Do you need on-going spiritual advice and/or focused prayers and fasting for an important matter in your life? Here are two chosen messengers of God recommended by a soul of MaryRefugeOfSouls that may be able to help you

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, would like to speak about an important topic regarding asking spiritual advice from a chosen messenger of God versus an occult practitioner.

Firstly, people should know that asking for spiritual advice from an occult practitioner, such as a medium or fortune teller, is a gravely sinful practice in the Holy Sight of God.

In contrast, asking for spiritual advice and prayers from a chosen messenger of God is a holy practice permitted by Our Lord. There are two chosen messengers that I personally recommend through this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, whom the Lord has personally asked them to provide this needed service for the faithful children of God in this great age of confusion in the world. The Lord has worked privately with both these chosen messengers for many years to build up their charisms (spiritual gifts) to be able to openly provide this needed spiritual help at this time.

Both these chosen messengers have been hand-selected to do this specialized work for the faithful by God and His Holy Mother, having been tested for many years as prophets of the Lord. So, I am very happy to endorse their specialized services, which are very much needed in this age, where their counterparts, our holy priests are much-overworked and unable in many ways to give much more specialized spiritual advice and focused prayers.

Here are the two chosen messengers of God and a description of their current prayer ministries:

The Little Prophet of Love and her husband
If you need more intensive intercessory prayers and fasting for a special intention, they have helped many people, including those needing deliverance and physical and mental healing. This is a ministry that mainly focuses on the needs of intercessory prayer with donations being appreciated for their additional time and effort spent in individual prayer for your special intentions. Their ministry is complimentary to asking a priest to say additional Holy Masses for a special intention or having a religious community pray for specialized intentions on your behalf.

Visionary, Gianna Talone-Sullivan, of Our Lady of Emmitsburg
The Lord has asked Gianna to “step out” publicly by helping more people who are looking for deeper intimacy with God, divine healing, and inner peace in their lives. So, if you are needing spiritual advice on an on-going basis — such as a spiritual “life coach” to help guide you in achieving a deeper relationship with God as you navigate the usual challenges of life, Gianna can provide this personalized service for you. Please note that advanced spiritual warfare is not the focus of this ministry that the Lord has asked Gianna to undertake at this time.

Now, I want to speak about something that people need to realize when working with a chosen messenger of God. Firstly, I want people to know that chosen messengers are “ordinary people” just like everyone who follows this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, except the Lord has blessed with them with extraordinary charisms (spiritual gifts) to help others further the Kingdom of God on earth.

So, what do I mean by this? Let me explain.

Sometimes, people will write me, “a soul”, to ask for spiritual advice and prayers regarding a matter that is very important to them. However, sometimes, they do not give me all the background facts of the situation — often because they are uncertain about my abilities to help them and so, they figure the Lord will give me the “proper” advice if my gifts are authentic.

Well, I want people to know that is a similar situation to going to a medical doctor or physician and expecting him to give a “proper diagnosis” without sharing all the interior stuff that is happening to you as a patient.

A medical doctor is not a “mind reader” and neither is a chosen messenger of God.

So, please understand, if you are dealing with an authentic chosen messenger of God and asking for their spiritual advice for help, but you do not provide all the necessary background facts for them to properly help you, the Lord is not going to violate your privacy and your free will to keep all the needed facts private to yourself.

That is one major difference between working with a chosen messenger of God versus an occult practitioner. satan does not care about your free will and he does not care about privacy. so, satan will gladly share your dirty secrets and unconfessed sins with an occult practitioner, to make you think that person is of God and to pull you into seeking their continued advice and counsel.

Meanwhile, when working with an authentic chosen messenger of God, it is similar to asking for spiritual advice from a priest, who is a servant of God, outside of the Sacrament of Confession. Yes, the chosen messenger of God has a deeply personal relationship with God and a profound prayer life, but they do not have any control over what the Lord and His Holy Mother will share with them regarding yourself and your situation/problems. They cannot make any promises on behalf of Heaven as to how prayers will be answered and the Lord will not provide them with spiritual advice that is dependent on facts that you do not choose to share with the chosen messenger. Unlike satan and the demons of hell, the Lord actually respects your free will and your privacy.

Now, with that understanding in mind, I, “a soul”, am very happy to endorse the two chosen messengers of God that I mentioned in this blog post. They are very special people who are very gifted in their unique charisms and depending on your needs, I am hopeful that they can provide the services that you are potentially in need of. But, please know, that while many people have been blessed with miracles through their intercession, ultimately the grace of a miracle comes from God and not the chosen messenger.

God bless and
much love,
–a soul