The Little Prophet of Love – Official Website, Prayer Requests, Spanish/French Messages, and New Forum

Blessings dearly beloved followers,

As you have seen, for the past several weeks, I have been posting on this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, the heavenly messages given to The Little Prophet of Love, whom I have known for awhile. She receives daily messages–most of them private–but every few days, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will give her a public message, which I have been sharing with you all.

Well, I am happy to announce that there is an official English website for The Little Prophet of Love. I will still be posting the heavenly messages to my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, but Jesus specifically asked for a separate website, so more people could be reached online. What is nice about the official website, is that there is an ‘About’ page, so people can learn more about The Little Prophet of Love; and her husband will be sharing frequent reflections about the messages on the website blog.

Official Site: The Little Prophet Of Love

About The Little Prophet of Love

Blog: Inspirational Thoughts on the Messages

Now, the second reason that Jesus asked for a separate website is because He has given The Little Prophet of Love and her husband the great mission and responsibility of praying for the salvation of souls at this particular time. So, she and her husband are taking this task quite seriously, and they want to receive prayer requests to bring to Jesus.

As we know, the closer a person is in holiness to the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, the greater graces flow from His Heart through His chosen soul as blessings upon others. Well, I, “a soul,” can testify that The Little Prophet of Love and her husband are a particularly blessed and devout Catholic couple, who are very close to God. And I feel honored to be able to help them in their sacred mission of bringing souls back to Jesus. So, please, if you have a prayer request–whether it is great or small, please send it to them to bring to Jesus. They are particularly interested in praying for the loved ones you may have that are far from God–as that is Jesus’ high priority for them among prayer requests.

Prayer Requests Taken By The Little Prophet of Love

In addition, I wanted to introduce everyone to my Spanish blog, MariaRefugioDelAmorSanto. It is in its initial stages, so I hope to add more content in the coming weeks and months about the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) on the site.  But, in the meantime, if you or someone you know, would like to receive either the heavenly messages at Holy Love Ministries, Our Lady of Medjugorje, and The Little Prophet of Love in Spanish by email, please sign up on my Spanish blog’s homepage. Here is also the webpage for the Spanish messages for The Little Prophet of Love.

El Pequeño Profeta Del Amor

Finally, I want to share with you two more items. Firstly, there is a French website for the messages of The Little Prophet of Love.

Petite Prophète d’Amour

But, even more exciting is the fact that a bilingual forum has been created for The Little Prophet of Love in French and English. Here is the link:

French and English Forum

The reason that I am excited about this new forum, is because I know that many people follow my blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, from around the world, and my website lacks this feature to create a sense of community with people who share this common interest in Heaven’s messages today. This has been deliberate on my part, as I do not have time to moderate a forum, among other reasons. However, this new forum will give people an opportunity to share their thoughts about Heaven’s messages–both approved and unapproved–with individuals who share similar beliefs on what is happening in this End Times. The only thing that I ask, is because this new forum is built to promote the messages of The Little Prophet of Love, that responses on the forum be related to such messages. For example, discussion can be about Papa God’s daily Holy Love message and how it is related to Jesus’ message to The Little Prophet of Love, etc. Or, how to live the spirituality of Holy Love along with the guidance that Jesus is giving through The Little Prophet of Love, etc. Likewise, you can discuss apparitions like Garabandal, Medjugorje, etc.–even the Book of Truth, etc., so long as it is related to The Little Prophet of Love.

I hope that many people are blessed by this post today.

I love you.
–a soul

The Little Prophet of Love
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