Journeys in Purgatory, part 2.

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‘My Sacred Shelter’

My Uncle Mike was an Irish Catholic born in the 1920s. He moved to Canada in the late 1940s. He thought, and I’m sure others did that there would be another war in Europe. He never married and later in 1980s moved to London to help my siblings and I after our parents had died. He was very helpful and kind to me. In 1996 he moved to Ireland where he was born as he felt he had helped enough and he had become tired of London. He was a writer and had just finished writing a book and then while walking about in the evening died being killed by a car while crossing the road.My Dad had also died the same way in 1983. While I knew him, he professed to be an atheist but would always mention some aspect of Catholicism in a jocular slightly sarcastic way.

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