God the Father – “Nothing I say to you today or any other day can change the course the world is following now”

Holy Love Ministry

March 23, 2018

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Nothing I say to you today or any other day can change the course the world is following now. I speak to you of peace, but peace must be in hearts before it can be in the world. You will not have peace so long as self-interest rules hearts. Your hope is in love of Me and your neighbor. I remind you that your neighbor is new life in the womb, as well as, any other person I place in your life. Respect this.”

“When you work to please others in thought, word and deed, you are strengthening peace in the world. All individual efforts strengthen the whole.”

“Allow My Words to you today to inspire peace in your hearts.”

Read Ephesians 4:1-6+

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, beg you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all lowliness and meekness, with patience, forbearing one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all, who is above all and through all and in all.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “I knew you would need to be freed from your guilt and so I absorbed every bit of it in my body on the day they crucified Me”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

February 21, 2018


“For those who follow My way, I offer ongoing prompts and direction. The experience of following My way will be different than if you do not follow My way. In following Me, you will have My direction, yes, but you may not be certain about how to achieve what I am directing you to do. Be at peace in this uncertainty. You will have all that you need to bring about My will for you and My plans for you. Do you see that there exists in this the opportunity to live in peace, even in uncertainty? When you trust in Me and My goodness, you recognise that you live in perfect safety, regardless of what is happening around you. Who will stop Me? I offered My life for you and then, after the sacrifice was complete, I returned to life from the dead. Do you understand? There will be no enemy against you who is stronger than God and I am God. When you look at My still form on the cross, see Me as God, who stops at nothing, not even death, to establish your safety in the kingdom. If I am willing to die for you, am I not willing to remain with you in every moment?

Contemplate this. Your Saviour has given His life so that you may be protected from the death that is caused by sin. If I am willing to forgive my murderers, and even beg the Father to forgive them, how serious will I be about protecting those who love me and serve Me? You are everything to Me. I feel such deep personal love for you that I will remain on duty and alert during every moment of your life. I did not save you so that you could be lost, but continually found by Me. I do not change My sentiments for you. In each moment you feel discouraged or anguished, I remain with you, prepared to comfort and console you and also help you to recover from all distress. When you look at my cross and Me lifeless on it, I want you to remind yourself, again and again, that I am God with you, ever present in your moments. You have only to turn the eyes of your soul to my eyes. I am there. I am always there. My eyes are full of love for you. Please remember My love. My love overcomes any guilt that you may feel. I did not die for you because you would be perfect on earth, but because you would make mistakes and take actions harmful to yourself or other people. I knew this and I loved you perfectly in this reality. I did not want you to be overcome by your mistakes. I knew you would need to recover, again and again, in My love. I knew you would need to be freed from your guilt and so I absorbed every bit of it in my body on the day they crucified Me. Please understand that this was my great joy. I wanted to do this for you because of your beautiful goodness. Right now, I see all of your goodness even though you may not be feeling confident about your goodness.

We are a team, you and I together. I will bring out more and more goodness from you by noticing it for both of us. Any goodness in you delights Me and in prayer, I show your goodness to you so that you, too, can be delighted. In prayer, we are together in a profound way. By studying My Passion and My determination to sacrifice fully for each of God’s children, you will find your determination to sacrifice for Me, and for our Father’s goals.”

Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “I want my cross and my lifeless form on the cross to prompt people to think of their next life”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

February 20, 2018


“Why does it benefit people to study my Passion? Why does the sacrifice of one person for the good of another inspire us and console us? My friends, when we see heroic human sacrifice, everything trivial is stripped away. We look and we understand. God created humanity for noble goals. The hopes of the Father are realised when, against all worldly thinking, one person sacrifices himself, his well-being or his wealth for the good of another person.

In families this is most common because when people know each other intimately, they do love each other and view each other as valuable and important. In families where this unconditional and full commitment to the good of each other is absent, for any reason, the individuals may be without awareness of their foundational worth. For those people who feel unloved, we must work hard to persuade them that they are crucial members of the family of God. That is our work if we serve the Father. Why was I convinced that my very life should be given over to the plans of the Father? My friends, I was in the world but I was aware of the next life for everyone I met. My cross directs the eye to the next world. My lifeless form does not prompt despair, because I overcame My death through the Resurrection. Do you see? Death is not the last thing. It is only the last thing on earth, in the human experience. I want my cross and my lifeless form on the cross to prompt people to think of their next life, their heavenly home and all of the hope that comes with those thoughts. When someone looks at the cross and me on it, lifeless, they should remember that sacrifice is temporary. Eternal life is permanent. The lesson offered from the cross is one of hope in the unconditional love of the Father, in sending Me, yes, but also allowing Me to give in totality for the well-being of each person ever created by the Father. My cross should prompt one to study deep and complete conviction, along with complete trust and hope in the Father’s presence and the Father’s plan. Do not think when you are maligned or misunderstood that the Father also misunderstands you. The Father loves you, in every situation. You are understood. You will be safe in Heaven and every sacrifice and suffering will be rewarded and celebrated. Be deeply peaceful when you study my Passion. It is a sign of both love and determination.”

Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “One can be immersed in temptation, but if one simply continues to choose the righteous path, that person remains safe in the Father’s love”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

Dear Friends,

During this Lent Anne recorded six locutions on the Passion. Last Thursday we sent out an excerpt from one of these locutions. We are calling these ‘Passion locutions’. We believe these new messages on The Passion have been offered by the Lord to help us gain a better understanding of His sacrifice.

“These messages on the Passion of Jesus are among the most profound, the most encouraging, the most loving and the most merciful that I have ever encountered” – Dr. Mark Miravalle, Theologian.

And so, we will release two of these Passion locutions this week, two next week and the remaining two in Holy Week. In addition to these locutions on the Passion, we also want you to know that Anne has received the first of another series of locutions. On Good Friday, we will send the first out. We get a serious feel from its tone and pray that everyone will receive this message on Good Friday in humility and willingness to be led.

As with all of our work, these writings have been initially cleared by our local authority and also by a theologian. They are consistent with our faith. When these writings are put into a book, we will apply for a formal Imprimatur, as we always do. But you can be confident that everything we offer is consistent with our teachings and supports both personal holiness and unity in our Catholic Church.

Lay Apostles, let us dispose ourselves toward God with gratitude and a spirit of service to our Church, because it belongs to Jesus, who loves us all so much.

Below is the first of these six Passion locutions as mentioned at the beginning of this email.

With love,
The DFOT Team

February 19, 2018


“My Passion was offered to the Father as an example of human love perfected. Can a person live in the world, with all that it offers, and maintain a perfect position of love toward the Creator? Yes. I proved that it could be done. I was divine, even in my humanity, but I subordinated my divinity so that mankind would see that if one will only put the Father first, love will surround him and he will live in joy. I lived in joy. Do you believe it? Can people understand that I put the Father first and still existed in perfect joy? It is true. I did.

When one is in unity with the perfect love of one’s Creator, joy is not only possible, it is an unchosen state. When I say unchosen, I mean that it is so spontaneous that one finds oneself in joy unexpectedly. One chooses the Father, and one then experiences joy. One is tempted to sin, and one chooses instead the Father’s way, and one then experiences joy. There seems to be a time elapsing between the temptation, the choice for righteousness, and then the joy. Children of the Father, there is no time elapsing. Time ceases to be for those who remain fixed in love and fidelity toward the Father. These temptations that come float by. To be tempted is not to be sinful and there is no method of sin attaching to an apostle who has decided completely for the Father. One can be immersed in temptation, but if one simply continues to choose the righteous path, that person remains safe in the Father’s love.

Truly, if thoughts are directed to God then people will experience life as a journey through a beautiful world. Mankind is with God in the world insofar as he chooses God’s ways and God’s thoughts. My wounds, suffered for the sins of mankind, should be viewed as demonstrations of My love, which always reflects the Father’s love. When a person says that he loves someone, it is a good thing. When a person says that he loves someone, then uses his very body to protect that someone, there is little doubt that his sentiments of love are both true and deeply held. I did that for you. My sentiments of love for each of God’s children are true and deeply held. I love you, dear child of the Father. I am connected to you intimately as one who has offered one’s own life for another. We have a bond, you might say, an intimate bond that will never cease to be. I look at you steadily, craving notice. When you look at my wounds, do you see how much I love you? That is what I want you to see. I want you to look at my crucified form and believe that you are worth total love, total dedication, total immolation. You are worth everything there is and everything there will be. Any sacrifice is acceptable when it comes to your eternal life. Many people will be saved through my sacrifice and I will be in intimate relationship with them for eternity. But I hope for something more. I hope that you will begin an intimate relationship with me now.

I will repeat myself. When you view my wounds, please accept them as evidence of my total personal love for you.”

Prophet John Leary – Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ – March 20, 2018 Update

Prophet John Leary

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jesus said: “My son, when you read how the people with Moses complained about the manna, you were thinking about the coming people to your refuge. The people with Moses suffered from seraph serpents that bit them, and some died because of their complaining. This is a lesson to your refuge people, not to complain about the food. Moses asked God to help the people, so Moses was told to mount a bronze serpent on a pole, and hold it up. Those people, who were bit by the snakes, looked on the bronze serpent, and they were healed. At your refuge, you will have a luminous cross in the sky, so when you look upon it, you will be healed of your illnesses. This lifting up of a bronze serpent on a pole, also refers to Me when I was lifted up on the cross, when I died for your sins. When you look on My crucifix with the corpus, you see that I love all of you enough to die for you in saving your souls from sin. This miracle of My death and Resurrection, gives you all hope that you will be resurrected to heaven, if you follow My way. So pick up your own cross, as you will carry it through life to your death. This world will have many trials and sufferings from your human condition, but trust in Me to help you through everything. Offer up all of your sufferings to unite them with Me on My cross, and you could help other souls with redemptive suffering, as I did. I will never test you beyond your endurance, so continue to trust in My help each day with your trials. When you come to the gates of heaven, I will say: ‘Enter’ for you have done everything well My servant for love of Me.”

Monday, March 19, 2018
(St. Joseph, stepfather of Jesus)

St. Joseph said: “My son, you all have prayed to me at every one of your prayer meetings, but you could pray to me every day as well. You pray to my spouse, Mary, and my foster Son, Jesus, but you could include me in your daily prayers as well. I am a good example for all fathers and husbands to follow. You can call on me for help in all of your refuge projects. You know I am in construction and working with wood, so I could help you in your needs. Call on me for my intercession, and I will be there to help you.”

Jesus said: “My people, just as you see this open basket, you need to be open to My requests to help you through life. You need to listen to My Word, and turn off the noise and distractions of the world. As you come closer to Me, you even need to detach yourself from earthly things, and seek out My spiritual things. This is why it is good to seek out some quiet time with Me, so you can hear My words. This latest Lenten mission has encouraged you to have a dialogue with Me, or a two way conversation to help you with your missions. I have given you some projects to work on for your refuge, and you have been faithful in carrying them out. You can ask Me questions if you do not understand what I am asking. I usually give you explanations that are logical and spiritually motivating. I am always here to lead you and help you in your missions. Continue to trust in Me for all that I am asking of you.”

Sunday, March 18, 2018
(Fifth Sunday of Lent)

Jesus said: “My people, when I talked about the grain of wheat dying, I was referring to how I had to die at the hands of men to make reparation for all souls to be forgiven of their sins. I resurrected from the tomb to bring life to all souls. My faithful will also be resurrected at the last judgment, but during this life you must die to self, and let Me lead your life on a path to heaven. I want My people to be heaven bound and not earth bound. This life is temporary, and you all will face your judgment at the end of your life. If you are too attached to this life, you will not love Me and your neighbor. The devil and the worldly things can only lead you to hell, where there is hate and death to the soul forever. It is better to die to self and follow Me, by loving Me and loving your neighbor. It is by being faithful to Me that you will have My promise of eternal life in heaven. So choose life as heaven bound, and do not let this earthly life lead you astray.”

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you are seeing how the Jewish religious leaders did not take Me as a serous prophet, because I lived in Galilee in Nazareth. They did not know My parents were from the line of King David, and that I was born in Bethlehem. I did not proclaim My mission to them, nor did I tell them of where I was born. I kept My Messianic mission a secret, and I avoided places where the Pharisees lived. I did speak out in the synagogues, which is why My hometown people wanted to kill Me when I spoke of being God’s Son. As I showed miracles of raising people from the dead, and multiplying the bread and fish for thousands, it was hard to confine the number who believed in Me. You can see when I cured people on the Sabbath, how the Pharisees wanted to kill Me. You can also read in St. John’s Gospel how I claimed to be God’s Son, and the people criticized Me for blasphemy. You will see in the coming readings how the religious leaders did not like their authority threatened by My large crowds. This is why they sought to kill Me. This was My mission to die for all the people, but this only would take place at the proper hour, and not before. You are getting closer to Holy Week when Judas would betray Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you hell, but your people have turned everything upside down where good is bad, and bad is good. You have listened to the lies of Satan, and you are following man’s corrupt laws instead of being obedient to My laws. In man’s eyes you think it is all right to have abortions, and to live together in fornication without marriage. It is difficult for the children who are brought up without loving and worshiping Me. Many of your children are not coming to Mass on Sunday, because they do not think it is necessary for Me to lead their lives. Even some people come to Mass, but they do not show Me love the rest of the week. My faithful need to stand up against the evil ways of your society. Continue to let Me lead your lives, even if your peers have lost their faith, and do not love Me. When you see your young people not coming to church, their parents are not giving them a good example to follow. Despite your prayers for your children, sometimes they will fall away from the faith you taught them. This lack of faith is another sign of the end times. I am asking My faithful remnant to be patient until I will bring My Warning down upon all sinners. This may be the last opportunity to help save the souls in your family, who have turned away from Me. You will have to guide them back to Me, and back to Confession, when they will be more open to your words. Keep praying for your family to return to the faith of their roots in Me.”

Friday, March 16, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, (Jn 8:12) ‘I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me, does not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.’ My Light is how people come to see Me when they die. My Light also shines down on My people who are open to My Word. It is My Light that shows you the right path to heaven. My Light removes the darkness of sin, and you can cleanse your sins in Confession. I give you salvation by My death on the cross, and I give you My sacraments so you can walk in My Light. It is the Light of My graces that will set you free from the bonds of your sin in the darkness. Come into My Light, and follow Me, and you will have eternal life with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, in older times you saw how the Jews stored the Ten Commandments in the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. This was a sacred place that only the priests were allowed to give the incense. At the Last Supper I instituted the Holy Eucharist at the first Mass. After Holy Communion was given out, the consecrated Host needed to be stored in a tabernacle. I have My Real Presence in every Host, so I am present in all the tabernacles all over the world. This is why you come before Me in My tabernacle to give Me praise in Adoration. Many churches lock their doors after Mass, so it is difficult to have Adoration, except for places that are open. I am alone many hours of the day without anyone visiting Me. This is why I love open churches or tabernacles that are open to the public for Adoration. Give praise and thanks to Me for giving you Myself in My Blessed Sacrament.”

For James: Jesus said: “My people, James is in the bottom of purgatory because it is against My law to take one’s life. But I am merciful for those people who do such things, if there are uncontrollable circumstances that caused such an act. Pray for James’ soul and continue to have Masses said for him.”

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, the Jewish people in the desert waited a long time for Moses to bring down the Ten Commandments. During that time, they worshiped a golden calf, and God the Father was upset by their behavior. Moses stood in the breach to keep God the Father from consuming the depraved people. Moses divided the people between the believers and the non-believers. The evil ones were lost. In the Gospel I was giving testimony to My authority that was witnessed by St. John the Baptist and God the Father. I was telling them that if they could not obey the laws put down by Moses, how could they obey My new way of love? They could not understand that the love of God includes everyone, even their enemies. It is not easy to love everyone, but it is My call to be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect. Trust in My words, because My words are true, and they will last forever.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are working hard on your penances for Lent, as your fasting between meals, and whatever you are giving up, such as desserts or watching TV. Since you may have some extra time, you could do some spiritual reading, some Bible study, or watching some movies about My life, or the Ten Commandments. Some people prefer reading, while others learn from spiritual movies. This is one more Lenten devotion that you could add to what you are doing during Lent. When you put extra effort into your Lent, you can help your soul throughout the whole year.”

Jesus said: “My people, those of you, who live in the Northern states, are receiving more cold and snow than usual. You especially are waiting for the snow to melt, and warmer temperatures of spring. As you pass March 20, you will soon see new life in your spring flowers. This is a pretty time in nature to hear the birds singing, and the beautiful spring flowers breaking through the soil. Enjoy every season, but it is time to say good-bye to the snow.”

Jesus said: “My refuge builders, I want you to use your alternative heaters when you will not have natural gas to heat your refuge. Your people will need warm clothes because the heat may not be coming evenly to all parts of your house. You will be using your kerosene heater and your fire place with an efficient insert in the chimney. You may need an electric heater in your basement where it would be harder to heat. Plan your meals and have a sign up sheet for your all night prayers.”

Jesus said: “My people, Lent is a time to repent of your sins, and coming to Confession for My forgiveness, is a great time to have your souls cleansed of your sins. Take advantage of the extra Confession time to have your sins absolved by the priest. Make a good preparation before you enter the confessional. Be sure to pray your penance from the priest, and even do some extra prayers to help take away any bad habits. Work on avoiding occasions of sin for you. By coming close to Me in My sacraments, you can enrich your souls with My love and My graces.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of your school shootings are tragic when young lives are taken by mentally ill gunmen. It is not just the weapons that are causing the killings, but it is the mentally ill people who are killing your children. There are many suggestions being made to help prevent these shootings. Pray for the deceased, and for the grieving families, as well as the fellow student survivors.”

Jesus said: “My people, Holy Week is a special time of Lent that leads up to Easter Sunday. My faithful should attend the Holy Week services, even if they take some time to be there. I died on the cross for your salvation, so walk with Me through the Stations and the Triduum services. Once Lent comes to an end, then you will be celebrating My Easter Sundays up until Pentecost. You also will have an opportunity for a plenary indulgence for making your Divine Mercy Novena that lasts from Good Friday until Mercy Sunday.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are approaching March 17 for St. Patrick’s day feast when people celebrate the wearing of the green. St. Patrick’s shamrock is a good reminder to honor the Blessed Trinity of Three Persons in one God. This feast is followed by St. Joseph’s feast on March 19. Many churches celebrate a St. Joseph’s table with all kinds of loaves of bread. These are two great saints to remember in this coming week. This also adds some special services for your Lenten weeks. I love when you honor My saints, and when you praise Me at Adoration.”

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, in St. John’s Gospel, you see how he speaks of My Divinity in many passages. When I was questioned about how I spoke of God as My Father, I explained that He sent Me to the earth, and I followed all that He showed Me. I even gave life to several people who died. I told them that those people, who follow the Son of God, will have eternal life. I also talked of the Resurrection of those who died. (Jn 5:28, 29) ‘Do not wonder at this, for the hour is coming in which all who are in the tombs, shall hear the voice of the Son of God. And they who have done good, shall come forth unto Resurrection of life; but, they who have done evil, unto the resurrection of judgment.’ The good will be with Me in heaven, but the evil ones will be cast into the eternal flames of hell. You all have free will which I cannot violate, but you will choose to be with Me or not. It is by your own actions that you will be judged. So those people, who desire heaven, must show Me their love in their good deeds for love of Me, and love of their neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times you are driving at night while it is snowing. It is difficult to drive safely under these conditions as tonight. When you face such a danger, remember to pray your St. Michael prayer for your safety. If you have the long form, it would give you even more protection. There is also a danger that the evil one could cause an accident against you. Trust in your guardian angel and St. Michael to protect you from any evil or bad weather. You also remember to do your long form prayer of St. Michael when you are going out to give talks. I am helping you in your health, and protecting you from harm at all times. Be more attentive in these situations, so you can be protected from any accidents. It is also wise to clear off any snow, so you have good visibility. Think about your own safety, and the safety of your passengers. Thank Me and My angels for looking out for you.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, I took compassion on a man who was lame for thirty-eight years. There was a tradition when the waters of the Pool of Bethesda were stirred, people could have a healing for the first one to enter. Since the man could not enter the pool that well, others would enter before him. So I asked him if he wanted to be healed. When he agreed, I told him to pick up his mat and go home, and he was healed. Because he was healed on the Sabbath, he was criticized for carrying his mat. When the Pharisees found out I had healed him on the Sabbath, they wanted to get rid of Me for such healings on the Sabbath. Instead of rejoicing over a wonderful healing of a man who was lame for so long, these people had little faith in My mission. Even today, when you do good deeds for someone, there is little thanks, and others may not even acknowledge your good intentions. Even if people do not appreciate you are doing things out of love for Me, I see them, and I will store your treasure in heaven. Be willing to help people in need, even if they do not ask you. In all that you are doing, do things out of love for Me and love for your neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My people, the bread and wine are common foods, and they have been adopted in the Mass from its roots in the Passover Meal. You eat your three meals a day to nourish your body, but My consecrated Bread and Wine are given to you as My very Presence in Holy Communion. This is your spiritual food that nourishes your soul. It is My Body and Blood that I offer up on My cross at every Mass. My suffering on the cross has brought all of you salvation from your sins. This is why it is important to have a pure soul to receive Me without any mortal sins on your souls. If necessary, come to Confession to cleanse any mortal sin, so you can receive Me worthily in Holy Communion. The daily Mass provides your daily Bread with My Real Presence. I have told you before that the Latin Mass is My Mass of desire. You have participated in many Latin Masses before the vernacular Mass was given. Whichever Mass you attend, you have My same Body and Blood. Give glory and thanks to Me for giving you the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.”

For Betty T.: Jesus said: “My people, it is difficult to lose a mother, as when you lost your mother, My son. Pray for Betty’s soul with this Mass and your prayers. You all have to make amends for your souls when you die, and it is not uncommon for souls to spend some time in purgatory to be purified. You all are mourning for her loss, but she will be watching over her family. She sends her love for the family.”

Monday, March 12, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you are reading a description of the new heavens and new earth of the Era of Peace. Because you will be eating from the Tree of Life, you will be living a long time in the Era of Peace. This is why it says in Isaiah that one, who dies at 100 years old, will be considered a mere youth. In the Gospel I cured an official’s son of a fever without being at his home, because the official had faith in My Word. His faith was vindicated when he received word later on the way home, that the fever left his son at 1:00 p.m. This was the time I said he would be healed. The official’s whole family believed in Me because of this miracle. This is why all of My people should have faith in My healing power when someone invokes My Name for a healing.”

Jesus said: “My people, My refuge builders have been doing many projects to get their buildings ready to receive the people, who will be sent to My refuges. You may have to use more wood, kerosene, and propane, if you cannot use your natural gas burners. You may not be able to get natural gas when your sources are cut off. With alternative heaters, they may not be as efficient at getting enough heat to all the rooms of your buildings. This is why I am showing you My refuge builders who are adding extra insulation to their existing homes. The best place to add insulation would be in your attic and any crawl space over your ceilings. This would not be that expensive, and you could preserve some of your heating. All of My refuge builders might look into trying to improve their insulation. I am giving you more projects to help your people. Trust in My help for all that you will need.”

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, I am the potter and you are the clay that I fashion into a living person, once I place the spirit and soul into that body. You were all fashioned into an infant in the womb, but it was I who placed the spark of light into the body that gave life to the fertilized egg. It is just as you started in Lent, when you were dust and unto dust you shall return. But your soul and spirit live on forever, even once your physical body dies. It is the destination of your soul that is so important. By your life’s actions for good, you can put yourself on a path to heaven by loving Me and loving your neighbor. If you love Me in your neighbor, then you will help them with your time, money, and prayers. Do not be selfish with your gifts, but share your time and money with others. You can also share your faith in your attempts to evangelize souls to the faith. Trust in Me to help all of you on your path in life to heaven.”

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, take a lesson from this Gospel (Luke 18:9-14) that you are to remain humble, and be able to admit you are a sinner, as all of you are. Do not be prideful in any of your accomplishments, but thank Me for helping you in all that you do. Give glory to Me for all of your good deeds. You can do nothing without My help. So do not be like the proud Pharisee, because you have done nothing more than I asked you to do as My servant. Be like the publican who kept beating his breast and said: ‘O God, be merciful to Me the sinner.’ The publican went home justified in his coming to pray, but the Pharisee only gave praise to himself. Those people, who exalt themselves, will be humbled, but those people, who humble themselves, will be exalted. You know how people, who brag about themselves, is offensive to your ears, but it is even more offensive to Me. It is mercy I desire, and not burnt animal sacrifices of old. I sacrificed My life for all sinners, and this is the only sacrifice needed to save your souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a recent attack by the HAARP machine on your weather, and a chemtrail induced flu season on your health. These black operations are perpetrated by the one world people’s death culture. In your weather you are seeing multiple Northeaster storms that have put several million people without electricity by heavy amounts of snow. Some deaths have occurred as well. Your flu season has been consistent all over your country, putting people out of work, and many people in the hospital. Again more deaths than usual have been recorded. The chemtrails have viruses in them that are causing so much sickness. In areas with a lot of cloud cover, you cannot see how much the planes are putting into the sky. Both the HAARP and the chemtrails are controlled by the one world people using government operations. Your best defense is to use Hawthorn, vitamins, and herbs to build up your immune system. Call on My help to get through your sickness and bad weather.”

Friday, March 9, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, I was happy to see that the scribe understood that all the Mosaic laws were based on love of God and love of neighbor. Even when people come to their judgment, this is how I will judge people on how much they loved Me, and how much they loved their neighbors. This understanding and witness of love will be the key that opens the gates of heaven to enter. Many of the religious leaders of My day could recite all the different laws set forth by Moses in the Torah. Yet they did not always have the spirit of love in the law. They placed many burdens on the people, and they did not lift a finger to help them. They themselves did not always practice what they preached. This is why I told the people to follow the laws, but do not follow the Scribes and Pharisees’ example in their actions. Many of these leaders were hypocrites. This is why it is important for My faithful to practice what you preach, because your actions speak much louder than your words.”

Jesus said: “My people, this water falls reminds you how important it is to have a source of water for your earthly survival. This is why I am having you put in a water well for your refuge survival. You have some water in your barrels, but not enough for all the people who I will send to you. Pray for a good, clear flowing water pressure so you can bring it into your house. Water from Baptism is also important for your spiritual life. Baptism is the beginning of your faith life as your original sin is cleansed. Water has a meaning to cleanse your soul from sin, as when you come to Confession. You remember the Blessed Trinity who were Present at My Baptism. You also baptize your infant children with the sign of the cross. Give praise and thanks to Me for bringing salvation to all of My people with My death on the cross.”

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, I have given all of you My Commandments and My prophets to help keep you on the right path to heaven. Throughout history the Jews and others were not always faithful to Me. You are weak by your human nature, but I came to die for all of you to have an opportunity to be saved. My prophets then and now have been criticized for warning people how they should repent and change their evil ways. Following My ways may go against your human nature, but My ways are better than your ways. In the Gospel the people of My day thought I cast out demons through Beelzebub, the prince of demons. This was not how it happens, since it is by the power of God that I cast out demons. My exorcist priests and deliverance groups exorcize people in My Name, and through My power at all times. The demons are powerless against Me, so you need to invoke My Name in faith to cure people. Do not give any authority to the demons, and avoid occult and New Age practices. Continue to pray your St. Michael long form prayer for your family, and protection in your traveling. Trust in My help in battling the temptations of the demons.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you how the Coptic Christians in Egypt are being persecuted by terrorist elements that have bombed their churches, even while people were praying in them. This is how My faithful in America will one day suffer persecution, as the evil ones want to kill all of My followers. Pray for all Christians in the world who are being martyred or tortured for their faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, I thank all of My refuge builders for all they are doing to provide room for people to live during the tribulation. You are seeing some people suffering from power outages in the cold of winter. Some are using wood burners or kerosene burners for their heat. This is another reminder to have alternative heaters and fuels on hand. If more buildings are needed on My refuges, I will have My angels finish your buildings, or multiply your existing structures.”

Jesus said: “My people of your prayer group, I asked you to do a winter practice run, where you will turn off your natural gas heater, and use your wood fireplace and your kerosene burner. You will all have to wear warm clothes to keep warm, and plan your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I asked you to prepare spaghetti and meat sauce for your dinner. You will learn how to feed a good number of people with your butane burner and propane oven for baking your bread. You will have someone praying in your chapel every hour around the clock. You will have wind up flashlights and your battery operated lanterns for light. You will be praying your rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy in your chapel. By practicing in winter, you will be ready for all seasons at your refuge.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen power outages from ice storms, snow storms, thunderstorms, as well as hurricanes and tornadoes. You could even see a possible EMP attack from rogue nations. All of your refuge preparations could be used in such power losses. Having water, food, and fuels stored, could help you endure a long power outage. Many people would not have enough food to last a long time. At My refuges I will multiply what you need to survive. Trust in My angel protection that will shield you from bombs, diseases, and any demon attacks at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will be seeing a division in My Church where you will have a schismatic church teaching heresies and allowing New Age teachings. My faithful remnant will find it hard to get a true Mass in your churches. You will have to discern what is taught, and test it with your Catechism of the Catholic Church. Eventually, evil will become so rampant, that you will have to come to My refuges for a proper Mass and your protection. Trust in My angels to protect you on your way to My refuges.”

God the Father said: “I AM WHO Am is with you tonight, and I thank you for bringing back your picture of Me in the Transfiguration, as well as your Lenten picture of My Son. When My Blessed Sacrament is adored, you are adoring all Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity. I give you all My blessing for being here to adore Us. Continue your Lenten devotions so you can strengthen your souls against the evil ones’ temptations.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing another major storm coming in to your Eastern coast. Even though your area will not receive much snow, you can pray your storm prayer not only for your own protection, but also for those people who will be suffering the brunt of this storm. Pray that there will be less damage and minimal loss of life. It is one thing to pray for your own protection, but you also need to pray for those in the thick of this storm.”

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jesus said: “My people, you read how Moses wanted his people to have My laws written on their hearts. It is important to keep My Commandments in front of you, so you do not forget them. You have a nice display of the Ten Commandments on your walls of your chapel. The people of Moses’ time enshrined the tablets in the Ark of the Covenant, and they used this as their strength in Me. In the Gospel I told you how I came to fulfill the law, and not to change it. These words live on forever as a covenant with all of My people. After My Last Supper, I left you with another covenant of My very Presence in My consecrated Hosts, that you keep in your tabernacles. You can receive Me in Holy Communion, and adore Me in My monstrance during Adoration. Abide by My Commandments of love, and you will have eternal life with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you just had a powerful snow and wind storm along the East coast, and many people are still suffering from power outages. Now, you have another snow storm coming, but not as violent. This will be a problem for people trying to repair their downed power lines. Pray for these people because it is hard to have alternative heating without electricity in the cold of winter. It also may be difficult to get food if the stores do not have generators. You may need to do your storm prayer again, so you do not have any power outages. Even in your last storm, you saw how difficult it was to remove the heavy wet snow from your driveways. Be grateful that you have more light at night when you change your clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time this weekend. Trust in Me to help your people get through the last month or so of your winter season.”