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Update (Published Today, 2/1/21): After 440,000 Americans reportedly died, mainstream media and Big Tech finally admit hydroxychloroquine works

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Blessings beloved ones,

A devoted follower of MaryRefugeOfSouls sent me the following video featuring Dr. Simone Gold of the organization, America’s Frontline Doctors ( which unites doctors who are dedicated to telling the truth about Covid-19 based on scientific facts and genuine research. In the video, Dr. Gold discusses facts about Covid-19 and its vaccines that are not commonly known but very important to know. It is a video worth watching and sharing with others.

One of the important things that Dr. Gold talks about is the malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine, and its successful treatment for Covid-19. Hydroxychloroquine has been around for 65 years and has very little side-effects across the different age spans. So, it is very safe, and it is an over-the-counter drug in many countries in the world, such as India, France, and most countries in Africa — basically, places that are exposed to malaria due to mosquitos. But, in countries like the U.S., it is only available by prescription because there is not a wide-spread demand to bring malaria drugs to the market over-the-counter.

Well, if you or your loved ones are American and are interested in possible  treatments like Hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug – Ivermectin, and others, etc., you can arrange a “tele-medicine” (telephone) appointment with a doctor through America’s Frontline Doctors (, and receive these types of medications through their pharmacy connections. Both the doctor’s appointment and the generic medications are not covered by insurance but the costs seem very reasonable (please see their website).

In addition, I did a little research online and there are overseas pharmacies which caters to people in different countries where Hydroxychloroquine can be obtained without prescription. But, you will need to research those alternatives yourself.

Finally, here is a link to some health articles about Hydroxychloroquine that you should read to see if this is a treatment option that you might be interested in. It is my understanding that zinc and vitamin C should also be taken for Covid-19.

God bless,
–a soul

P.S. I am not a healthcare professional and I am not giving medical advice for any person’s particular circumstances. But I am presenting the scientific truth that was shared on the video and in the health articles that I shared through the search link.

America’s Frontline Doctors – Dr. Simone Gold shares the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines (56:09 minutes)