Blessed Virgin Mary – “Rationalization is a grave sin which grieves the Mournful Heart of Jesus”

Holy Love Ministry

January 5, 2017


Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The soul who rationalizes good to be evil and evil to be good is compromised and has compromised his salvation. You have seen this in politics, Church circles, education and the mass media to name a few. Sanctimony is the bad fruit of such rationalization. Such a one feels he has the Truth and no longer discerns.”

“Rationalization is a grave sin which grieves the Mournful Heart of Jesus. This sin masquerades as good and misleads the soul into the trap of self-righteousness. So few recognize this sin as a sin. You have a whole audience of unbelievers in these Messages* that testifies to what I am saying. Such as these accept only negatives about the Ministry** with little or no effort to discover the Truth. Many, many graces go unattended as a result.”

“The enemy is rationalization. Your defense is the Truth. Always represent the Truth.”

For further discernment:

Holy Love Ministry

August 21, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, self-righteousness is a trap that Satan lays for those who seek personal holiness. It is a clever snare that many fall into. The self-righteous are unable to make a good examination of conscience, for they believe too much in their own holiness. This is in direct contrast to the humble-hearted, who sincerely believe all others to be more holy than themselves. The humble-hearted that is, those who pursue the path of righteousness, are constantly pursuing a deeper virtuous life. They are never self-satisfied as are the self-righteous.”

“The self-righteous put on holiness for all to admire and see. The truly righteous choose hiddenness, the background and a holiness that is between My Heart and their own.”

“Once again, I warn you, though righteousness and self-righteousness are vastly different and worlds apart, there is a fine line between the two. It is very easy to pass from one to the other. There are no alarms or fireworks that mark passage between these two. This is why the soul needs to be in touch with the motives in his own heart in thought, word and deed in every present moment.”