Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “One can be immersed in temptation, but if one simply continues to choose the righteous path, that person remains safe in the Father’s love”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

Dear Friends,

During this Lent Anne recorded six locutions on the Passion. Last Thursday we sent out an excerpt from one of these locutions. We are calling these ‘Passion locutions’. We believe these new messages on The Passion have been offered by the Lord to help us gain a better understanding of His sacrifice.

“These messages on the Passion of Jesus are among the most profound, the most encouraging, the most loving and the most merciful that I have ever encountered” – Dr. Mark Miravalle, Theologian.

And so, we will release two of these Passion locutions this week, two next week and the remaining two in Holy Week. In addition to these locutions on the Passion, we also want you to know that Anne has received the first of another series of locutions. On Good Friday, we will send the first out. We get a serious feel from its tone and pray that everyone will receive this message on Good Friday in humility and willingness to be led.

As with all of our work, these writings have been initially cleared by our local authority and also by a theologian. They are consistent with our faith. When these writings are put into a book, we will apply for a formal Imprimatur, as we always do. But you can be confident that everything we offer is consistent with our teachings and supports both personal holiness and unity in our Catholic Church.

Lay Apostles, let us dispose ourselves toward God with gratitude and a spirit of service to our Church, because it belongs to Jesus, who loves us all so much.

Below is the first of these six Passion locutions as mentioned at the beginning of this email.

With love,
The DFOT Team

February 19, 2018


“My Passion was offered to the Father as an example of human love perfected. Can a person live in the world, with all that it offers, and maintain a perfect position of love toward the Creator? Yes. I proved that it could be done. I was divine, even in my humanity, but I subordinated my divinity so that mankind would see that if one will only put the Father first, love will surround him and he will live in joy. I lived in joy. Do you believe it? Can people understand that I put the Father first and still existed in perfect joy? It is true. I did.

When one is in unity with the perfect love of one’s Creator, joy is not only possible, it is an unchosen state. When I say unchosen, I mean that it is so spontaneous that one finds oneself in joy unexpectedly. One chooses the Father, and one then experiences joy. One is tempted to sin, and one chooses instead the Father’s way, and one then experiences joy. There seems to be a time elapsing between the temptation, the choice for righteousness, and then the joy. Children of the Father, there is no time elapsing. Time ceases to be for those who remain fixed in love and fidelity toward the Father. These temptations that come float by. To be tempted is not to be sinful and there is no method of sin attaching to an apostle who has decided completely for the Father. One can be immersed in temptation, but if one simply continues to choose the righteous path, that person remains safe in the Father’s love.

Truly, if thoughts are directed to God then people will experience life as a journey through a beautiful world. Mankind is with God in the world insofar as he chooses God’s ways and God’s thoughts. My wounds, suffered for the sins of mankind, should be viewed as demonstrations of My love, which always reflects the Father’s love. When a person says that he loves someone, it is a good thing. When a person says that he loves someone, then uses his very body to protect that someone, there is little doubt that his sentiments of love are both true and deeply held. I did that for you. My sentiments of love for each of God’s children are true and deeply held. I love you, dear child of the Father. I am connected to you intimately as one who has offered one’s own life for another. We have a bond, you might say, an intimate bond that will never cease to be. I look at you steadily, craving notice. When you look at my wounds, do you see how much I love you? That is what I want you to see. I want you to look at my crucified form and believe that you are worth total love, total dedication, total immolation. You are worth everything there is and everything there will be. Any sacrifice is acceptable when it comes to your eternal life. Many people will be saved through my sacrifice and I will be in intimate relationship with them for eternity. But I hope for something more. I hope that you will begin an intimate relationship with me now.

I will repeat myself. When you view my wounds, please accept them as evidence of my total personal love for you.”