Three Recommended Websites Related To The Holy Love Messages

An older post from 2017 that people who love the Holy Love messages can appreciate! –a soul

Mary Refuge Of Souls

I (a soul) would like to recommend three websites to my blog followers, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, that are related to the Holy Love messages (Holy Love Ministries,

The first website is called, “Angels of Maranatha – Missionary Servants of Holy Love” at

Angels of Maranatha is a lay apostolate dedicated to promoting the Holy Love messages and the Rosary of the Unborn. They organize bus pilgrimages to the home of Holy Love Ministries at Maranatha Spring and Shrine in North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA, whenever there is a public apparition announced by Our Lord and Our Lady.

For those who are unable to pilgrimage to Holy Love Ministries, I recommend visiting their website for the many beautiful photographs and videos of Maranatha Spring and Shrine. On the homepage is a 14-minute virtual tour of Maranatha which is very nicely done.

On this page, you can view individual photos of the…

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