Holy Family Refuge – December 2019 – A New Healing Prayer from God the Father to help His children in this time of battle

Holy Family Refuge Messages

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December 2019, A New Prayer from God the Father to help His children in this time of battle

God the Father’s Healing Prayer

To pray this healing pray over another person, both individuals must join hands to form a circle. If this Healing Prayer is being prayed over the phone, ask the Guardian Angel of the person you are praying for to hold hands with you, and ask your Guardian Angel to hold hands with the person you are praying for in order to form the circle. Then you will be tied to them by their angel and your angel as if you were face to face holding each other’s hands.

St. Anne, please take (insert name) as your spiritual child beside Mary within your womb. Let (insert name) heart beat with your heart and Mary’s heart. Let (insert name) blood flow with your blood and Mary’s blood. Let (insert name) breath breathe with your breath and Mary’s breath. Let (insert name) be fed with the same milk that Mary was fed. Let your healing power and Mary’s healing power flow through (insert name) from the top of her/his head to the bottom of her/his feet.

Now, Mary when you became the Mother of Jesus and He was in your womb, please take (insert name) into your womb and let your blood and Jesus’ blood flow with (insert name) blood. Let your heart and Jesus’ heart beat with (insert name) heart. Let your three hearts become one just like the Holy Trinity is one with three persons. Let your breath and Jesus’ breath breathe with (insert name) breath to bring her/him healing and peace.

Now (insert name), take St. Anne and Mary as your spiritual mothers and protectors and take Jesus as your God. Take St. Joachim and St. Joseph as your spiritual fathers from Heaven to heal, protect and love you the way God the Father heals, protects and loves all of His children.

(Insert name), all you have to do to earn this healing is to go to Confession and give your free will to God. Then God, who is all loving, just and merciful, will give you healing.

I, God the Father, am giving this Healing Prayer because I love all My children. This Healing Prayer is needed because of the evil times you are now living in. I am an all loving God but also a just God because you cannot be all loving without being all just. Love, God the Father of Heaven and Earth. Amen.