Direction For Our Times – Jesus Christ – “I want to offer a promise to everyone who desires a relationship with Me”

Direction For Our Times, Jesus Christ, The Returning King

February 23, 2018


“I want to offer a promise to everyone who desires a relationship with Me. My promise is this: I will thin your perception of distance between us. If you want to have a relationship with Me that is intimate and constant, I will help you to remain disposed toward Me. This is the time to rely on Me. If you are struggling, then this is your answer. Come into a closer relationship with Me, which I will support, and you will come to know Me in a way that changes your perspective of your struggles and fills you with hope. I want this for you. Do you want this for you? Do you want this for Me? Talk to Me in your heart about your worries and hopes and I will show you how to change your life if it needs to change.

If you are not struggling, then you must believe that this is a good time to begin a more personal and constant relationship with Me. This increased knowledge of My presence will stand to you on this day and on every day. Do you want to know what I hope that you will do every day? Then you must turn toward Me and learn to both ask Me and listen to My answer. Do not be afraid that your life will become hard if you follow Me. The opposite is true. Your life will become peaceful and calm. I want you to have a happy life, full of laughter, despite any trials. All human beings are called to serve each other. To do so in joy makes the service a gift to self and other. Your service to each other becomes your delight when you think like Me. To help the people around you and to accept help from them is to live in the Kingdom of God, where the need of one is the need of all.

Remain close to Me and I will show you how to do all of this without even thinking. Rather, I will show you My way of being. When you accept from Me freely, and also give freely, I can give you more and more. A generous heart will draw from Heaven in a profound way, steadily and always with a surplus. What would I withhold from you? Nothing. I cannot resist you. We are meant to be together and you are meant to live a life which is constantly supported by Me. You need consolation at times. I suffered intense loneliness at times during My life. I chose the Father’s will always and this meant that My heart remained alert to Him first. You have Me to help you to live this way. I want to do this for you. I watch you trying and you are so full of goodness. I can help you to know you are loved and to live as though you are the Father’s only child, the heir to all. Please trust and believe that at every moment I am seeking contact with you. Turn your thoughts to Me and you will see that I am there, waiting, as alert to you as I was to My Father.”