INCREDIBLE Holy Love Message from Blessed Virgin Mary! Mentions Hillary Clinton’s Emails and Wikileaks!

Holy Love Ministry

November 3, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“We cannot let the most qualified presidential candidate lose in this election. Coming to light, is the depth of corruption in your federal government. Playing into this is the corrupt mass media. I must tell you that the great breach of national security is not open borders – although that is a genuine threat. It is the confidential information made accessible to evil through Mrs. Clinton’s emails.”

“You must not place dishonesty, collusion and disregard for the citizens of this country in the highest position of this nation. Pay attention to your own welfare and the inheritance of democracy for future generations! Even now, the mainstream media has failed you and does not give you the Truth. You must depend upon outside sources, such as WikiLeaks, to uncover the Truth. It has never been so in this free nation before.”

“Pray for significant hearts to open to the Truth and inform others as to Truth’s reality.”

For further discernment:
Blessed Virgin Mary – “If I told you the depth of corruption in government circles, you would be appalled”

Jesus Christ – “Be ready for something major to happen in your country (USA) so they have an excuse to call martial law”

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