Inspirational Christian Video – Sid Roth It’s Supernatural Interview with Henry Gruver – MaryRefugeOfSouls

COMMENT (By a soul):
I am a late-admirer of Christian minister, Henry Gruver, as he went home to the Lord on October 10, 2019 ( However, his ministry to the nations was so authentic and so touching and his character so genuine in loving the Lord, I want to share an interview that he did with Sid Roth a few years ago — to introduce him to you, my dear brothers and sisters, as his ministry deserves to be better-known among all Christians, including Catholics, as Henry was so inspirational to so many people. The amazing aspect of his ministry, is that since the age of 18, he literally “walked with the Lord”. It is my understanding that he has been to every country in the world, often numerous times, on “walking pilgrimages” where the Lord would have him pray over various cities, towns, nations, lands, every year. Very few people could ever do what Henry did for his entire lifetime; he was a true man of faith who dedicated himself to the Lord’s bidding. And I hope that learning a little bit about his love affair with the Lord will inspire you all in your own walk with God and His Holy Spirit. God bless!

(2018) Sid Roth Interview with Henry Gruver (1:05:45 minutes)