Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “I knew you would need to be freed from your guilt and so I absorbed every bit of it in my body on the day they crucified Me”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

February 21, 2018


“For those who follow My way, I offer ongoing prompts and direction. The experience of following My way will be different than if you do not follow My way. In following Me, you will have My direction, yes, but you may not be certain about how to achieve what I am directing you to do. Be at peace in this uncertainty. You will have all that you need to bring about My will for you and My plans for you. Do you see that there exists in this the opportunity to live in peace, even in uncertainty? When you trust in Me and My goodness, you recognise that you live in perfect safety, regardless of what is happening around you. Who will stop Me? I offered My life for you and then, after the sacrifice was complete, I returned to life from the dead. Do you understand? There will be no enemy against you who is stronger than God and I am God. When you look at My still form on the cross, see Me as God, who stops at nothing, not even death, to establish your safety in the kingdom. If I am willing to die for you, am I not willing to remain with you in every moment?

Contemplate this. Your Saviour has given His life so that you may be protected from the death that is caused by sin. If I am willing to forgive my murderers, and even beg the Father to forgive them, how serious will I be about protecting those who love me and serve Me? You are everything to Me. I feel such deep personal love for you that I will remain on duty and alert during every moment of your life. I did not save you so that you could be lost, but continually found by Me. I do not change My sentiments for you. In each moment you feel discouraged or anguished, I remain with you, prepared to comfort and console you and also help you to recover from all distress. When you look at my cross and Me lifeless on it, I want you to remind yourself, again and again, that I am God with you, ever present in your moments. You have only to turn the eyes of your soul to my eyes. I am there. I am always there. My eyes are full of love for you. Please remember My love. My love overcomes any guilt that you may feel. I did not die for you because you would be perfect on earth, but because you would make mistakes and take actions harmful to yourself or other people. I knew this and I loved you perfectly in this reality. I did not want you to be overcome by your mistakes. I knew you would need to recover, again and again, in My love. I knew you would need to be freed from your guilt and so I absorbed every bit of it in my body on the day they crucified Me. Please understand that this was my great joy. I wanted to do this for you because of your beautiful goodness. Right now, I see all of your goodness even though you may not be feeling confident about your goodness.

We are a team, you and I together. I will bring out more and more goodness from you by noticing it for both of us. Any goodness in you delights Me and in prayer, I show your goodness to you so that you, too, can be delighted. In prayer, we are together in a profound way. By studying My Passion and My determination to sacrifice fully for each of God’s children, you will find your determination to sacrifice for Me, and for our Father’s goals.”