Jesus Christ – “Be ready for something major to happen in your country (USA) so they have an excuse to call martial law”

Holy Family Refuge Messages

October 28, 2016

Come Holy Spirit with God’s words to His son with
St. Michael as guard and protector

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  I come to tell you to tell everyone to be ready for the Warning at any time.  With the elections and all the turmoil in America, the Warning may have to come soon.  There is a good chance that your Communist leader will try to call martial law if he cannot control the votes of your people.  The one world people do not want to change leaders when they have America right where they want them.  But, many more people are starting to pray because their eyes are starting to see how your country has been controlled by evil people for many years.  All your army and military leaders, who will not go along with the one world government, have been removed from their positions.

Be ready for something major to happen in your country so they have an excuse to call martial law.

You now have many people aware of how they replaced  your leaders with foreign people who want to take America down and make it a third world country so the one world people can lead the world.  Their goal, or satan’s goal, is to get rid of the majority of the people in the world and have just the top elite people with the rest slaves to do their work.  They want to make the world a playground for the rich and famous and get rid of all the sick and weak people.  What they do not know is that the weak and sick people are My Mother’s army with their rosaries in their hands and they will win any war if they use them more and pray more.  I honor all My prayer warriors.

Satan will never win but he will cause a lot of sorrow for many of My children because they lost their way and followed satan.  Satan is a loser and a thief and a liar and many other bad things.  His only goal is to steal God’s children and take them to hell.  Satan’s plans are nothing next to God’s plans but My children have to ask forgiveness and start following the Ten Commandments and come back to their God.  All the power that satan has, he stole from all of God’s children that I gave them to use to save their souls.  Satan is nothing without My children’s help.  Start taking your free will back from satan and give it to God to save your souls and let satan be cast back into hell without taking anymore of Heaven’s children.

To all Our loving children, it is time—and past time—to change.  Your world is hanging by a thread ready to break and when it does everyone will be in the biggest disaster that has ever been since the beginning of time.  Your Jesus of love and mercy.