receive Holy Communion while in a state of having mortal sin on your soul, it is a sacrilege, which is another occurrence of mortal sin.
  • The recommended minimum by the Catholic Church is the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) once a year.
  • Our Lady of Medjugorje recommends monthly Confession to cure the ills of the Christian Church in the West.
  • Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), recommends Confession every two weeks or more to stay in a state of grace (no mortal sin on soul).
  • In my own spiritual life, I have noticed that I need to go to Confession at least monthly (I usually go 1-3 times a month), otherwise, I easily slip into mortal sin. I can only attend Mass weekly and so, what usually happens to me, is I start missing Sunday Mass, so it puts me in a state of mortal sin on my soul. Everyone’s temptations are unique, though, so I offer this as my own personal observation.
  • If you do not reveal all your mortal sins when confessing to a priest, you have potentially made a bad Confession in the Eyes of God, which is another occurrence of mortal sin.
  • If you are reading this and are concerned now that you may have mortal sin on your soul or made a bad Confession, this can easily be fixed by making a good Confession and also asking the priest to forgive you for “any times a bad Confession was made and any times a bad Holy Communion was taken,” etc.
  • In my own spiritual life, I always end my Confession with these words, “please, father, forgive me for any forgotten sins and sins of omission.”  I recommend this as a good spiritual practice and it also helps with doubts that satan usually tempts people with who think they may have made a bad Confession afterwards.

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Our Lady of Medjugorje – Monthly Message – Day for Nonbelievers – October 2, 2016

Our Lady of Medjugorje
Monthly Message – Day for Nonbelievers
October 2, 2016

“Dear children, the Holy Spirit, according to the Heavenly Father, made me the mother — the mother of Jesus — and by this alone, also your mother. That is why I am coming to hear you, that I may open my motherly arms to you; to give you my heart and to call you to remain with me, because from the top of the Cross my Son entrusted you to me. Unfortunately, many of my children have not come to know the love of my Son; many of them do not want to come to know Him. Oh, my children, how much bad is done by those who must see or interpret in order to come to believe. That is why, you, my children, my apostles, in the silence of your heart, listen to the voice of my Son, so that your heart may be His home, that it may not be dark and sad, but that it may be illuminated with the light of my Son. Seek hope with faith, because faith is the life of the soul. Anew I am calling you: pray, pray to live faith in humility, in spiritual peace, and illuminated by the light. My children, do not strive to comprehend everything immediately, because I also did not comprehend everything immediately; but I loved, and I believed in the divine words which my Son spoke — He who was the first light and the beginning of redemption. Apostles of my love — you who pray, sacrifice yourselves, love and do not judge — you go and spread the truth, the words of my Son, the Gospel, because you are the living Gospel; you are the rays of the light of my Son. My Son and I will be with you to encourage you and to test you. My children, always implore the blessing of those, and only of those whose hands have been blessed by my Son, of your shepherds. Thank you.”