October 20, 2021 – Commentary – Preparing for the FINAL REFUGE CHECK – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

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Blessings beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, am writing this commentary because I want to address some common issues, concerns, and questions, that people are having concerning preparing their refuges during this last bit of time we have before the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) happens. Here is the information that I want to share:

Firstly, it is no longer necessary to have a well or natural springs on your property or land. The Lord has indicated in several messages during the past year and a half that there are no longer any interim refuges. Instead, all refuges will be PERMANENT and the Lord will be expanding the land of ALL refuges so that they can accommodate all the faithful people that will be sent to them. So, that means if you have several barrels of stored water as well as empty containers to hold water, that your refuge will be acceptable to the Lord.

I have advised several people about establishing last minute refuges and, in every situation, the Lord said YES to them having a refuge even though they did not have a well or natural springs on their land. In every situation, the Lord indicated that He would give the people “special graces” so they would succeed in their refuge plans. The key that is most important is that the refuge owners have FAITH that God can do the impossible. Because with faith, only the sky is the limit of what God is capable of doing.

Secondly, people have asked me about needing solar panels, etc., and again, I want to reassure people that if the angels can build a skyscraper with self-powered elevators to house 5,000 people on John Leary’s refuge, then certainly, the Lord can help you with whatever your fuel needs are during the time of the refuges. So, yes, please prepare as best you can your refuge, but the most important “limiting” factor is your faith in God. The deeper your faith, the more that God can accomplish through you and others in your refuge.

Thirdly, people have shared with me that they are concerned with the “management” aspect of having a refuge. Especially, those who may be single-person households, etc. And I want to reassure people that no matter how many people are sent to live on your refuge, in any group of people, there are always people who are “natural-born” leaders. The Lord is going to match refuges with people who have the skill-sets that you need so that your refuge can thrive. So, while you may not know how to cook meals for large groups of people or how to handle pets or how to educate small children, etc., the Lord will send people to your refuge who will know how to do such things. Also, the angels will be very active on the refuges, so you will have angelic help in addition to all the human help that will be available.

Fourthly, I want to speak briefly about meals. During the time of the refuges, the Lord has indicated that people should be expected to maintain a diet of two main group meals a day and one of these meals will be soup or stew-based while the other will be more “hearty” based, for example, meat-based, etc. Also, as I shared recently, the Lord wants people to remember the “babies” in their refuge preparations, as life will go on during refuge time(!). This means that YES, there will continue to be joyous events like weddings taking place during this period of time and YES, there will be babies, etc.

Fifthly, people have asked me about witnessing the Lord’s Wrath while living at the refuges. This is because I shared in one of my recent commentaries how the Lord did not want people in the refuges to witness His Wrath of the coming mega-tsunami as it is happening. So, I want to share with you all, that during the time of the refuges, it will be inevitable that we are going to see unpleasant things taking place outside the boundaries of our refuges. However, the refuge angels will let us know when we can be outside and when we need to be inside due to God’s chastisements taking place around us. And if there is anything that God does not want us to witness, for example, we will all need to be securely indoors during the Three Days of Darkness, then the holy angels will tell us to prepare in advance and they will help protect us so we do not witness God’s Wrath. So, I would not be too concerned about potentially being disobedient to God’s Will on this matter, as the holy angels will help us in being safe on the refuges.

Sixth, I want people to know that on every physical refuge, there will be at least ONE chosen messenger who will have special graces such as the gift of locutions and who will act as an intermediary between refuges. Because while most people will be confined within the boundaries of the physical refuges, there will be at least ONE person who will be able to travel between refuges. This is due to the hierarchical order as to how the refuges are structured. It is my understanding that within nations or regions, there are larger “flagship” or “anchor” refuges where important information will be given directly from Heaven to pass along to smaller refuges under their leadership. I also know that all current chosen messengers in the world should be prepared to bring their heavenly messages to the refuges. Because their books will be multiplied by the Lord so this spiritual knowledge will not be lost and instead can be shared among the refuge network.

Finally, I want to speak about the “FINAL REFUGE CHECK” that every refuge owner will experience as part of their refuge preparations. It is my understanding that before all the people are finally arriving to live at each refuge, that each refuge owner will receive an inner locution (interior voice) from their refuge angel. The refuge angel will introduce himself to the refuge owner and will lead the owner around their entire refuge property with a small flame. This is called the “FINAL REFUGE CHECK” and, during this particular time, the refuge angel will be seeking the owner’s permission to clear the refuge property from all cursed items and all demons attached to the land and property. It is also my understanding that if you have a source for water (well or natural springs), that it will be blessed by your refuge angel at that time with healing properties. Or, if the Lord desires you to have a miraculous springs on your property, that the refuge angel will make that happen on your land.

Also, it is my understanding that your refuge angel will be fully visible to you and others by the time that people start arriving to live at your refuge. So, you as the refuge owner do not have to be concerned at knowing who to keep off the land and protecting the entire property. Your refuge angel will be responsible for all security concerns of your refuge.

In conclusion, I hope that I have answered many of the issues and concerns that people are having about preparing their refuges. One of the remarkable things that I have noticed in speaking to different refuge owners, is that it seems many people are experiencing an “acceleration” of special graces, supernatural gifts, and charisms. In particular, it seems that the Lord is selecting one or more household members to manifest heightened spiritual gifts, and I personally believe that this “awakening” phenomenon is happening now, because every refuge will have at least one chosen messenger — to act as a special link between refuges. So, if you are a refuge owner and you are noticing that either yourself or someone in your household is becoming “gifted” with special graces, do not be surprised or worried. The Lord is indeed lowering the veil between the supernatural and natural worlds. This includes increasing the charisms in people, like receiving locutions, prophesying, and visions, etc., as we approach the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) happening.

I hope that this commentary helps a lot of people. God bless everyone in their refuge preparations.

United in Holy Love,
–a soul


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