Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet – “Treat prayer as a very important part of your daily lives – Life is so short but eternity is forever”

Public Message
October 14, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

I AM Jesus born incarnate.

My love, I AM always here, I AM in your midst. You are right in calling my name. The name which is purely peace. Peace amongst men is what I require. Me, Jesus is suffering to such an extent. I AM in need of consolation. Place your hearts with love then I can fill your lives with joy. When my children put their personal lives in order then they can go out into the world and be my apostles and prayer, treat prayer as a very important part of your daily lives. Life is so short but eternity is forever.

I desire my children to begin their day with this prayer:

‘My Lord I love you, help me this day and bring all those who don’t know you to your Sacred Heart.’

This is a prayer that will save many souls. My love is there for everyone. Please take what I give. I AM a generous God. My children come out of hibernation and seek the light.

My blessings are upon you all.

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.