Blessed Virgin Mary – “Most often God’s Will is left out of the equation”

Holy Love Ministry

January 30, 2017

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“These days people take up causes, demonstrate and march for almost any reason. The real issue of what is good and what is evil is ignored. Up front and center stage is whose feelings are being hurt, whose rights are being violated. In Truth, God has the right to take dominion over His Creation and therefore every situation.”

“Most often God’s Will is left out of the equation. People protest everything from who won the election to climate change. This is all wasted effort which would be better spent in prayer. Carrying signs and congregating in large groups will not change things.”

“The flavor of the world is changing from dependence upon God to dependence upon human effort, which in the end will prove to be quite a demise. God continues to allow Me to come here* in an attempt to draw people back to reality. Please listen.”

* The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.