A glimpse of Hell.

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‘My Sacred Shelter’

On Monday the 8th of November I said four divine mercies while I was resting in bed before sleep. In the past I have said 4 divine mercies and from this a vision or a dream has occurred. The 4 DMs seem to be a spiritual portal or doorway. Jesus has in the past allowed me to see glimpses of heaven and purgatory. During the night I was shown a glimpse of Hell. It was a dream or inner vision but it happened and ended quickly.

I had seen Hell as a child. Jesus had locked that memory in my life for later to show me where I could have ended up if I had not turned to him and moved away from a sinful life. This was revealed to me via my wife by Jesus as being the reason for this experience.My childhood perception was of seeing my whole…

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Advanced Spiritual Warfare – Update on MaryRefugeOfSouls – Additional Instructions for Ghost Release Article (Please Re-Download Document!) and Protocols for Holding Prayer Group Meetings for Protection of the Holy Innocents

Blessed Beloved Ones,

Two short updates for this blog post on MaryRefugeOfSouls:

Firstly, I, “a soul”, have added more instructions to the Ghost Release Article that was initially released a few days ago on this blog. Specifically, I speak about how I assist in releasing ghosts generally during Holy Mass. So, please kindly re-read and re-download the document with the added instructions:

Information and Instructions – How To Do A Ghost Release – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Secondly, I have created a downloadable document for Prayer Groups that would like to pray for the Protection of the Holy Innocents — the children who are abused and sacrificed by satanic and occult sects. In the document is a template of an actual prayer meeting that was held on the 2021 vigil of Halloween to pray for the Holy Innocents. The prayer group meeting format includes reading three on-topic heavenly messages and the following prayers:

  • Auxilium Christianorum
  • Communal Prayer of Spiritual Warfare
  • LONG FORM of Saint Michael Archangel Prayer
  • Breaking the Strongholds of Witchcraft
  • Sorrowful Rosary (with Meditations)

Although the various prayers can be recited by a single person, it is recommended that these prayers only be recited together in a prayer group setting. This is because the prayers are very powerful as a form of advanced spiritual warfare. I also recommend that whenever people engage in spiritual warfare, that they anoint themselves with holy oil, because it serves as a spiritual block from demonic attacks.

Since the material is 25 pages (including prayer meeting example and prayers), I am only putting the contents on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, as a downloadable PDF document. However, below is also a link with instructions on how to translate the PDF into other languages using Google Translate.

I hope that many prayer groups and individuals find useful the latest blog content on how to release ghosts and protecting the Holy Innocents. These are two very noble causes to pray for, so I hope many prayer groups take up the call to pray for these intentions.

God bless,
–a soul

DOWNLOAD: Prayer Group Meeting Protocols and Prayers for Protection of the Holy Innocents (25 pages PDF)

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