Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘ Keep Me in your love. There is not much time left’

‘My Sacred Shelter’

Angelic Protection Prayer

Litany of Precious blood

Divine Mercy

6th Of November 2021

9.20 pm

My children, you are Mine. I love you both. Love, love, love. I AM Jesus, This is Me! You are Mine.

My children take My hand. You are both on this path together. Keep Me in your love. There is not much time left. I AM coming to you soon .Children you must be prepared. I want you to stop doing what you shouldn’t. ………No one loves Me as they should.

Take all I give you child, I AM calling you My child. My child You are My daughter, I call you.

I love you, thank you, your prayers are heard. My son you are Mine . Be at peace, Be at peace.

I bless you both

You are Mine


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