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Prepare Your Home Refuge For The Coming Mega-Tsunami

By a soul
(October 13, 2021, Feast Day of the Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima)

Recently, I have been helping a mother prepare her home to be a refuge in this End Times. This mother decided to make her home a refuge in response to my August 2021 commentary:

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Well, during this past month, I have continued to help this mother, whose home is directly on the Jersey shore. In particular, this mother was concerned whether she would need to leave her home with her autistic son to travel inland to Pennsylvania to stay with friends, or if she could stay in her home during the time that the tidal wave is coming. So, the Lord has been helping me to answer her refuge questions, and so, now, I feel called to share some insights with all of you who follow this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, especially, those who may live along the coastline in danger of the tidal wave.

Firstly, people have asked me if we are still under the threat of the mega-tsunami happening in the Atlantic Ocean. I first spoke about the prophecy that was given to me by Papa God and Jesus during Spiritual Communion on September 27, 2021; and I recently released a video about the prophecy of the mega-tsunami on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls.

Sadly, yes, the world and, in particular, the East Coast of the USA, is still under this mega-tsunami danger caused by the erupting volcano on La Palma island (Canary Islands). In fact, the Lord did something astonishing as a confirmation of this prophecy. A week and a half ago, I spoke to the mother who lived on the Jersey shore – giving to her a private message from the Lord. It was a comforting message about her autistic son and it involved the coming mega-tsunami. Then, the next day, during Holy Communion at Sunday Mass, her son was given an awesome vision in which Jesus explained the details of the message to the child – confirming what I had told the mother the night before – a message that was not revealed to her son beforehand. Although I have received other personal confirmations about this mega-tsunami prophecy, the vision given to this autistic child during Holy Mass has been the most amazing to me due to its significant nature.

Moreover, yesterday morning during Spiritual Communion at Holy Mass, the Lord asked me to prioritize my projects for Him and His Holy Mother, with those involving the mega-tsunami as the highest priority for me to work on. Jesus asked me to do this along with an auditory vision in which I heard a holy angel trumpeting the words, “the tsunami is coming, the tsunami is coming,” and “the United States,” over and over again for several minutes. So, I indicated to Jesus that I would write this commentary that you all are reading now, because the Lord wants the refuges to be prepared for this natural catastrophe that will be happening soon.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I want you all to know that the Lord wants refuges both within the danger zone as well as those along the periphery, to be prepared to receive people that the Lord will be sending to them. The mother who lives on the Jersey shore asked, if when the mega-tsunami is coming, she should be actively going around to gather her neighbors, family, and friends, to come to her home. And Jesus literally answered her by saying “DO NOT WORRY,” as He would be bringing the people to her home refuge and all she needs to do is to be prepared to welcome them into her home when the time comes.

Moreover, Jesus told me something very important about the refuges in the danger zone of the mega-tsunami. Although the holy angels will be protecting the home and the entire property and surrounding land, when the mega-tsunami is about to hit the refuge and during the entire ordeal, EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE INSIDE (INDOORS) IN ORDER TO BE PROTECTED BY THE HOLY ANGELS FROM THE TIDAL WAVE. Also, Jesus DOES NOT want people to be watching His Holy Wrath in the tidal wave, so windows should be secured, closed. and draped, as much as possible, from people looking out the windows.

Meanwhile, for those who are in the process of preparing their home refuge, I want to suggest that everyone do what I have been advising the mother who lives on the Jersey shore to do. I want to advise people to “stack the blessings” upon their homes, meaning, apply as many refuge blessings as they can, so they can have as many graces working in their favor as possible.

Many of these refuge blessings, prayers, and consecrations, can be found on this blog page:

Here are some refuge blessings to consider:

Consecration prayer with exorcism water and salt for refuges suggested by Father Michel Rodrigue

Display of the Blessed Holy Family Image / Icon / Statue (Father Michel Rodrigue)

Exorcism consecration prayer for refuges suggested by Prophet John Leary

Display of the Blessed Divine Mercy Image of Jesus Christ (soul protection promises given to Sister Faustina in her diary)

Display and daily prayer for the Seal of the Living God (dwelling protection promises given to 7th messenger, Maria Divine Mercy)

Home protection kit buried in 4 corners of your home with consecration prayer (dwelling protection promises given to visionary, Anna Marie, of the Green Scapular)

Holy Love United Hearts Consecration for Families and Homes

Home Protection Images and Prayers Given to Lorena – Message One

Home Protection Images and Prayers Given to Lorena – Message Two

Display of Blessed Scapular of Benediction and Protection – The “Purple Scapular” (dwelling protection from End Times chastisements and night vision)

Display of Blessed Blue Scapular Given to visionary, Chris Courtis (soul protection from End Times chastisements)

In conclusion, I want to say two things:

One, the Lord has indicated to Prophet John Leary in the past several months, that because He will be making all interim refuges now permanent refuges, this means that it is no longer necessary to have a source of fresh water (well or spring on the property), SO LONG AS the refuge has containers of stored water that can be multiplied by the Lord in prayer. I know that this requirement has been a big hurdle for some potential refuge owners, but a source of fresh water is no longer a necessity.

And two, the Lord indicated that He will have additional instructions to give to me for the mother who lives on the Jersey shore. So, when these instructions are given, I will certainly share them with you all on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, if they apply to other refuges as well.

I hope that this commentary helps a lot of people to prepare their refuges for the coming mega-tsunami.

God bless,
I love you,
—a soul


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