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Blessings beloved ones,

For those followers of MaryRefugeOfSouls that have not looked recently at the Hal Turner News Site, there was a lot of reporting yesterday, Saturday, October 16, 2021, about the La Palma volcano. So, I am sharing the links if you would like to be updated on the situation.

The one thing that I want to let followers know, is that Jesus has promised me (“a soul”) that He would give me further instructions for the mother of the autistic son who lives on the Jersey shore and has a home refuge. I mentioned that fact in the recent commentary that I wrote about preparing home refuges for the mega-tsunami. So, believe me, I am holding onto and trusting in Jesus regarding that promise. So, my hope is that I will be given the second set of instructions before the danger of the mega-tsunami becomes manifest, meaning, before the large earthquake happens that causes the landslide (as that is the scenario that was suggested by Jesus in recent prophetic messages about how the mega-tsunami is triggered on La Palma). Ultimately, though, the timing of everything is up to Papa God and, truthfully, I do not know if the instructions will be private (only for the mother) or public (shareable on this blog). But, my hope is that I will be at least able to let everyone know that I did receive the second set of instructions, even if I cannot share the exact contents publicly. So I ask for people to pray for this intention, as I would like to alert people, if it is in God’s Holy Will.

Meanwhile, I will share that I asked Jesus earlier in Holy Communion about the current small landslides taking place on La Palma and all He said to me is that it is a warning sign for people to wake-up.

God bless,
–a soul

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