The Stirrings Of A New Beginning For America And For The World – Locutions To The World

COMMENT (by a soul):
I am in the process of writing a new commentary explaining the huge turning point of the U.S. Presidential Election for the future of America and the future of the world. I am including several heavenly messages that were given during the past year from different sources. I hope to have it finished by Saturday to share on the blog. In the meantime, I want to re-share some heavenly messages from Locutions To The World, which provide a little insight into what Jesus and the Blessed Mother desire to bring about in America, and through the Consecration of Russia and Secrets of Medjugorje, to the entire world. My hope is that it will provide followers some points for further reflection of the Divine Plan in advance of my commentary this weekend. God bless! –a soul

Locutions To The World

October 13, 2012
“I Am Coming Soon”


“You must know my heart and my burning desire to visit the earth in ways that have never happened since I became flesh and lived among men. This will begin very soon. Yes, I am coming soon. Before this takes place, I must explain clearly the nature of my coming and how I will manifest myself. Otherwise, many will miss my coming, just as many missed my first coming in the flesh. This is the purpose of these locutions.”


“Before Jesus came, Israel was prepared by the ministry of John the Baptist. Otherwise, Jesus’ coming on the scene would have been too hidden. The hidden years of Nazareth were completed. It was no longer a time for him to remain hidden.”

“Before his death on the cross, it was vital that there be some years of manifestation. This happened by his preaching, his miracles and the gathering of disciples. Although many in Israel rejected or ignored Jesus, the years of manifestation bore fruit. The seed of faith in Jesus was sown in the hearts of the disciples. This bore fruit in the Church which continues to this day. So, do not despise the time of little beginnings. Such will be these locutions, the seeds of a small but powerful beginning.”

October 14, 2012
“Signs and Wonders”


“Obviously, I will not come in the flesh, because this is how I came the first time. Also, I will not come in glory when every eye will see and all will be gathered together by the angels. How then will I come? I will come in signs and wonders, in great powers and in miracles that have never been witnessed before. I will come in graces of massive conversions, massive both in their extraordinary nature and in the numbers who will be touched.”

“These miracles and conversions will be beginning signs. They will begin immediately and will prepare the world for the greater events. These will be external and internal experiences. The external will be seen by all in a given part of the world and will lead to many conversions.”

“The internal experiences will be worldwide, but of course, hidden from view because they will take place within the person’s heart. However, many will speak of their experiences. In this way they, too, will become external. All of these are not the final gift but will lead up to and will prepare for the great gift of my coming.”


“My task is the same as that of John the Baptist. Jesus will come in a special way but he will not force his divine presence upon anyone. In his public life, his divinity was kept hidden.  He would tell people that he was the special Son of the Father, but, seeing only his human nature, they had to believe his words. So it will be again. His full coming in heavenly glory, when every eye shall see, still lies ahead!”

“His present coming is not in human flesh or in heavenly glory. Therefore, I must prepare the world, just as John the Baptist did, for this coming which is already taking place and to which people must respond to receive the blessings.”

October 15, 2012
“Preparing for the Coming”


“This great and final gift of my special coming, by which I will bring an unimaginable period of peace to the world, must be prepared for. If the people respond to these religious stirrings, they will hasten my coming. All must share. All must participate. All must be open. All must receive. Everyone is very important in this enterprise. I am coming soon.”


“How active I have been and how even more active I will become. The world is in these special days of Jesus’ divine visitation. The initial gifts have already begun to fall from the heavens. The great and new manifestations of Jesus’ divine powers are ready to be poured out. All must believe. As the angel Gabriel said to me “All things are possible with God”. This must be the new religious spirit that fills my Church. Yes, it must first fill my Church and then spill out to the whole world. Where else would I begin? First, I offer these gifts to believers. If they do not accept them, I will go directly to the world. Oh, how I want my Church to be open to these new signs and wonders. Just remember, “With God, all things are possible”. As the signs begin, many non-believers will come to faith in the Church.”

October 16, 2012
“Need To Believe”


“Many will not believe my words, even those who try to serve me. They will continue to use their own efforts to bring about my kingdom. However, these efforts will fail. They are not enough in the face of the enormous powers of modern evil.”

“If, however, they believe and open their hearts to my coming, I will share with them my powers. I will do my signs and wonders through them because they so much want to serve me. To these I address my words because through them many others will be led into the kingdom. To these servants, especially, I say, “I am coming. Watch and pray.””


“When the angel came to me and told me that I would be the Mother of God, I had to believe. God was about to bring the greatest blessing in history. He would take flesh and dwell among us. This was the moment of Jesus’ first coming. However, this all depended on me. God would not force his way into his own creation. Such is the way of God. He places so much in the hands of men.”

“At that moment, I had to believe that God would truly do this. So you, O servant of the Most High, who so desire that his kingdom come, who so desires a complete victory over evil, you, too, must believe these words. Jesus will come upon the earth in a special way with extraordinary manifestations. Please believe his words so that his power is fully manifested.”

October 17, 2012
“Two Great Realities”


“To my servants, I say, “Do not just go about your daily work, as if these were normal times. The wolf is at the door and the harvest is ripe. Yes, there are two great realities that demand from you a lifting up of your eyes”. “The wolf is at the door” means that the Evil One wants to destroy my Church and he believes that this is possible. He feels that he has so captured mankind that he can come directly against the Church. “The harvest is ripe” means that this is also the moment of the greatest conversions, when mankind will turn in great numbers to me and to my Church. So, I say, lift up your eyes from your work to see that I am coming soon.”


“So much depends upon human cooperation. Would God have become a man if I had said “no”? Even to ask that question is to shudder. There would have been a world without Jesus, a world that remained totally under the Evil One, a world with no hope and no light.”

““The wolf is at the door”. Mankind has no idea of what is imminent. Only Jesus can save the world and he is already pouring out signs and wonders. However, you who so love him and love his Church must be prepared to respond. Listen carefully to my words. “Set aside many of your works. Some are useless anyway. Come with me into Jesus’ presence. Spend hours each day in prayerful quiet. There, I will prepare you.” My message is easy to grasp. Jesus will come and I will prepare you, but I need hours each day to do this.”

October 18, 2012
“Those Who Do Not Listen”


“If I speak and those who work for me do not listen, I will allow them to go their own ways, living out their years but not accomplishing much for my Church. If they are in critical positions, I will move them off the scene and give my vineyard to others who will know how to reap the new harvests by greater faith and fidelity to my words. In all things I will be gentle, but I will not allow the great harvest to come and to die on the vine.”


“This is not a time to tolerate laziness and sloth. This is not a time to say “Tomorrow I will get to it tomorrow”. The urgency is now. The need to act is now. The need to prepare is now. There is no more time to waste. Too much time has already been wasted (while Satan’s forces have been active and alive). So, I say to you who love my Church and to you who have given your life for my Church, “It is not too late to regain what has been lost. You are now in a season of refreshment, a season of heavenly favors never seen since the Word became Flesh. Yet, all must respond like I did, with special faith.””

“It was not easy to believe that God wanted to become a man. Gabriel had to remind me that all things are possible with God. Also, it was not easy to surrender to the great favor of being God’s mother.”

“The cost was high and the demands were total. You must believe that Jesus is coming. You must accept this by faith and surrender totally to his plan. Much will be asked of you but much will also be given to you. This time will not happen again. It is granted only to those who are living now upon the face of the earth.”

October 19, 2012
“New Vineyards and New Wine”


“I look for those whose hearts can expand and whose minds can be filled with new faith. Events will take place that have never been seen before on the face of this earth. They will not force anyone to believe nor will they capture their hearts without their own acceptance.”

“These great gifts will need to be explained so the full harvest of grapes comes forth and the vats of new wine overflow. This is what I am searching for, workers in the vineyard, filled with new faith, who believe in a new harvest and new wineskins.”

“Behold, I will make all things new for all who can be filled with new faith.”


“I will speak. My tongue will not be silent. God’s favors are too great and are offered to all. The heavens are filled with God’s favors which are about to be released. First, there will be the darkness, the time of seeming hopelessness. Then, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart and all the graces of Fatima will be released, as if someone had cut a cord that restrained the flow.”

“How I await that moment when the consecration will finally be accomplished and the new era of my Immaculate Heart will begin. This is what Jesus and I am preparing you for by our words. We are not speaking of some far away gifts, or what is not known to you. We speak of what is close, familiar and at hand.”

October 20, 2012
“New Preachers”


“I will stir up the hearts of many who have never heard my call to preach. This will be the first sign. Preachers will come forth. Just as the word came to John the Baptist in the desert, so my words will touch many. They will not have been trained, nor will they come from one walk of life. There will be men and women, old and young.”

“Let no one discourage them. Let no one say that this is not the way to go. Let the floodgates be opened and the preachers sent forth. The time is too short and the harvest is too great. When suddenly young and old, male and female are using my name to cast out demons and to heal and to proclaim that the kingdom is at hand, all will know that the great events of salvation have begun.”

““Can this happen in our secular world?”, you ask. With God, all things are possible. This sign will be clear.”


“You who read these words, do not wait. Do not say, “Where must I go to be trained?” You have these locutions. They have trained you. They have stirred up your heart. This is what you are to do. Come to me every day in prayer. I will train your heart. I will give you light. I will tell you where to begin and what to do and say.”

“Begin in a little way. Do not grow discouraged. Not everyone will respond. Sometimes, what you do will seemingly have no results. But you are pleasing me. I will note your perseverance and I will be forming you as my instrument. The only important point is not to wait until tomorrow. Begin right now. “O Mary, make me a preacher, one who shares in your task as the new John the Baptist”. There it is. You have chosen the road.”

October 22, 2012
“Evil Collapses”


“The other signs will also be clear. Suddenly, the enormous walls of evil will crumble. Those institutions that are built on sin and propagate sinful activities will suddenly fall on hard times – abortion providers, pornography makers, politicians who exploit evil and the gambling casinos. All of these industries Satan has built slowly and I will have them crumble quickly. This is to free my people from these life-destroying parasites, who force their evils especially upon those with addictions. In this way, many will be free to listen to the preachers.”


“In the gospels, Jesus sent forth his preachers and told them that he would follow them, visiting the towns which were prepared. I, however, say to my preachers, “Do not be afraid. I will go before you. I will prepare the way for you, just as you will prepare the way for my Son.””

“I know that you are fearful and do not know exactly what to do. As I go before you, I will prepare hearts. As you preach, you will be surprised. The people’s hearts have already been touched in a private and silent way. These people need also the external preaching which will confirm what they have already experienced.”

“I will not ask my preachers to form new roads or to remove great mountains. I will do this as I go before you. You will be surprised how these prepared hearts will respond. But you must preach. The people need the external word to confirm their internal experience.”

October 22, 2012
“The Final Words”


“There will be more signs that will certainly be noticed. The crudeness of modern life will give way once more to a respect for what is sacred. Lyrics to songs that are so inappropriate will be shunned. Disrespect, which has become ingrained now in relationships, will be once more set aside. People’s language will be purified. Civility will return. The human heart will once more value what is truly worthy of human conduct and will reject what is vile and raw. The Holy Spirit will make mankind gentle and respectful. Those who continue to act inappropriately will find themselves isolated. The preachers will turn the hearts of children to their parents and the hearts of parents to their children.”


“Now I come to the final word. All is prepared for the banquet of the Lamb but the people most come. They cannot come, unless they know that they are invited. So, I will summarize all that has been said.”

“God has already begun to act upon mankind. These actions are filled with blessings such as have never been seen before. Even with these special blessings, the people might not realize what is happening. Even as the blessings increase, their eyes might still not grasp what they see. So, these words prepare the way. I am the new John the Baptist and my Son is coming into a closer relationship with mankind than ever before.”

“This new stage will be filled with divine manifestations and new invitations for all to repent and turn to the living God. As all of this occurs, you will remember my words.”