Message from Our Savior Jesus Christ – Vision of Prophetic Future Attack By Enemy in USA – Prayer Needed

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Apostolate of the Green Scapular

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2016 AT 2:58 PM

For many years, Anna Marie has witnessed various attacks against the United States of America. Each has been written on a blessed Green Scapular so that it may be prevented or mitigated by our Savior, Jesus Christ through the merciful pleas from our Heavenly Mother Mary. As in the warning on June 26, 2016 that a terror plot was being planned, enough Apostles prayed the prayer Jesus gave the world to say. The attack in New York that took place, was undoubtedly the attack that was mitigated. Although many could have been killed, the attack was not successful. Anna Marie is pleading with anyone who will listen to pray daily for the United States citizens, so that those horrifying visions will NEVER take place. The visions have been seen in many States, but we can pray daily for protection against anyone who wishes to harm this country. Pray for the protection of our elected officials, pray for our States and communities. Once again, here is the prayer Jesus asked us to say on May 11, 2016:

“Through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother, Mother of God, and through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of souls; we ask You Heavenly Father to stop any terror plot being planned and executed by possessed sinners who hate the children of God. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.”


Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: My dear one, it is I, your Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Yes dear Jesus, may I ask please? Will you bow down and adore God Your Eternal Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes my beloved one, I your Divine Savior, will now and will always bow down and adore God, My Holy Eternal Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my Savior, for your sinful servant is now listening. Holy Spirit, I surrender myself to your Holy will.

Jesus: My Little one, I have called you once again today to speak to you of things yet to come. The many trials your nation (Mother Mary appeared) will be required to endure because of the licentiousness of your nations citizens. The trials which will befall your country will be like that of a woman’s birthing pains. They will begin and not end until the time of a child’s birth, My return.

Jesus: My children in Conyers, prepare yourselves in all holiness. Attend Mass daily, pray your Rosaries and Chaplets (of Divine Mercy) daily and you will see how I will defend and protect you when you hear of these disasters. You may find refuge in My Mother’s Holy Church and the Apparition House for the overflowing of those children. In both locations, My “Priest Son’s” will need to lead My little ones in holy prayer. For anyone who cannot leave their homes, remain there and pray for God’s protection. You will see foreign planes fly over your country.

A vision was given to Anna Marie

[At this moment, the Lord showed Anna Marie two enemy fighter jets fly over Conyers, as if she was standing at the Farm, looking up. The fighter jets flew past very fast. She could not see the markings on the wings as to what nation was attacking the United States. She did witness the jet that was flying over Conyers first, was the one further away from her, further South of the other. The second jet was flying closer to her. They were coming from the East Coast flying West, deeper into U.S. territory. She was terrified because they were flying rather low, so they might not be detected by radar (so she assumed). They were flying over her fast, as if they had a destination to attack. In the vision, it was day time when the jets flew over her, not at night or in the evening. The day had some clouds over the skies, the jets flew below the clouds. There was not rain, it was not overcast, just a lovely sunny day, although she could not see the sun or where the sun was positioned.]

Jesus: Do not be alarmed, but do as I have commanded. The invasion will take place, but you will be protected. I your Savior Jesus, Son of the Living God, will defend you. Seek refuge in My Holy Divine Merciful Heart. I AM your Savior, I AM your Lord, I will surround you with My Holy Angels. Be in peace. Your Loving Savior,  Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord, thank you so much Jesus.



For anyone reading this particular message, we believe that Jesus is giving us all directions on what to do when or if this attack takes place. Try your best to go to church and pray. If you are Catholic, attend Mass. For those who are not able to leave their home, stay at home and pray, pray and pray more. We believe this event can be mitigated like the terror attack in NY this year. Have peace, as Jesus has stated to Anna Marie. Jesus will protect us. For anyone who wishes to protect their home, their land; we offer your two forms of doing so:

1. Place 4 blessed Green Scapulars in the 4 corners of your home.

2. Bury 4 canisters in the 4 corners of your land. This is called a Home Protection Kit, which our Apostolate used to make and offer in our Bookstore. We are in the process of making more and we should be able to offer them in January 2017. For anyone who wants to prepare now, we are offering you the instructions on how to do so.

You can use 4 old medicine bottles and place the following blessed medals in each.

1. Miraculous Medal (for Blessed Mother to dwell in your home and land)
2. Holy Family Medal (for peace within your family)
3. St. Benedict Medal (for the exorcism of trafficking witches)
4. St. Michael Medal (for the exorcism of diabolical spirits)
5. Exorcism Salt (protect boundaries of your yard against the plots of evil)
6. Blessed Palm leave from Palm Sunday (welcoming Jesus to live in your home)
7. Two or three wooden Crucifixes (to be placed on the front/back/garage doors representing the “Blood of the unspotted Lamb” as in the days of Moses during Passover, to keep great evil from entering your home. JESUS IS the unspotted Lamb, who died on the Cross for our sins.)
8. Prayer to be said after burying the canister in a 4-6” hole in the corner of your land, and to be repeated at the next 3 corners of your land:

“Visit, we beseech Thee, O Lord, this dwelling, and drive far from it all snares of the enemy; let Thy holy Angels dwell herein, to preserve us in peace; and let Thy blessings be always upon us through Christ our Lord. Amen.” (Raccolta #62, 5 years Indulgences.)

If desired, you can also recite the Green Scapular prayer from your brochure in each corner of your land.