Exciting News Announcement! 2019 Continental Jericho Prayer March – Monday, April 29th to Sunday, May 5th (7 Days)

Click below to download these two free PDF documents for the Jericho Prayer March:

URGENT Prayer Request – February 2019 – Jericho Prayer March – Major Supernatural Battle Taking Place (PDF)

Quick Guide – The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PDF)

Dear Beloved Blog Followers,

Many of you will recall an urgent prayer effort that took place in late February and March of this year. There were several heavenly messages about it and I wrote a commentary to encourage everyone to participate. It is called the “Jericho Prayer March” and it involved praying 4 Rosaries a day for 7 days so Heaven could act in both the supernatural and physical world to stop a potentially devastating world war from manifesting on earth.

(See original message: URGENT Prayer Request – February 2019 – Jericho Prayer March – Major Supernatural Battle Taking Place https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/2019/02/26/urgent-prayer-request-february-2019-jericho-prayer-march-major-supernatural-battle-taking-place/)

Well, I have exciting news to share with you about behind the scene developments. A very devoted blog follower of MaryRefugeOfHolyLove felt moved to organize a prayer effort among those whom she prayed with in her country. And through her efforts, almost 300 people participated in the Jericho Prayer March during the month of March. These 300 people lived in Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Puerto Rico, and the exciting part of the effort is that many of the participants were “fallen away Catholics.” Many read the messages and felt called to be involved although many of them did not even pray the Rosary on a regular basis and in many cases were living in sin away from the Catholic church. Yet, by the grace of God and Our Lady, they recognized the seriousness of Heaven’s messages and they desired to pray and even amend their lives. And so, the month of March was broken up into 4 weekly prayer groups with people choosing the week they could participate in the 4 daily Rosaries.

And of course, it was a great success.

Now, from this initial group of 300 people, word of the heavenly messages on the Jericho Prayer March spread outwards, and now, through the efforts of many, there is being organized a “Continental Jericho Prayer March” to begin on Monday, April 29th, for 7 days. It is being promoted throughout Latin America on social media, in large countries such as Brazil and Argentina, and abroad, and thousands of Spanish-speakers are signing up to participate in the 4 daily Rosaries.

My beloved blog followers, I am excited to share this development with you all today, especially, this Holy Week. And, of course, the organizers of the Continental Jericho Prayer March desire to invite all English-speakers to join them in this united prayer effort to truly make this a continental event. Whether you participated the first time or not, I want to encourage you to do this prayer effort of 4 daily Rosaries again for the 7 days from April 29th to May 5th and to ask others to join as well. Whether in prayer groups or simply individually or in the family, let’s really storm Heaven with this prayer effort and make the walls of evil in people’s hearts come crashing down.

And so, along with this blog posting, are two PDF documents that can be downloaded and printed out. The first document are the prayer intentions for the 4 Rosaries requested by Heaven in the original message given to the two visionaries back in late February 2019 (Holy Family Refuge and Oasis of Peace). And the second document is a guide on how to pray the Most Holy Rosary for those who need it.

Finally, I want to encourage those who are ambitious, to pray the 4 Rosaries with the Rosary of the Unborn (saving one infant from abortion with each Hail Mary) from Holy Love Ministries (http://www.holylove.org) and/or praying the Flame of Love Hail Mary also (which blinds satan each time it is said). That would really cause a supernatural punch on the Jericho walls of evil surrounding us all. Thank you for supporting this effort!

God bless you all!

much love,
–a soul


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