Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet of Love – “I AM placed at the side of the altar and child you know this upsets me – This occurred because of modernism – It’s something I abhor”

Public Message
October 22, 2019
After Litany of St Raphael and Divine Mercy Chaplet

Note: The following message relates to the Holy Mass we attended at 9:30am this morning. Like many modern churches, this church has the tabernacle placed to the side and not behind the altar in the center.

I AM Jesus born incarnate.

Oh what joy you bring me child. I have been with you all morning and I was there when you both received me. Yes, your husband felt my presence and child I can tell you that my priest is feeling poorly. Also he may not survive. I would like some prayer for him. He is a priest who is not somewhat fully with me. I AM placed at the side of the altar and child you know this upsets me. I could have been positioned at the center if only my son had pushed for this. Place me there, please (sad voice). This occurred because of modernism. It’s something I abhor. I AM God! I AM worthy to be in the center of my house. (quite angry) When will this happen? It’s not meant to be a church that concentrated on pleasing the people! No (head shakes disapprovingly), it’s my house! I AM to be the center stage. I AM there for you. You may feast at my altar. I AM always present at my house and I love my children who attend my house. It’s a love that I place in your hearts when you come to me (gentle smile).

I AM Jesus and I come to save my children.


In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit.