Direction For Our Times – Blessed Virgin Mary to lay apostle, Anne – “I made practical mistakes in my life but my mistakes never misrepresented my beloved Father, whom I adored without pause”

Three New Locutions
Blessed Virgin Mary to a lay apostle, Anne
Direction For Our Times, The Apostolate of the Returning King

March 25, 2021
Mary, Mother and Queen of the Church

From the beginning, I remained in the Father’s heart, in his light. I possessed his ongoing love because he possessed me fully. You might say I belonged fully to him. I, through the Creator’s extraordinary plan, did not endure a fallen nature. Anne, I possessed no rebellion. I remained in the resonance of the Father’s love. All I needed to know was the divine plan. I did not decide what to do in my life. I discerned the Father’s greatest resonance in each moment and moved into that resonance, much like a small child will always move toward their mother or father.

My Creator, my Father… there are no words to describe my love for him and my fearlessness in carrying out his holy and marvellous plans. You admire me because I remained faithful to the early Church, brought about by my son’s total gift. Anne, I was born into the heart of my Father, my all, much as you remain fixed in the heart of my son. Are you part of the plan for Christ’s Church on Earth? I was never apart from the love or plan of God, our Father, our Creator, our most wise and benevolent master. God is the master of love and the one true master of the human heart, which he created in his image.

Anne, my relationship with Jesus was that of a mother to her son. But I also recognised in him both the authority of my Father, and the commitment to me that I knew belonged to God. I departed from the place of my son’s crucifixion a devastated human mother, yes, but also an undeterred disciple and a created, beloved being of the Father, simply seeking out the next greatest hope of my beloved Creator.

March 26, 2021
Mary, Mother and Queen of the Church

Your desire to know me, your mother, is a good desire. I will honor it because the better you know me, the better you can come to understand yourself and where you come from. You are my child. As my child, you possess the influence of my spirit, even if I am not with you physically. This influence prompts sensitivity to the condition of the people around you, whom you view with compassion. The greater the influence of your mother, the greater your compassion. When human beings view each other with compassion, they are more likely to contemplate in kindness and offer that which will serve people who are suffering and in need. We need this disposition, little daughter.

When I confronted the desire of my Creator to allow a fresh spirit to influence humanity in the early development of the Church, I set about the task at once. I watched without cease for seeds of arrogance that could grow into distorted expressions of my son. They were there, the seeds of distortion. How did I recognise them? Because I possessed no rebellion, I saw with God’s heart. If I looked into the future of a pattern of thinking and saw that it would lead man to believe human thinking was more important than God’s plan, I spoke at once. Because I possessed no rebellion, those around me understood that my counsel came from God and that it represented the desires of my son, whom they finally recognised as divine. I felt no burden in this, although I experienced disappointment at the rebelliousness of others at times.

What did I do at those moments?

I rested in my Creator and rejoiced in my son’s resurrection. Man could not destroy my son. They could not sully him with unruly and false human positions of authority. When one rests in the primacy of all authority, the Creator, one views all other representations of authority clearly. Either the authority one encounters is righteous, and thus in line with the Creator, or it is false and absurd, given to actions that are not righteous and that have nothing to do with God. It is easy to determine which representation of authority one encounters. One simply must ask these questions. Is the person too attached to the authority? Is the authority which emerges from the person seeking to dominate and control for the sake of personal gratification? Although a person cannot separate themself from their actions completely, many grow into detachment very well. However, if the person is seeking to personally exert control and domination over others in order to feed and maintain a distorted or prideful appetite? This results in an abuse of power which feeds destruction.

Abuse of power always ends in human structures destroying themselves from within. Over time, even the bricks of buildings which are home to the structures crumble. Anne, do you see this now? Can you see where influence is used against God’s children, rather than for God’s children? The spirit of their mother is not present. Why should people desire the spirit of their mother? My spirit? Because it most accurately represents the Spirit of the Trinity. Anne, I had no rebellion in me. Which person created by God shares that condition fully? I had no thirst for power. I had nothing that was separate to the love the Father lavished upon me and each of us, and I had the fidelity and tenderness I enjoyed from my son.

God, my God, my Creator was everything to me. Thus his plans were my plans fully, completely. Yes I was fearless, and I remain fearless. If the Church is to be renewed, and it must be, it will require my assistance. I am the Immaculate Conception. At the beginning of the Church of my son, I felt determination. I feel determination now. We must imbue the Church with the spirit of its mother. Only then will the Church understand where it came from. Only then will its identity form authentically again.

Anne, anyone who fails to understand my leadership or misunderstands my right to lead, misunderstands my son and God’s purpose in sending my son. Jesus is the divine authority. I am simply a follower. But my authority rests in the fact that through the benevolence of our Father, I never experienced rebellion against God or my son. My authority, therefore, comes from God’s gift to me in creating me without a fallen nature to endure. My authority is from God, for God, and for each one of his children. My son, your saviour, has a mother. I am she. Each child on Earth also has a mother. I am that mother. My son’s Church behaves in this moment as though she has no mother and thus no guidance, no maternal spirit to animate it humbly and correctly. What must happen, Anne? What must be altered? I will tell you.

March 27, 2021 (1)
Mary, Mother and Queen of the Church

Because mankind grows and develops and changes, spiritual service to mankind must also grow and develop and change. Service must adjust. Anne, some matters never change, but others simply must adapt and evolve. Different periods of time on Earth present different challenges. These challenges affect God’s children, my children, and they affect how the Church cares for God’s children and represents God on Earth. It is an awesome responsibility to represent God. Which person could claim to do so consistently? Without pause? Without mistakes? There is no other person who could make that claim.

Anne, I make that claim. I represented God consistently, without pause. I made practical mistakes in my life but my mistakes never misrepresented my beloved Father, whom I adored without pause. My love was his love. I did not depart from his love. I offered God’s love to others consistently because I did not become disillusioned by the cost of following that love.

People on Earth may have moments where they glimpse the majesty and power of God. They may have moments where they glimpse a certain extent of his total sweetness and his kindness. Those moments can cause them to live differently, to choose to serve God that day, or even to make a lifelong choice to serve God. Anne, I lived in those moments. I never parted from the awareness that God loved me fully and that he cared for me in every circumstance. My Father, my beloved Father. I would have done anything necessary to move toward his divine will, his precious and marvellous plans. Every circumstance in my life caused me to contemplate him deeply. I never finished contemplating my Father’s love. I still contemplate his love, and direct every person to the great love our Father has for all of us, available through Jesus.

My commitment to God moved me without pause into the role he established for me. There was always another marvellous plan in which I could participate for my Father. All was an adventure of accompaniment in my life. God never left me. It never occurred to me to leave God, because again, I had no rebellion in me. I was not tormented in that way. Did I suffer? My sufferings were many, but I never suffered temptation against God or against his marvellous plan for me. I never entertained such temptation. I marvelled at how blessed I was to know God because I could see that other people did not possess the same awareness. This, Anne, caused me to beseech God without pause. When Jesus, my anointed son, came to be, I understood that the Father had created me for a plan that would always be unique. I knew my journey through time would include moments that could not be understood as separate to the supernatural power of God. Thus, I accepted that the supernatural power of God would always be working around me and I came to expect it. I did not allow trouble or hardship to distract me from God’s power. If God allowed something which involved me, I knew it was part of the plan we shared and I moved through it with determination to do my best for him.

My son, my saviour. He came to help people. He was not only from God, he was God. There would be no benefit in recounting the extent of all that occurred in the life of my child, my saviour. There are some realities that human beings can only comprehend in the next life. That said, the plan for the life of Jesus Christ rested in my heart and was the biggest, most wonderful plan God could create for his children on Earth. I was one of his children on Earth, and I was in the position to assist him with the most unique task that could be asked of a woman. It was for this reason and this purpose that I was created immaculate. I am the mother of Jesus and I am the mother, created by God, of all humanity.

Because God created me so specifically for my role, Jesus took delight in me as God’s special hope for women. Anne, it is time humanity understood that they have a Father, a Saviour, and a Consoler in times of trouble. Humanity also possesses a mother created by God to provide something more, something sublime and sweet, something uniquely feminine. This “something more”, my contribution to the Church, is needed now, at this time. My hope is that many, many women will answer my invitation to unite themselves practically with me in service to God for the renewal of the Church of my son. My hope is that the Church on Earth will humble herself and accept the urgency of renewal in the hearts of each of my children, most especially my sons in the priesthood. Will this be painful? If personal renewal does not cause some sorrow, some remorse, that is a signal the process remains incomplete.


Invitation To Become A Child Of Mary

God the Father – “Many, today, do not believe in the existence of Purgatory and Hell, but find out too late that their existence is true – What you believe in needs to align with what is taught to you in the Bible, Church Traditions and the Commandments”

Holy Love Ministry

March 31, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“The Apostles did not believe in My Son’s* Resurrection until it happened. Many, today, do not believe in the existence of Purgatory and Hell, but find out too late that their existence is true. You cannot control what is true and what is false just by your human beliefs. What you believe in needs to align with what is taught to you in the Bible, Church Traditions and the Commandments. The Apostles rejoiced when they discovered the Truth on My Son’s Resurrection. However, these days, many souls bitterly regret their disbelief in Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Live your life in the Truth of their existence.”

Read 1 Timothy 2:1-4+

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all men, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, godly and respectful in every way. This is good, and it is acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

* Our Lord and Savior, Jesus


Is There A God? Does God Exist? Who Is Jesus Christ? What Is The Gospel? (Videos And Resources)

Jesus Christ – You Are Forgiven, I Give You My Mercy

Jesus Christ – You Are Loved By Me And My Father

Jesus Christ – I Will Forgive Atheists, I Give You My Mercy

Our Lady – Mary – Speaks To The Mother Of An Aborted Child

Jesus and Mary Speak To Those Suffering Depression and Considering Suicide

English with Spanish Translation – Online (ZOOM) Conference with Prophet John Leary – Wednesday, March 31, 2021 (TODAY!) – 7pm to 11pm EST (New York, USA time-zone)

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
7pm – 11pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Talk: Spanish Translated Meeting
John and Carol Leary with Nilda Rodriguez (Translator)

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(Spanish): Aceite de Viernes Santo para la curación, la protección y la liberación: un remedio del padre Michel Rodrigue de Canadá

Aceite de Viernes Santo para la curación, la protección y la liberación: un remedio del padre Michel Rodrigue de Canadá

(Spanish) Traducción al español de las Instrucciones para el aceite curativo del Viernes Santo. Dios los bendiga, un alma

Maria Refugio De Almas



1) Uno o más envases que pueden contener el aceite de oliva caliente

2) Aceite de oliva puro (preferiblemente aceite de oliva extra virgen de una sola fuente, no mezclado)

3) Tela de algodón enrollada y utilizada como mecha (mechas disponibles en Hobby Lobby, Michael’s y otras tiendas de artesanías)
un frasco de gelatina o un frasco pequeño de pepinillos con un orificio del tamaño de una uña en el medio para pasar la mecha por un extremo y atar, permitiendo que la tapa con la mecha caiga al fondo del recipiente y la mecha misma se eleve levantarse de la tapa y flotar sobre el aceite.

4) encendedor o fósforo

5) Jeringa grande para extraer el aceite bendito completo del recipiente y colocarlo en el (los) recipiente (s)

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God the Father – “The sum total of all your days upon earth will be judged upon the depth of love in your heart as you lived out each day, I have given you”

Holy Love Ministry

March 30, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“The sum total of all your days upon earth will be judged upon the depth of love in your heart as you lived out each day, I have given you. Have you performed your daily duties with love for Me and your fellow man? Have you respected My Commandments out of love for Me and your neighbor? Have you practiced a virtuous life – an exemplary life – not to impress others, but out of love for Me? These are the questions each soul should ask himself in any examination of conscience. This is the groundwork of a soul intent on reaching Heaven. This is the foundation of living in My Divine Will.”

Read 1 John 2:9-10+

He who says he is in the light and hates his brother is in the darkness still. He who loves his brother abides in the light, and in it there is no cause for stumbling.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

A message from Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love.

VISIT: ‘My Sacred Shelter’ to place free prayer requests, as well as for more intensive prayer and fasting for your special intentions; sign-up for blog posts. God bless, — a soul

‘My Sacred Shelter’

30th March
2021 10.54am

Let’s begin. I AM Jesus. You please Me child. You are an example. Children these days have lost their ways. This is not going to end well for many. Children, where are you? This, children has to stop!
Look around children, these times have been spoken of. Children you have all become unrecognizable. Though I have some, I have a small number. I wait but My patience has lost its length.

This is your Jesus.

My love I will not speak anymore. I AM saddened. This will never be again. My last chance to ask you children. I want everyone to come home. Luck, luck will not be on your side. Listen, walk in My ways. Please. I love every child. Place Me, Me ‘Jesus’ in your life. I will come again and I AM going to take My own. Prepare children.

I love you .

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Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – “Beginning Holy Week, My Maternal Heart wishes to remain active in each one of you, My Children – How little you understand, and how slow are your hearts to believe all that the Prophets have announced!”

Revelaciones Marianas

MARCH 28, 2021

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:


Let us begin this Commemoration of the Self-Sacrifice of My Divine Son with the knowledge which the Most Holy Trinity has allowed you to have through these Appeals.



My Son passes in front of you and you do not recognize Him, like the Disciples on the way to Emmaus. You need to focus on knowing My Son, you need stillness as you work and act, so that the Holy Divine Spirit would enlighten and inspire you, and so that you would not be hasty in your actions, so as not to be led away from My Son by them.


Human beings are slow to recognize My Son because they do not reason but behave due to inertia, by imitation or out of compliance. You will not reach Eternal Life this way: you need to focus on spiritual life and not focus on external things that are temporary. (Lk 24:25)



Your intentionality is very necessary: intentional development of your actions or works is decisive on the path of Salvation; right and healthy intention is profitable and results in the flourishing in each one of you of that which previously was hidden, leading you towards the good.


Children, live within the True Magisterium of the Church of My Son. Do not succumb to easy rules that do not require sacrifice, conversion, surrender, prayer, unity, witness, fasting, love of neighbor, and above all the worship of the Holy Trinity.

Participation in the innovations will lead you to perdition, ignorance and being dependent in your work and behavior. It will make you succumb regarding your values ​​and good habits; it will lead you to give your consent to norms that are not the Divine Will.

As Mother, I invite you to live each day with the goal of improving, of ordering your spiritual life, of finding within the Cross of My Son true peace, true love, abundant goodness, the antidote for impatience, intolerance, for an aggressive character, domination, misunderstanding and authoritarianism. These and other defects take root in the human being until man can no longer identify them.


How little you understand, and how slow are your hearts to believe all that the Prophets have announced!

Pray, My children, pray for the peace of the world.

Pray, My children, pray: receive My Son in the Eucharist.

Pray, My children, pray: look at the Cross, meditate upon and unite with it.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

Do not fear what is to come, do not fear: fear paralyzes.

I bless you.

Mother Mary


MARCH 24, 2021

Beloved People of God:


Human beings have hardened their hearts: they are pleased with the sacrileges, heresies, crimes, insults, abominations and other sins with which they are seriously offending the Most Holy Trinity and Our Queen and Mother of Heaven and Earth.


THE LAW OF GOD IS ALREADY BEING SUPPLANTED by very human concepts, tailored to groups with roots in the elite who direct the world, with the objective of creating Schism within the Church.

When distant from Divine Love and from the Love of Our Queen and Mother, human beings are defenseless faced with the darts of evil, tempting them in order to make them fall.


Humanity does not listen or see; it does not fear what it is experiencing in this moment, nor what is to come, not taking it with due seriousness.

The future is uncertain for you; although humanity is setting aside its relationship with Our King and Lord Jesus Christ without being terrified by this, what does create terror for humanity is the fall of the economy, and it will fall… Poor creatures without Faith will feel as if they are losing their lives!

Food will become scarce as humanity has never known before; lukewarm Faith will increase fear and uncertainty.

Humanity lives by what brings immediate well-being; as it does not know God, it cannot recognize him. As man neither uses thought, nor reasons concerning the causes and effects of his actions, HE FORGETS THAT, IF THE PEOPLE OF GOD ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE, THEY WILL BE HELPED WITH MANNA FROM HEAVEN TO FEED THEM. (Ex. 16:4)

Our Queen and Mother will not forsake you, and She continues to care for her Son’s People.

Pray, children of Christ the King: a new plague will come, bringing pain and fear along with it; young people will pay no heed and make no reparation – they will suffer first. Pray, children of Christ the King.

Oh, humanity! Waiting to go back to past normality is very incongruent with the reality to come.


Do not forget My Words as you forget everything that you promise; individual spiritual transformation must include the awareness of what it means to SAVE THE SOUL. This is a continuous, conscious spiritual work in which you need to use your senses, memory, understanding and will, united with reason and Faith.

Do not walk like robots following what is presented to you as good, without reflecting on the fact that good comes from God and is generated by God Love, while evil is generated by the Devil.

You find yourselves in others’ hands, which are not those of the Most Holy Trinity…
You find yourselves in the wicked hands of the power of evil, which is preparing everything for the presentation of the Antichrist … (II Thess. 2:3-4)

Think, children of God: the Mother of our King and Lord Jesus Christ was faithful to her Son, and her Son never abandoned her within that mystical union in which they lived at all times.

DO NOT PANIC OVER THOSE WHO ARE DISTANT FROM DIVINE LOVE AND MATERNAL LOVE: FIND PEACE AND THEN, WITH FAITH, PLEAD FOR THE CONVERSION OF YOUR LOVED ONES AND OF ALL HUMANITY; being active is how you remain within the Most Holy Trinity, with works in favor of your fellow men. A petition is an action, a work in favor of your neighbor.

This Church of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ must desire and find rest, generating greater Faith through helping others. God is not static: God is a movement of Love, He is the generator of Hope and Charity. Human beings must replicate the Divine Attributes so as not to be indifferent to their Creator; God is life and life in abundance, and yet so many living human beings appear to be dead…


You are not alone, you are the Mystical Body of Christ and the children of the Mother of God and Our Mother…

You are not alone; be those who generate peace – be sure of God’s Love for you.

Do not fear! The Immaculate Heart of Our Queen and Mother will triumph and all will be well and for the good of humanity.

Beloved People of God, I bless you.

St Michael the Archangel


God the Father – “Children, never allow bitter thoughts of unforgiveness to linger in your hearts”

Holy Love Ministry

March 29, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Children, never allow bitter thoughts of unforgiveness to linger in your hearts. The only way to forgive is to practice forgiveness in thought, word and deed. The same is true of living in God’s Will. Once you have discerned what My Will is for you, do not turn against it in thought, word or deed. Pray for true discernment. Then regard doubts as the enemy.”

“Believe in the present-moment grace.”

Read Wisdom 6:12-16+

Wisdom is radiant and unfading, and she is easily discerned by those who love her, and is found by those who seek her. She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her. He who rises early to seek her will have no difficulty, for he will find her sitting at his gates. To fix one’s thought on her is perfect understanding, and he who is vigilant on her account will soon be free from care, because she goes about seeking those worthy of her, and she graciously appears to them in their paths, and meets them in every thought.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)


Holy Love Ministry

November 19, 2008

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come at your behest to explain further the inner workings of the Divine Will. God’s Permitting Will allows man his free will choices. God’s Providing Will interweaves these choices and the consequences of the free will choices with His Divine Will. Only God the Father sees how every event–every choice, be it good or evil–plays together with His Permitting Will for the welfare of all mankind.”

“The heart that strives to embrace Holy Love in every present moment will make good choices in thought, word and deed–choices that most resemble God’s Divine Will. In this light, I wish to help you to see that what you hold in your heart concerning another can affect the relationship of that soul with God. If you are unforgiving, then you are surrounding that person with thoughts of anger. This makes it more difficult for him to turn to Divine Mercy. The same feelings of anger born of unforgiveness present an obstacle between your soul and the Heart of God.”

“Make these things known.”

Children of the Renewal Messages – “Remember this lesson, My little Children of Light and call on My name early, often and continuously and I will act”

Children of the Renewal Messages

January 31, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar. It is good to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning. Thank You for the gift of Reconciliation. Lord, bless my confessors and give our holy priests many graces for their priesthood and for the times we are living. Jesus, bring many souls to You and help many who have left the Church return. I pray for (names withheld) and all who are suffering from separation due to Covid. Many are afraid, Lord because they are not in good health, but also due to the false information being spread. Lord, You did not bring a spirt of fear. Give us trust in You, Lord. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ! I love and adore You, my Lord , God and King!

(Personal conversation omitted.)

Jesus, please heal the sick and suffering, especially (names withheld) and may all who are caring for them receive graces, as well. Give them Your peace, Lord. Bless all Your holy priest sons, especially (names withheld) and all priests who are speaking out for liberty. Lord, please help our shepherds, especially (name withheld) to stand with courage in the face of adversity and to keep our churches open. Lord, we need the Sacraments desperately. Many of us don’t think we could go through another ‘lockdown’ though I trust You will provide us graces if we do. Guide us in this perilous time. Give us graces to withstand persecution, Lord and may Your Church remain strong and true. May we allow ourselves to be vessels of Your light and Your love. I know You are with us, Lord and You never leave us to face our battles alone. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

“My child, My little one, thank you that you decided for Me again. Thank you for your yes and for your love. My child you are close to Me and I open My heart to you. You are aware that in My heart is deep sorrow and suffering for mankind, for those who mourn, for those who are persecuted, for those who are silenced and even killed like My most holy innocent ones. You also know that in My heart is great love and mercy. My child, those who want to be united to My Divine Will and within My Sacred Heart will also know suffering, sorrow, love and mercy. You will know what it is to be persecuted, to be mocked and treated unfairly. You will know joys, also and the glory of God. Yes, My child it is true that to love Me is to be well acquainted with the cross. You, My child love the cross and you have become more aware of the suffering I endured in My agony that began in the Garden and culminated on the cross. The worst of which was the coldness of men’s hearts, the rejection of My love, and the hatred they had for the Son of God. Yes, I also realize some did not know what they did, or the full understanding since they did not know who I was. They did not know My true identity. Even so, their hardness of heart and their indifference was most painful to Me since I came so that man would know the love of the Father. I came so they would have new life. I revealed Myself to them, holding nothing back. I allowed Myself to be known and to be vulnerable even as a baby in the hands of My creatures. Think of this, My little lamb; I created the very souls, out of great love, who crucified Me as well as all who were yelling to condemn Me. This is why I came, though. To take the sins of the world upon Myself and to die for them, so that My beloved children can live. My child, I have given you glimpses of My suffering lately and you have felt even more love for Me. You have ‘seen’ how gruesome I appeared after I was beaten, whipped, crowned with thorns and dying on the cross and yet you did not shudder but only tried to console your poor Jesus. Thank You, My little one. Your concern for Me does console My heart. You are a loyal friend, My child. You think that this is the way most people would be if they really knew, but this is not so. Most would be repulsed and would not dare to look at Me. My child, you dismiss these words for you think little of your own holiness. But, I tell you and all of My beloved little souls, thank you for loving your Jesus. To all My Children of Light pursuing Me through a life of prayer, hard work, and loving and serving others, I say thank you!! You all are the delight of My Sacred Heart. I am calling upon My Children of Light to brace yourselves for the times to come, just as one would when encountering a storm at sea, or a very rough ride in a car. Brace yourselves, through prayer and fasting. Fortify yourselves with the Sacraments and My Word. Refresh yourselves by loving your family and friends. Be more and more focused now on Me, My children. Keep your eyes on Me. Recall that St. Peter stepped out confidently on the water walking toward his Lord and Savior, but when he took his eyes off Me, he began to sink. Also, recall the Apostles at sea when a storm blew in and they became terrified when they realized the boat would soon sink. Only when they were desperate, did they awaken Me and call upon My name. Then, I calmed the sea. Had they called on Me immediately, they would not have almost capsized. They could have avoided much wasted energy and averted their fears. Remember this lesson, My little Children of Light and call on My name early, often and continuously and I will act. I act, My friends because of My love. You must enable My action by acknowledging your need for God’s assistance and by requesting it so as to fully cooperate with My Will. My sons and daughters I truly and completely respect your free will and this is why you must seek Me and seek My assistance. I am a good and loving Savior. I will not abandon you, but you must give your own ‘yes’. No one can do this for you. Oh, My children if you only knew how much I love you. Realize also that I am teaching you something about love and respect. I, too want you to respect My Will. So many people curse My Will and curse Me. What they do not realize is that most of the bad things, the negative consequences in the world, are the result of sin. When people live sinful lives with no remorse, they often blame God for their misery. My children, living a life of sin brings misery. Choose to live lives of holiness and even suffering will bring you joy. You will have true joy and you will be satisfied and at peace. This is true even if the circumstances around you are difficult. My children, when will you realize you are unhappy outside the family of God? Come home, My little lost children. Come home to the family of God. I will forgive everything, you only need to repent and believe. I have already paid the price for you. Come back to Me. All will be well. You can begin anew.”

Thank You for Your mercy, Lord Jesus. Thank You for Your love. Praise You for Your forgiveness and Your peace. Give us Your grace to do all that You ask of us, Jesus. Help us to welcome the stranger, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty. Help us to comfort those who suffer and who mourn. Help us to walk with those who are carrying heavy crosses. Help us to be like You, Lord. Help us to love You more and more. I love You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for the blessing of family. May we all be united in faith soon. I trust You will bring the strays back to the fold, Lord for You are the Good Shepherd!

Lord, thank You for getting (name withheld) and me together yesterday. You answered my prayers. Oh, thank You for Your mercy, Lord. Please give us all that we will need when the time comes. I realize we do not have all that will be needed, but I know that You will provide just in time, Lord. I have experienced this first hand, Lord. Jesus, please provide for the person of my special intention. Provide for these needs, Lord and bless them. Thank You, Lord for the gift of salvation. Help us all to attain Your Kingdom one day. Until then, Lord help us to live as if we were living there now so to love and be love to others.

“My child, I am with you. Do as I have asked of you and My son (name withheld). Focus on final preparations My little lamb and trust in Me. All will be well. The time is approaching and all I have told you will be fulfilled. Go now in peace. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. All will be well. Trust in Me.”

Amen, Lord. Amen!

February 7, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus ever present in the most Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of love. Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion this morning. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to visit You in this most beautiful church, Jesus. It is such a blessing and a grace to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for the meeting today with (name withheld). She is a beautiful soul, Lord. I’m glad (name withheld) introduced us and that she was happy to sit with us at Mass. You are amazing, Lord! They way You bring Your people together is a reflection of Your love and care for souls. I pray she will return to Mass, Lord and that she will find her home within the Church. My heart is full of gratitude for the great grace of our meeting. Thank You, Lord God! Praise, honor and glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

Lord, please protect (name withheld). She is going through a tumultuous time. Be with her and lead her back to You. I pray also for (name withheld) daughter who is also away from the Church. Bring them both safely home, Lord. Jesus, please protect the children who are victims of abuse. Free them from all forms of abuse and slavery. Lord, guide those who are working to recover the children who are victims of sex trafficking. Please end all violence, Lord and purify our nation and the world of these evils and also the evil of abortion. Save us from ourselves, Lord.

Jesus, please give (names withheld) special graces and blessings on their birthdays. Thank You for the gift of family and friends. Lord, I pray for all those who have died recently, for my friends (names withheld) and for comfort for their families. Take their souls to Heaven, Lord Jesus. I pray also for those who are ill, for those who will die today or tonight and especially for those who may be unprepared for death. Draw them close to Your Sacred Merciful Heart, my Lord.

Jesus, thank You for Your deep, perfect love for souls. Forgive me of my sins, Lord. Grant me mercy and give me the needed graces to help me avoid sin so that I never disappoint You again. Please have mercy on those who have never been acquainted with You, Jesus. I need to assemble the evangelization packets, and I also need to order the brochures I haven’t included, yet. Please provide me with the means to purchase them, Lord. Thank You that (name withheld) wants to help with this project. Thank You for sending me friends in Christ. I am very blessed and grateful!

Lord, have You anything to say to me today? Would you prefer I sit in silence and adore You, my Jesus?

“My daughter, I do have words for you and for My Children of Light. Please write.”

Yes, Jesus.

“My little one, thank you for your loving witness today. I do care for each and every soul created by God to know, love and serve Me. Yes, My child I did say ‘serve’. When one loves another, does the one who loves not long to serve the beloved? Yes, My child, you know this is true. When a soul comes to know Me, they grow in their love for Me and when they love Me, it is only natural that out of this love they want to do something out of love for Me. It is the same for Me, My child. Out of the depths of My great love for My people, I wanted to take action out of service of My love. Because the love of God is perfect, it was only a matter of time, the time that was decided by the Trinity, that this love took on the form of Man during the incarnation. In this way, My love became a Man so that I could be closer to My people and in this way reveal the love of the Father through the Son. Out of service to Man, because of My great love, I bore the sins of Mankind, though I was without sin and took them upon Myself and died for these sins. This I did out of great love. This is why it is fitting to say true love involves sacrifice. The Son of Man paid the price, the ultimate sacrifice to redeem Mankind and provide the way to make it possible for souls to come to Heaven. So, you see My little lamb, it is accurate and applicable even in today’s culture and always to say that God made/created souls so they could know, love and serve God. Service flows from love, My child and when one serves another out of love it is not a form of servitude or slavery. It is the opposite. For one who loves, service is a joy, it is done freely and with love. This is why I came to serve and to save. My Apostles and holy priest sons are also called to serve. All of My children, love one another as I have loved you. Be willing to put your love into service of one another. Put others first, My children before yourselves. Love God with your whole heart and you will then love your neighbor as yourself. Focus on living the Gospel, My children. Really live the Gospel. Be aware of those around you. Be cognizant of their needs. If you don’t know, for many times one doesn’t know, be open to My Holy Spirit. I will guide you. I know each person’s need, each heart’s longing, each one’s wounds and their joys. I understand each and every person completely. My children, when you come to Heaven, you will be fully and completely known and loved. You will be completely understood. For now, realize that you cannot possibly fully understand your brothers and sisters, nor can you know them completely. However, I do and I will guide you. Be open to My promptings of My Holy Spirit. Welcome the stranger, or the one who is outside of your ‘group’ and invite them into your inner circle. Befriend the friendless. Share what you have with others. I will help you to meet the needs of others, My children. Each day pray this prayer that I have given to My daughter (*prayer is printed below) and you will be more open to the movements of My Holy Spirit in service of love. Be joyful in your giving, My children, out of gratitude for all I have done and continue to do for you. I love you and I want to love others through you. In this way, you will spread the Gospel of love and life. In this way, others will come to know Me through you.

Begin to live My love now, My children. The time grows short. More souls are in need of love. There are many who are in great darkness. They live in fear, My children. They do not know the joy of the Lord. They do not know what it is to be in peace having been forgiven of all their sins. They do not know what a peaceful night’s sleep is, My children, or the warmth of true, loving friends. They have never experienced unconditional love. How will they come to know Me if you do not introduce them to Me? Be loving witnesses to the Love, to the Light, to the Way, to the Truth. Love one another as I have loved you. In this way, you will be of service to the One who loves you and to My children. In this way, we will build the Kingdom of God on earth. We will do this together, My Children of Light.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God for Your words of grace, wisdom, love and light. Thank You for Your mercy and peace.

“My child, My child, I have heard your prayers from the longing in your heart for souls. I am just as attentive to the souls of your children and grandchildren as I am to all souls. Be assured that they are in My hands and all will be well.”

Thank You, Lord. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Lord, help me to be more loving. Forgive me the times I judged another or had a wrong impression of them. Lord, put aside any false notions I have about others and help me to see You in them. Lord, thank You for Your patience with me. Help me this week to be a source of joy and hope to those I encounter. Lord, It’s going to be very, very cold this week. Help me to encounter the homeless and to invite them in if possible, or give them a warm blanket or something warm to eat and drink. Help me to do Your Will, Lord in each action I take and in the words I speak. Help me to use my words for love, Lord and not for anger or criticism. Jesus, help me to be merciful. May I be quick to forgive, Lord and soothe others especially those who may have bitterness in their hearts due to deep wounds. Work through me, Lord to bring love and healing, even if I am unaware, Lord. Use me as Your instrument.

“Thank you, My child, My little lamb. I will use you, My daughter and I am already using you each day. Thank you for your ‘yes’ again today, My child. When you give Me your ‘yes’ I am able to work through you and pass graces through you to others. Each child of Mine can be used in this way to further the Kingdom. All that is needed is your ‘yes’ and I will do the heavy lifting, My children. Invite Me, cooperate with Me and in this way the Gospel will be spread throughout the world. My child, this is all for now. Thank you for your love. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace, My children. Be love, Be mercy. Be light. Be peace. Be joy. I am with you and I will not leave you. Rest assured that I am with you.”

Amen! Alleluia. Praise be God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I love You, Lord!

“And I love you!”

* PRAYER: Jesus, I desire to serve You in any way You choose to use me in service of love today. Jesus, I am weak and I am unable to meet the needs of others. You, Lord have every grace needed. You, Lord know exactly what each person I meet today needs. Use me Jesus, in whatever way You deem necessary. Make my heart an open vessel to convey Your love and mercy to others. Guide my every thought and action today, Lord in the service of Your kingdom where You live and reign and where we desire to be, Jesus. May Your kingdom come on earth as in heaven and may we love as if we were living there now, Lord. Give us willing hearts, clear minds, and able bodies to serve You as You desire, Jesus. May we love with the love You hold within Your sacred, merciful heart for without You we can do nothing, but with You all things are possible. Jesus, we place all of our hopes in You. Jesus, we trust in You. (May 18, 2014)

God the Father – “There is no situation which trust cannot change – Take your refuge in trust and do not fear”

Holy Love Ministry

March 28, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Trust in My Provision is a great comfort in your every need. It is the key which opens the door to My Son’s* Heart. There is no situation which trust cannot change. Take your refuge in trust and do not fear.”

Read Psalm 4:1-3+

Answer me when I call, O God of my right!

You have given me room when I was in distress.

Be gracious to me, and hear my prayer.

O sons of men, how long will you be dull of heart?

How long will you love vain words, and seek after lies?

But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself;

the Lord hears when I call to him.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

* Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God the Father – “Each morning, ask for the grace of personal holiness – This is what will carry you through the day in Heavenly protection, guidance and wisdom”

Holy Love Ministry

March 27, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Each morning, ask for the grace of personal holiness. This is what will carry you through the day in Heavenly protection, guidance and wisdom. This is the way to stay close to Me, to My Son, and to the Holy Mother.* In this way, you will readily recognize distractions and ask for My Help in avoiding them. Many distractions are designed by Satan to destroy your peace and your prayers. Recognizing Satan’s handiwork is the first step in unraveling Satan’s plans. This takes spiritual wisdom.”

“Always depend upon the grace of the present moment, which so often comes to the rescue at the last moment. Do not presume you are on your own in any present moment, for I am always with you. Time and space are not barriers to Me. Knowing this, be at peace. Trust in My Intercession.”

Read Psalm 4:3+

But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

* Blessed Virgin Mary.

Impartation By God the Father – Triple Blessing At Holy Love Ministries – Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11, 2021

Holy Love Ministry

March 27, 2021

***Consider sending your guardian angel at 3pm to bring back partial graces for you from the Triple Blessing by Papa God***

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“My Triple Blessing* will be imparted to the people who come to the property** on the Feast of My Divine Mercy* during the Hour of Mercy.**

* See:

** The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine located at 37137 Butternut Ridge Rd in North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039.

*** Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

**** The three o’clock hour (3PM), the hour that recalls Jesus’ death on the Cross. See:

March 26, 2021 – Following the Trail of Cookie Crumbs – Inspirational 12-minute Video Regarding Our Beloved Country, USA – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings beloved ones,

I want to share a 12-minute video with you all on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, because it is inspirational and gives us hope for our country, USA. However, I want to speak a little about it, so people can understand where I am coming from.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I want you to know, as much as I, “a soul”, am knowledgeable about Catholic prophecy, I do not consider myself to be an expert on the “human will” and all-knowledgeable about trends for the future. Because you can study and discern as much as possible on prophecy, but at the end of the day, it is Papa God alone who knows and understands the inner workings of every human heart and how every soul will decide for their salvation and their future. Not even Jesus and His Holy Mother know all the aspects of the Apocalypse. So, Jesus, His Holy Mother, and all of Heaven, have to plan for every type of possible free-will scenario – for a situation when every soul might say ‘yes’ to the Divine Plan or might say ‘no’ to their salvation. Particularly, because The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) will present to every soul on earth — even the most hardened of sinners — the real and true opportunity to fully change and decide for God. And I have no doubt that in the aftermath, we are going to witness some really amazing conversions by hardened sinners — people we never thought could be redeemable — change about-face and decide for God. So, it is important that everyone pray — not only for themselves and their loved ones, but also generally, for lost souls because this is the time when Heaven is actively planning to bring about people’s salvation. Heaven never gives up on any soul and the guardian angels will fight their strongest until the very last moments of life, giving up at the gates of hell only if the soul chooses that fate at their final breath. So, until that very last moment, every person on earth is redeemable and Heaven never enters into any battle thinking that they will fail. Failure is not part of the vocabulary of Heaven; and it is should not be part of our vocabulary on earth as a believing and faithful Christian.

So, having said all that, I want people to understand why I am sharing this 12-minute video on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. I am sharing it, because I want people to continue to have hope for the future and to truly believe in this biblical truth – that nothing is impossible to God. Yes, at times, the future looks bleak, as each of us actively plan for a future in which we will be living under rugged conditions at refuges and so many people seem totally blind to the health perils of the covid vaccinations and we inch ever closer to the true mark of the beast and antichrist system. Sometimes, it is hard to cope and even pray, because so many of our loved ones are not listening to our shared concerns for their health and eternal salvation. But, God does not want us to give-up on anyone, especially, our loved ones. So, it is important to keep loving and praying for them, even if we end up in a scenario where we not believed and feel isolated in keeping the true faith. Because Heaven has a good plan for everyone’s salvation, even if it is not obvious to our eyes at this moment in time.

And those are the reasons that I am sharing this 12-minute video, because I want to continue to encourage people to pray and hope for a good future not just for themselves living at refuges, but for everyone. As the video discusses, over 80% of the American people — the vast majority of people — voted for President Donald Trump and even though we do not understand it, I know that God and Heaven are not done yet using Trump as part of their active Divine Plan for the good of our country, USA. Truly, nothing is impossible for God — that is what Our Holy Mother believed and look how the faith of a single person changed the course of history and the future of mankind. Imagine if the 80% of the American people truly woke up in the aftermath of the Warning and decided to truly fight for a bright future in God and the world? What if we as a nation immediately overturned abortion and decided to embrace a pro-life culture? Just by making that singular change, we as a nation, would be acting from a position of finally receiving the blessings of God and not the curses for this grave societal sin. Heaven’s stance of helping our country would immediately change for the better, because we would regain the protective hedge that God has been withdrawing from us.

Currently, Heaven’s prophecies focus on having to enforce the curses due to us because of abortion. But, what if we as a nation decided finally to cooperate with God, fully repent and follow His Ten Commandments? It would be the greatest miracle on earth and would change not only our country’s future, but the future of the entire world. God could finally smile upon us and speak to us about how He desires to bless us and the world. We, as a nation, would be acting from a position of the blessings of God and not His curses. We would experience a true Springtime of repentance and evangelization and not a Winter fallout of a possible world war and other horrors, etc., for our sins.

And so, I hope that people can appreciate these thoughts as they listen to the video. It is not about “wishful thinking” but it is actually about encouraging real hope for a positive future — profoundly trusting in God that He has a great Divine Plan for us, although we may not fully understand or envision the steps of how it would play out. It is about hoping for the best of human nature and believing in the power of prayer and sacrifice. Nothing is impossible to God. Nothing. In Jesus’ Holy Name and in His Most Precious Blood, let us continue to hope, plan, love, and believe in Our Heavenly Father and His Almighty Omnipotence. Jesus, I trust in You!

God bless,
I love you,
–a soul

(January 29, 2021): God the Father – “Your nation (USA) has come too far and shed too much blood to buckle and succumb to the evils of a One World Order – I am calling you to stand strong as one nation under Me”

(March 4, 2021): God the Father – “Your nation (USA) can recover internationally, domestically, and economically, if the leaders resolve to follow My lead”

NOTES (By a soul):

Thoughts to consider while listening to this video:

12-minute Video Summary: Highly connected, political insider announces a huge breakthrough in the election-fraud of 2020. He also clarifies what’s going on, and what to expect in the coming weeks. Get ready for a bumpy ride !!

God the Father – “A spiritual victory in any heart can only take place by a movement of free will – It is free will that governs the future of every soul and the future of the world”

Holy Love Ministry

March 26, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“A spiritual victory in any heart can only take place by a movement of free will. It is free will that governs the future of every soul and the future of the world. It behooves each soul to align his free will with the Divine Will of God. My Will for every soul is always perfect in each present moment. The soul must, through Holy Love, draw closer to Me to recognize My Divine Will – to love My Will – and to accept it.”

“These days there is a spirit of independence which draws the soul away from My Divine Will. This spirit rebels against what I want and pursues what he wants on a human level. This reflects lack of humility and lack of spiritual depth. Pray for such as these, for they are affecting the heart of the world.”

Read Ephesians 5:15-17+

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

God the Father – “Poor sinners do not realize the trouble they are in or the ways they are weakening the spiritual heart of the world – In every heart there is a battle being waged between good and evil”

Holy Love Ministry

March 25, 2021
Solemnity of the Annunciation

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“The victory which counts is the spiritual victory in each heart. The weapons, therefore, that must be used in order to win this victory are spiritual weapons – prayer and sacrifice. By employing these weapons, the enemy will be exposed and conquered. This is why in each place the Holy Mother* appears, She asks for penance. Poor sinners do not realize the trouble they are in or the ways they are weakening the spiritual heart of the world. In every heart there is a battle being waged between good and evil. Satan can only win this war by convincing people there is no war. The enemy has won over the heart of mass media. This victory of evil over good is a strong weapon that the enemy uses to convince people that there is no contest between good and evil in hearts. Focus some of your daily prayers on the spiritual victory which must gain momentum in order to win. Your daily prayers are My strongest weapon.”

Read 2 Peter 2:4-10+

For if God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to pits of nether gloom to be kept until the judgment; if he did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a herald of righteousness, with seven other persons, when he brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly; if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction and made them an example to those who were to be ungodly; and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed by the licentiousness of the wicked (for by what that righteous man saw and heard as he lived among them, he was vexed in his righteous soul day after day with their lawless deeds), then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trial, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment, and especially those who indulge in the lust of defiling passion and despise authority. Bold and wilful, they are not afraid to revile the glorious ones.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

* Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mary, Our Lady of Medjugorje – Monthly Message To The World (Marija) – March 25, 2021

Mary, Our Lady of Medjugorje
Monthly Message To The World (Marija)
March 25, 2021

“Dear children! Also today I am with you to tell you: Little children, who prays does not fear the future and does not lose hope. You are chosen to carry joy and peace, because you are mine. I have come here with the name ‘Queen of Peace’ because the devil wants peacelessness and war, he wants to fill your heart with fear of the future – but the future is God’s. That is why, be humble and pray, and surrender everything into the hands of the Most High Who created you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Prophet John Leary – Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ – March 23, 2021 Update

Prophet John Leary

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Jesus said: “My people, today’s readings are a good preparation for Holy Week. The Israelites in the desert complained about having to gather and eat the manna every day. Then I sent the seraph serpents upon the people and some died. The people repented and asked Moses to help them. So Moses mounted a bronze serpent on a pole, and when the people looked upon the bronze serpent, they were healed of their snake bites. This is a prefigure of when I was raised up on a cross, and by My death and Resurrection, you all can be healed in your souls from your sins. I have brought you salvation, and a means to come to heaven, if you repent of your sins in Confession. There is another symbol of a luminous cross that will be in the sky over My refuges. When you look upon the luminous cross or drink the spring water, you will be healed of all of your ailments. You will be blessed, but do not complain about your refuge conditions. Be thankful that I will provide refuges and My angel protection throughout the whole tribulation time. I will always be with you in My Blessed Sacrament that you will receive every day.”

Monday, March 22, 2021

Jesus said: “My people, today’s readings talk about lust and the sexual sins that you do not hear much about from the priests in the pulpit. Since many people go to hell for the sins of the flesh, there should be a mention to avoid sins against the Sixth Commandment. You all know these sins which are: adultery, fornication, homosexual sins, masturbation, and even wrongful birth control which could lead to abortion. These are sins of sex outside of the marriage bed, and even sins with the same sex. The sexual sins are mostly mortal sins because they go against My plan for a proper marriage in creating new life. Even using artificial methods of birth control are sinful because they deny the purpose for having children. The Church allows family planning methods of avoiding the fertile times. There are human passions, and you need to control them until a proper time, and with the married couple. All sins outside of marriage are mortal sins that need Confession before receiving Holy Communion worthily. People living together without marriage, are living in sin, and they need to get married, or discontinue such a sinful life. I will forgive any sin in Confession because I love all of you, but people need to abide by My Commandments of love of God and neighbor.”

(Rev. 8:1 to 10:11)
Jesus said:
“My people, in the Book of Revelation the first Trumpet showed trees and grass burning up. The second Trumpet saw blood in the sea and the third of water creatures died. The third Trumpet saw a great star fall on the waters called Wormwood like Chernobyl. The fourth Trumpet saw a third of the sun and moon darken. The fifth Trumpet brought a plague of large scorpions. The sixth Trumpet saw the angels killing a third of mankind who did not repent of their sins. These trumpets today could signify droughts where the sun was scorching the earth. The sea could turn red from the red tide of bacteria. The Wormwood could signify radioactivity in the water like at Fukushima, Japan that had a nuclear meltdown. The darkness could signify the day of the Warning. The scorpions could be plagues that will torment only those people who do not have a cross on their foreheads from the angels. You are living the Book of Revelation as the plagues are the time of tribulation. Be prepared to come to My refuges to avoid harm from these plagues that will kill millions of people.”

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Jesus said: “My people, this is your first Spring day that is full of sun and relative warmth, compared to your cold winter. In the Gospel I told My apostles that unless a seed dies, it cannot bring forth fruit. So it is with My faithful that you need to die to self, so you can reach out and bear fruit in your actions to evangelize people to faith in Me. Even now your farmers will soon be plowing the ground to make it fertile for growing their crops from their seeds. You plant a seed, and you marvel at how the crops come forth with the right amount of sun and water. Pray for your farmers that they will have a good growing season, and pray for conversions.”

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that some of My faithful would be martyred for My sake, and this could happen by Guillotine to threaten others into obedience. I keep telling you that I will call My faithful to My refuges when your lives are threatened. The first phase of the corona virus vaccinations will be voluntary. But the next phase will be mandatory, as well as the mark of the beast. Once most of the people have received their shots, then the evil ones will bring the second deadly virus attack that could kill many people who were vaccinated. You will see many of your freedoms taken away if you do not get the shot, or the mark of the beast. I will bring My Warning and a call to My refuges before the next virus is released. Prepare to leave your homes within 20 minutes for My refuges of protection. Trust in Me to protect those people who are prepared with your backpacks or a roller board with your few things. Remember that your Good Friday oil could heal those people who were vaccinated with the Covid vaccine.”

Jesus said: “My people, your present Administration is sending out $1.9 trillion into your economy. Your bonds are losing value as interest rates are rising, but your Federal Reserve is artificially holding interest rates at zero. This enables stock traders to get low interest loans to buy more stock that is out of control, where money is being inflated. It is like a tea pot ready to boil over with some people making money, while unemployed people are barely existing with stimulus checks and some unemployment aid. Your government cannot keep borrowing money indefinitely for Covid aid because there are limits to your liability. When your currency gets so inflated, you will see prices of everything go up, and it will be harder for people to fill their needs. You could see a crash in the stock market and your dollar could crash as well. This will combine with your virus problems and possible shutdowns like in Europe. It is better to store up food because you could see droughts and your stores may run out of available food. Be prepared for some financial upheavals when these crashes happen. Be prepared to come to My refuges when food is scarce and your banks may close.”

Friday, March 19, 2021
(St. Joseph’s feast day)

At St. John the Evangelist after Holy Communion, it was like being taken on a flashback tour. I went to the cave of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Then I went to the Wailing Wall of the old Temple where Jesus was presented. I went to the House of Loreto in Italy which was the house of the Holy Family from Nazareth. I also went to the cave in Egypt where the Holy Family stayed when they fled to Egypt.

Jesus said: “My son, you have been gifted by your travels to all of the holy places that St. Joseph and I traveled to. Many people have not had such an opportunity, so thank Me for enabling you to take these trips. As you were in Israel, you felt the Bible come alive to see all of the places mentioned in the Scriptures. St. Joseph taught Me his carpentry skills, and the Blessed Mother brought Me up in the Jewish faith and traditions. You are about to go through Holy Week, and you also visited the Garden of Gethsemene, the Upper Room for the Last Supper, and My place of Crucifixion and My Resurrection at the Holy Sepulcher. Thank St. Joseph today for all he did to protect the Holy Family during his earthly life. You can pray to him as an intercessor for prayers in all of your requests. Pray to him to guide and protect your families, and also his help in your refuge.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want the fathers to imitate St. Joseph in how he took care of the Holy Family. Not only do you look after your wife and children, but you are responsible for your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren. You are their spiritual father to see to their sacraments and their upbringing in the faith. Encourage them to come to Sunday Mass and frequent Confession where possible. Keep praying for their souls to be saved, even if they are not coming to church. Every person in your greater family is worth saving, so do not give up on any of them. Thank you for encouraging your grandchildren to have their babies baptized. By your persistent prayers, you can help save their souls.”

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Jesus said: “My people, when the Israelites worshiped the golden calf, I wanted to bring My wrath down on them. (Ex 32:1-35) But Moses stood in the breach to hold back My hand. Moses divided the people between those who loved the Lord, and those who worshiped the golden calf. I called the evil people a stiff-necked people who were depraved. Even today, there are many people who worship the things of the world instead of Me. Your people will be tested by earthquakes, famine, and pestilence as a punishment for their sins. I will bring My Warning and a life-review to test the people whether they are with Me, or they are with the evil worldly people. After the tribulation the evil ones will be cast into hell, but My faithful will have their reward in My Era of Peace and later in heaven. Be patient My faithful, as I will protect you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen several movies that are showing you why the current Covid vaccine could ruin your immune system in fighting the next corona virus attack. You have innate killer cells that represent about 10% of your white blood cells that you have from birth. These natural killer (NK) cells can kill all virus variants. The Covid vaccine can only kill the specific Covid virus that started, but it cannot kill mutant variants or a new virus. The vaccine antibodies can overpower your NK cells and the new virus could kill the vaccinated person. So refuse to take the Covid vaccine that will ruin your immune system because it could kill millions of people.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am always knocking on the door of your heart and soul so you can open the door from the inside to let Me in. Once you make Me the center of your life, then I can give you the grace to carry out your appointed mission. Use this Lent to improve your spiritual life. Keep coming to frequent Confession so you can keep your soul clean by My grace.”

St. Joseph said: “I am the husband of the Blessed Mother and foster father of Jesus, whom I took care of in life. My feast day is tomorrow and I thank you for the flowers and your prayers that I can intercede for you. I truly am your contractor to build your high rise for more people to come at your refuge. Thank you for remembering My prayer in the Novena you are praying. I bless all of your families, especially the fathers.”

Jesus said: “My people, the evil radicals, who stole your 2020 election, are now about to force socialism on your people. The Democrats are undoing all the good things that President Trump did for your country. You are paying more for your gasoline because of your poor energy programs. You are seeing chaos at the border because of Biden’s order to open your borders. You will lose more freedoms with each Democrat bill that passes. At a certain point when these radicals try to take away your homes and property, you could see a civil war. I will call My faithful to My refuges when your lives are threatened.”

Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you need to pray much to stop your abortions which are killing My little ones. You are doing your part as you protest every Saturday in front of the Planned Parenthood building where they do abortions. I remind you how you prayed before Genesee Hospital that did abortions, and it closed. You prayed in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Greece, and it was closed and torn up. So have faith that your prayers and actions are taking down more abortion clinics.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want you to be prepared to make your holy oil on Good Friday at 3:00 a.m. You were given the instructions on the internet how to make this oil that can only be made on Good Friday. Pass out copies for the people so they can prepare this oil. This oil will have healing properties when it is needed, and it could even heal vaccinated people from dying with the next virus attack. I will call My faithful to My refuges before the next virus attack.”

Jesus said: “My people, last year your churches were closed because of the Covid shutdown so you could not celebrate Holy Week in church. This year your churches will be open, so plan to come to church on all of the Holy days. You will gain many graces for attending these services. Make sure you come to Confession so you will have clean souls to receive Me. The Easter Season is glorious, and you can share in My graces as Resurrection faithful. Share your faith with those people who are open to being evangelized. I love all of you and this will be a better Triduum when you can come to church.”

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
(St. Patrick’s Day)

Jesus said: “My son, in the first reading you read how a mother is supposed to love her infant child, but you are seeing an abortion clinic where mothers abort their own children. The next vision you saw was that of ‘Our Lady of Knock, Ireland’ where Mary Byrne saw a vision of My Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and St. John the Apostle in 1879. You also remember when St. John the Apostle told you in Ephesus, Turkey how you were carrying on his mission of preparing the people for the end times. The third vision is of St. Patrick when he called you to visit Ireland, the home of your great grandfather. You went to St. Patrick’s Purgatory on Lough Derg, Ireland where you did a three day pilgrimage. It was on that trip that you received an answer to a prayer. You have an Irish heritage that you can identify with Ireland and St. Patrick. Carry on your mission to prepare the people for the end times.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the Spring time you usually see a high number of tornadoes as the seasons are changing with the temperatures. This time your storms are more to the South with rain storms causing floods. Each year you see millions of dollars worth of damage from severe weather, and it can threaten your food supplies. You need to pray for your farmers who take risks every year with their crops and animals. Their success means whether you will have food or a famine. My faithful have been warned to have sufficient food on hand at My refuges. You also need to pray for your people to avoid getting the Covid-19 vaccine shots, and avoid the flu shots. Both can ruin your immune system, and people could die with the next virus attack. Be ready to come to My refuges before the next virus spreads.”



1) One or more bowls which can hold heated olive oil

2) Pure olive oil (preferably Extra Virgin Olive Oil from one source, not mixed)

3) Cotton cloth rolled and used as a wick (wicks available at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and other craft stores)

a. Lid from, for instance, a jelly jar or small pickle jar with nail size hole in the middle to thread the wick through one end and tie, allowing the lid with the wick to fall to the bottom of the bowl and the wick itself to rise up from the lid and float on the oil.

4) Lighter or match

5) Large syringe to draw the completed blessed oil from the bowl to place into container(s)

6) Containers equal to the amount of olive oil (e.g. if you purchase a 16 ounce bottle of olive oil, have four 4-ounce amber glass bottles with lids to put the completed blessed olive oil in by drawing from the bowl and syringing into the container. Amber is better than clear glass for olive oil. Glass bottles can be purchased online, for instance

7) Labels ready to be placed on completed containers, marked GOOD FRIDAY OIL

8) Prayer of the Apostles Creed

9) Prayer of the Hail Holy Queen


Make preparations on Holy Thursday evening. At 3 a.m. Good Friday, with the olive oil in the bowl, drop the wick and the lid into the middle of the bowl so that the wick floats on top. Light the wick. As the wick is burning, pray 33 times the Apostles Creed for the 33 years of the life of our savior JESUS CHRIST, and pray 7 times the Hail Holy Queen for the 7 sorrows of Our Holy Mother Mary. When the prayers are completed and the flaming wick is out, take a syringe and draw the oil out, placing it into the containers. Place the lids firmly on the containers. Place labels on the containers, marking them as “GOOD FRIDAY OIL”

Oil may be used to make the Sign of the Cross on the forehead of a sick person for healing and prayers for protection against impurities or temptation.

This recipe was given by Our Lady during an apparition at the Holy Mountain of San Lorenzo in Puerto Rico (1899-1910). This same recipe was given by St. Joseph to Saint Andrew Bessette of Canada (1845-1937).


Good Friday Oil for Healing, Protection, & Deliverance (PDF) – one page

Easy instructions for making Good Friday Oil with Pictures (PDF) – one page

God the Father – “Conversion of the heart of the world can only be accomplished through a spiritual victory”

Holy Love Ministry

March 24, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Conversion of the heart of the world can only be accomplished through a spiritual victory. This is the petition you must pray for. Victories in the battlefield or through negotiations will prove insignificant unless there is a spiritual victory as the foundation. It is what is in hearts that governs the course of human events. Therefore, pray for a spiritual victory – a victory of good over evil – in all hearts as the foundation of world peace.”

Read Psalm 16:4-11+

Those who choose another god multiply their sorrows; their libations of blood I will not pour out or take their names upon my lips. The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; yes, I have a goodly heritage. I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me. I keep the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices; my body also dwells secure. For you do not give me up to Sheol, or let your godly one see the Pit. You show me the path of life; in your presence there is fulness of joy, in your right hand are pleasures for evermore.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

Online (ZOOM) Conference with Prophet John Leary – Wednesday, March 24, 2021 (TODAY!) – 7pm to 11pm EST (New York, USA time-zone)

2021 Speaking Schedule

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God bless!

God the Father – “Children, as you prepare for the coming of the celebration of Easter, let faith be the foundation of your joy – Meditate on the grief of My Son’s Passion and Death, but with an eye towards the joy that approaches”

Holy Love Ministry

March 23, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Children, as you prepare for the coming of the celebration of Easter, let faith be the foundation of your joy. Pray to Mary, Protectress of the Faith and Refuge of Holy Love for assistance in your Eastertide* celebration. All the grief and sadness of Good Friday was gone on Easter morning. The atmosphere was quiet and calm. Silence was in the air instead of the chaos and noise of Good Friday. Allow your preparation to be a confident preparation for the day of joy that lies ahead.”

“Meditate on the grief of My Son’s Passion and Death, but with an eye towards the joy that approaches. Be solemn in your preparation, but steadfast in your faith as the day of joy moves closer. Faith must never settle on gloom but always on victory.”

Read Acts 2:25-28+

For David says concerning him, ‘I saw the Lord always before me, for he is at my right hand that I may not be shaken; therefore my heart was glad, and my tongue rejoiced; moreover my flesh will dwell in hope. For you will not abandon my soul to Hades, nor let your Holy One see corruption. You have made known to me the ways of life; you will make me full of gladness with your presence.’

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

* Eastertide is the period of 50 days, spanning from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. Liturgically the seven weeks beginning with the Easter vigil and extending to Pentecost Sunday – are known as the Easter season. It is celebrated as a single joyful feast.